eCheck Payment Gateway A convenient approach to make payments


PayCly offer a suitable solution via eCheck Payment Gateway

We at PayCly intend to provide payment gateway solutions to merchants to serve the need of making easy and convenient payment processing for businesses. eCheck Payment Gateway facilitates merchants with an electronic check to make efficient transactions for clients. With e-checks, you get the highest level of security. Though there are multiple factors when picking up your payment gateway, it is important to know that the gateway you choose must be compatible with your eCommerce website. Almost 80% of businesses use e-checks in the US. We provide comprehensive e-check payment solutions to merchants globally securing their payment transactions and making them easy, convenient and flexible. Kindly ensure that you have a list of different gateways your e-commerce solutions accepts, and you need to contact each one of them to get the best deal available.

Advantages of getting eCheck Payment Gateway

Accept payment through multiple modes- Payment Gateway Solution Provider allows you to accept payment in multiple modes- forex you can avail your payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay and many other acquiring banks. Customer can make a transaction using any of them. It also provides them with the flexibility and ease to better opt for their payments method and helps familiarize the customer with the merchant website or business.

Easy Integration- Payment Gateways application easily integrates with the platforms supporting a wide range of extensive services that incorporate innovative technology to optimize the processing of your transactions. When a payment gateway is easily integrated with the application for your system, it makes everything easy. Though some payment gateways take a lot of time to integrate with your system and you wouldn’t want it to happen with your system. PayCly offers a credit card solution, eCheck Payment Gateway, and ACH payment processing solution.

Greater supportability features- A payment gateway adds additional features such as SEO and advertising feature that will help your business to get closer to long term or short-term business objectives and it also makes a huge difference for making the right choice with your Payment Gateway.

Favorable for High- Risk Businesses - A business accompanying high-risk such as Adult Industry, Fantasy Sports Industry, Online Gaming and various other needs a better payment gateway solution for making the transaction secure, safe and reliable. Apart from that merchants have also gained access to Application-Programming Interface (API) that will facilitate you with authenticated logins and empowering merchants with higher manageability controls.

eCheck Payment Gateway is the system which transmits your customer’s payment information from your website to your merchant website. It can be considered as a terminal that collects, encrypts and securely transmits the data to your merchant account. Merchants with high-risk businesses are recommended to accompany a high-risk merchant account for their businesses. With an e-Check Payment Gateway, you will admire the cost-effective and inconvenient aspects along with various economic advantages. PayCly enables you to grow your business globally and secure you from high incurred taxes. It will open a wider prospect to receive payment in multiple currencies which will directly assist the expansion of the business. With PayCly, you have crossed any geographical boundaries which were restricting you to your geographical area and now you have a wider audience to display your services and product.