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Adult Toys Merchant Account

The global sex toy industry is expanding at a faster pace. It has already carved a huge space in the market by already creating revenue of USD 33.64 billion. With an annual growth rate of 8.04%, the company has been successful in establishing a good market reputation.

Some essential components that lead to the market growth are the enhanced standard of living in developing economies and increased spending capacities. The industry is gaining momentum and emerging as a mainstream sexual wellness industry. The influence of pop culture and enhanced social media influence are some of the essential factors that are provoking the importance of sexual health to the common masses.

Though, the industry also has some components that need utmost attention. Some of them are higher charge-backs, the velocity of payments, customer base, and effective handling of payments. The merchants involved in high-risk industries such as adult toys need to be proactive while managing important aspects.

Getting higher chargeback for the industry is not good. A higher chargeback indicates that the company is losing its potential customers or it has a large number of customers who are unhappy with the services or quality of the product it is giving to the merchant. As a result, having as few charge-backs as possible is critical.

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For this, the merchant must examine the business's insight; he must understand where the business is deficient and what has to be done to keep the business on course. After conducting all of this research, the merchant can approach the service provider and request a gateway that is both cost-effective and meets the merchant's requirements.

It's not easy to find a payment service provider for the Adult Toys industry. Some banks or financial institutions consider it as a high-risk business and hence most probably will not likely associate with your business.

PayCly is a global payment processing company that allows merchants to process online payments via mobile, virtual terminal, and even invoice payment. We want to improve the merchant's overall performance by providing them with simple and flexible payment options. An Adult Toys Merchant Account is also available for adult toy merchants who want to increase their sales volume by adding effective payment processing services.

How We At Paycly Can Help Your Adult Toys Business?

  • We offer a merchant service that is a fantastic alternative to working with a traditional bank for any business.
  • We are one of the few direct processors that offer small businesses flat-rate fees. Larger businesses can also negotiate interchange-plus pricing, which is more competitive.
  • Our B2B payment solutions are among the best. We offer level 2 processing, which entitles you to lower B2B transaction rates. We also offer invoicing capabilities and allow you to choose numerous deposit accounts.
  • Our pre-built integrations make it easy to check out practically any website or program.
  • We provide an all-in-one merchant account provider that offers free sophisticated sales solutions such as a fully-hosted online store, mobile payment app, basic inventory management, hosted payment pages, and more.
  • We also offer interchange-plus pricing, which is ideal for high-volume organizations. It does not charge a monthly fee, unlike the others.
  • We have links with over 10 banks and a step-by-step application process to enable you to submit all of the papers required to be accepted by one of our partner banks.

How Do I Get Started With an Adult Toy Merchant Account?

At the time of applying for a merchant account, you will need to provide certain documentation. These documents include a business owner's identity card, a driver's license, and other important documents. Once you've submitted all of your documentation, the authorities should be able to approve your business account within 5 to 7 business days. Here is the list of certain documents to obtain the Merchant Account facility.

  • Company documents
  • Processing history of three months
  • Latest bank account statements
  • Latest utility bills
  • Merchants address ID proof
  • Merchant Online Application form

Choosing the appropriate Merchant Account Provider can help your company save a lot of money on monthly fees. The top payment processors are also simple to use, provide good value for money with business solutions, and interface with widely used applications.

Adult Toys is a fast expanding business, and we are the industry leader in terms of reliable and most advanced payment systems. You can't go wrong with PayCly if you're starting a new business or have monthly sales of less than $20,000. Its all-in-one convenience, affordable flat-rate pricing, and free business management capabilities make it almost unequaled for most small business needs. To get started, contact our representatives for more details on our services.

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