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Forex Payment Gateway Dubai Increase Forex Business Revenue

Are you looking for a reliable and secure Forex Payment Gateway Dubai? If yes, then this is the right destination for you.

Forex is one of the most active markets in this world, with daily transactions of $7.5 trillion. It is a global market where individuals can buy, sell, trade, and speculate on foreign currency. It is also known as FX or foreign exchange.

The forex payment gateway is a middleman between the forex trading websites and its customers. Thanks to forex traders who integrate directly into the payment gateway platform, brokers can accept trades from customers.

Overview of Dubai's online market size -

The online market in Dubai is trendy. It is the unbeliever that the internet and telephony customers reach almost 100%. Here are some interesting statistics about Dubai -

  • Approx. USD 3.9 billion was total sales in 2020.
  • By 2025, e-commerce sales are projected to generate about USD 8 billion.
  • Over 58% of online buyers in Dubai prefer foreign websites.
  • Government agencies now allow users to pay for various services online, expanding their online presence in recent years.

Why Finding a Reliable Forex Payment Gateway is Challenging in Dubai?

Most payment processors classify forex businesses as high-risk businesses and deny offering their services to these industries. There is various reason why the forex industry is considered high-risk. Some of them are -

  • It's per day transaction is too high.
  • Due to the high volume of transactions, forex merchant accounts experience chargebacks frequently.
  • As forex is a global business, there are no clear rules and regulations on an international level, and it is challenging to identify the proper jurisdiction in conflicts.
  • Like other high-risk businesses, the forex industry also has money laundering concerns.

Due to the above reasons, forex merchants need a reliable forex gateway to run their high-risk businesses. But, having reliable forex payment processing in Dubai is challenging for any merchant.

How to Choose the Best Forex Payment Solutions in Dubai?

As forex is a high-risk business, having reliable and best forex payment solutions is challenging. Here, we will disclose some points that help you choose the best forex payment processing for your high-risk businesses. So, Let's start -

  • Speed: Forex traders must take action swiftly to seize opportunities and profit from currency changes. It is crucial to have a currency payment gateway that no longer keeps the merchant's funds since, in addition to quickness, the merchant must also maintain the cash level.
  • Cost: As overseas retailers profit from price differences and other transaction fees, choosing a low-cost forex credit card processing service is better.
  • Exchange rate: Retailers may use broker platforms due to high currency conversion costs. Due to this reason, it is essential to go with the service provider that offers an exchange rate. It will be beneficial for both.
  • Payment mode: Every customer like options. So offering your customers various ranges of payment modes will increase your sales. Some of the most popular payment methods are – credit/debit cards, net banking, mobile payments, e-wallets, etc.
  • Security: Make sure your payment service provider covers all PCI DSS issues and offers you the best futuristic fraud prevention and chargeback tools.

How does PayCly Solve your Problems?

PayCly is one of the leading payment service providers whose services are available worldwide. It is a specialized service provider with experience in the forex industry, so it completely understands what you expect from us.

With PayCly, merchants can get the Forex Credit Card Processing, Forex Gateway, and forex merchant account on one platform. Merchants can also get many benefits -

  • Multi-currency supporting
  • Various payment mode
  • Cover all PCI-DSS issues and offers security tools
  • 24*7 customer support services
  • Best rate in the market

What Industries does PayCly Deal with?

PayCly specializes in dealing with high-risk businesses. It offers the best fit for most high-risk enterprises. Along with the forex, it also deals with -

Casino Industries Adult Industries
IPTV Social Media Marketing
Dating Gaming Industries

Summary -

A reliable and secure forex payment gateway can boost your high-risk forex business. Therefore, go with PayCly as it fulfils all your requirements and offers you the best services at the best rate in the market.

Shake your hand with us and finalize your deals.

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