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Best Forex Merchant Account in Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the best places to start a forex broker or forex trading firm, as forex trading is legal and unregulated in Tunisia. Additionally, there are 11.99 million potential forex traders who are fond of trading nowadays. Tunisia has one of the highest internet penetration rates in Africa, which is one of the top reasons why forex trading is growing in the nation. In this flourishing market, we, PayCly, the best forex payment processing firm, encourage and support entrepreneurs to start their forex trading platforms by providing them with each and every payment solution.

Meanwhile, let me tell you a harsh truth, banks and other financial institutions (FIs) consider online forex trading as a high-risk business for many reasons. As a result, they do not provide forex merchant accounts and payment gateway to forex brokers. However, you need not worry because many payment service providers are available to give you payment service, of which PayCly is the best. PayCly offers you the best forex merchant account, payment gateway and offshore merchant account.

What is a Forex Merchant Account, and why is it considered High-Risk?

A forex merchant account is none other than a corporate account that allows forex brokers to accept, hold and withdraw funds they receive from traders. On the other hand, a forex payment gateway is a piece of technology that links the parties involved in the payment. It establishes a connection between the forex broker, acquirer, and issuer to enable the safe transfer of payment data. It enables online payment transactions by sending payment information.

With the assistance of a forex payment processing company, you can take payments using more than 100 different payment methods, including local payment options, credit cards, wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies. You will also be able to take payments in more than 150 foreign currencies, such as EUR, USD, CHF, CI$, LD, KD, DZD, GBP, BHD, OMR, and ITL. As was already said, the FX market is seen as high-risk by banks and other financial institutions (FIs). They are considered high-risk for a variety of reasons, including the following:

What to consider before choosing a Forex Payment Processing firm?

For an online forex broker to accept online payments, a forex merchant account is one of the essential requirements. It is challenging to choose a payment partner for your forex business; before making your choice, you must be aware of the characteristics that a PSP must provide. Please consider the following list of prerequisites that an acquirer must provide in its forex merchant account:

Why should you choose PayCly?

Due to our customer-first approach, PayCly is one of Tunisia's best FX payment processing companies. We provide forex brokers with specialized payment options based on their requirements. We provide Tunisia's lowest MDR prices. Additionally, we offer top-notch security features, including encryption, tokenization, SSL, SET, and 3D secure authentication, to safeguard you from any fraudulent activity. We establish the most secure payment environment for you and your traders by adhering to the highest level of PCI-DSS certification (level 1). Additionally, we employ tier-three chargeback prevention systems to protect you from any dubious claims.

We support more than 150 different currencies and 100 alternative payment methods to make it easier for traders to fund their trading accounts. Additionally, we provide prompt pay-out (paid settlement) and round-the-clock customer service. Further, we offer forex merchant accounts to both regulated and unregulated forex brokers. Furthermore, we equip you with a dedicated support manager. By choosing us as your payment partner, you can gain a variety of benefits, some of which are stated below:


Tunisia is a growing market for forex trading. It also allows offshore forex brokers to facilitate their services in the territory, making it the best destination for forex brokers. Similarly, we are the best forex payment processing firm in Tunisia. We offer every type of forex payment solution, such as a payment gateway, a merchant account, a forex broker account, and an offshore merchant account. Additionally, we offer you customized services and provide you with all the features and benefits we discussed. Furthermore, we also have hundreds of features that were created only to provide benefits to forex brokers. For further information, kindly reach out to our assistance team at https://paycly.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does PayCly also offer Casino & Gambling Merchant Accounts?

In actuality, PayCly is the best high-risk payment processing firm that offers cutting-edge high-risk merchant accounts to all high-risk industries, including casinos, forex, and gambling. PayCly is the best provider of casino merchant accounts as well as gambling merchant accounts.

What other Payment Solutions does PayCly provide?

As mentioned above, we are the top high-risk payment processing firm that provides high-risk merchant accounts to all high-risk businesses, including adult toys, escort services, tobacco, e-cigarettes, online dating, fantasy games, etc. Additionally, we provide merchants with the best credit card processing and an international payment gateway. We have created a few state-of-the-art merchant accounts with high-risk and sector-specific features in which we have extensive experience; they are listed below:

Casino Merchant Account Forex Merchant Account
E-Commerce Merchant Account Fantasy Gaming Merchant Account
Escort Merchant Account Adult Toys Merchant Account
Dating Merchant Account E-Cigarettes Merchant Account
Tobacco Merchant Account SMM Panel Merchant Account

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