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Best Merchant Accounts For IPTV That You Should Try For Your Business

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television is a high-risk sector and thus needs a special business account that is a merchant account to receive customer payments. However, before an IPTV business starts receiving money, it needs an IPTV merchant account provider that is ready to receive and keep the money for a merchant.

There are numerous providers in the market and the merchants have to face challengesin finding the best one. Are you also an IPTV merchant struggling with the same task? Then you should know that it is not a difficult thing to find a suitable IPTV merchant account provider. A list of advisable merchant account providers for IPTV businesses can easily help you reach a conclusion.

Merchant accounts for IPTV

You should now focus on the best and the most futuristic IPTV merchant account service providers that have performed well in past few years and will continue the same. We have shortlisted only the topmost merchant account-providing companies which are not many. You will get to read only the best-performing names that have attained goodwill in the market with their unparalleled performance. Merchants trust them for many reasons.

Host Merchant Services

This merchant account service provider provides account solutions to multiple high-risk industry businesses including the IPTV businesses. It is quite popular for transparency in pricing and thus the account-providing company receives a lot of positive reviews on public forums. It is specifically popular for its impressive customer service.The points below describe the features and caliber of Host Merchant Services. After reading, you can easily understand how useful will this merchant account provider for you.

  • Among the prime services and products of the Host Merchant Services include offshore merchant accounts, online IPTV payment gateway, merchant cash advances, online marketing tools, and a virtual terminal. The solution provider says that it has respondedto 95% calls of customers in 3 rings and will continue to in the future as well. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Guarantee of the lowest rate is another selling point for the IPTV merchant account provider that attracts many merchants. The level of confidence of the provider is that it will provide a $50 gift card if it fails to save your money. Perhaps, confidence and also the uncompromised performance are the two prime reasons behind the huge popularity of the company.
  • No term commitment or restriction is applicable on the contracts and you can cancel the agreement anytime you want. The solution provider believes that its low-rate policy and amazing customer service are the two prime factors that retain customers. Host Merchant Services is popular all across the world due to its high standards and the caliber to make daring commitments that always get fulfilled.


PayCly is an all-rounder if you are looking for an expert merchant account IPTV provider. The company provides merchant account solutions as well as payment gateway solutions. You will be exploring multiple facilities while exploiting the services of the company. Along with the casino, PayCly also receives payments for poker, blackjack, poker, roulette, live games betting, etc. Its existing merchants are already satisfied with its performance and quality of services.

  • Take timely and rational decisions, as the merchant account provider releases weekly and monthly reports. Get insight into the monthly revenue and chargeback based on the predictions of artificial intelligence installed in the system. It helps merchants create an effective promotional and marketing strategy. The reports reveal important information and data about the game types that invite maximum engagement.
  • Get real-time payment notifications and understand what part of the globe is more active at what time. Understand which currency is used by the majority of gamblers. All information can be accessed from the customer-friendly online merchant account dashboard that you can learn to handle in a few minutes.
  • Send immediate transaction descriptors to your casino players and reduce the chances of chargebacks. When customers are not able to identify a payment type they are most likely to raise a chargeback demand later because they fail to recall what did they pay for from their credit/debitcard/e-wallet etc.

National processing

This merchant account provider for IPTV offers multiple services and this is what the high-risk merchants of this industry like about national processing. Virtual terminal, EMV-compatible countertop terminals, IPTV payment gateway, mobile phone processing, online payment gateway, online invoicing, and recurring billing. You will not have to worry about payment processing of your IPTV business because the merchant account provider is a master of all trades.

  • Multiple pricing plans give flexibility to the merchants because they can either select the fixed monthly fee and fixed per-transaction fee or a flat fee on all transactions. For high-risk merchants,it can be a great opportunity to get the best payment processing facilities. It means all your processing solutions are simplified to improve your business productivity.
  • The account-providing company has a good image in the international market because it gets A and A+ ratings. You know that for a high-risk merchant, it is important to connect only with those organizations that have a good image. Due to numerous legal obligations on high-risk businesses, it is safer to connect to renowned merchant account companies.
  • Expertise in processing high-volume of transactionsis a considerable aspect that you should scrutinize because your IPTV business will always need it in the first place. Safety and fraud prevention tools are also updated with the latest technology and solutions. You can sit back and relax and can handle as well as monitor everything on your merchant dashboard that shows everything.


Established in 2009, Square is an idol merchant accounts provider but it may not be suitable for big brands. You can accept credit cards anywhere through a smartphone or tablet. The company commits to offering speedy transfers and clear pricing. It works effectively for android as well as iOS. Square point of sale system gives you the liberty to operate your business smoothly and supports business expansion plans.

  • Fast setup that required no training, also a merchant-friendly dashboard that shows everything about the processed transactions. Get analytical reports on a monthly and weekly basis that keep you updated about the time when the majority of consumers make payments. You can sell smarter with the help of real-time analytics.
  • Enjoy simple inventory management and get to know the latest update about your inventory. Also, explore uncompromised safety through encryption that keeps the customer’s card details secured. When you commit to your customers about safety, Square will complete that security.
  • You can send payment receipts digitally or if it is an in-store sale, you can also give a print of the receipt that usually merchants give to the customers. Accept contactless payments Via Apple Pay, chip cards, and Google Pay by connecting the device wirelessly. Simplify your daily payments without any stress and mess and delay.


You can choose any of the above merchant account providers. Take your time, do your research and get deeper into it, and find out the most suitable solution-providing company. However, no IPTV merchant account company will ever force a lifetime contract but it is not simple to switch to another one in a short time. It is better to take a little bit of time before employing an IPTV merchant account provider. Comparison based on the currency marketing conditions of various merchant accounts providing acquiring banks should be the best way to scrutinize things rationally and reach a conclusion.

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