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Best High-Risk Merchant Account Processors 2023

A high-risk business finds its backbone in merchant accounts and thus it needs to know the best merchant account options. Every year this list keeps changing and this year also we have a list of the most promising and the best high-risk merchant account processors in 2023. If you are a business owner running a commercial entity under the tag of risky business, you need to pay attention to the list below. Read the most productive merchant account processors and also learn their features to know which one of these suits best to your business.

Host Merchant Services

A merchant account processor is a great option for merchants that process monthly $10,000 or more. It services multiple types of high-risk businesses that include adult toys, gambling,casinos, pawn shops, e-cigarettes, life coaching, offshore business, loan modification companies, etc. Every business looks for simplified merchant account processing solutions and Host Merchant Services is the best name for it.

The processor is known to provide great customer service to high-risk merchant account holders. It has no monthly fee and facilitates no-cost credit card processing. It is versatile because it works for varied industries. However, you should also know that the processor has higher charges for new and very small businesses. But no doubt, it is a reliable processor for big as well as small businesses. Isn’t it great to have a platform that thinks not only about the established brands but also about the newly born businesses?

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Payment Cloud

A processor is an advisable option for merchants who look for flexibility in rates and charges. The company customizes the pricing according to a merchant’s business category. The processing history is also considered an important factor. The services and products provided by Payment Cloud include an online payment gateway, EMV-compatible terminals, a Virtual terminal, mobile phone swipers, and point-of-sale solutions.

This company has a very good image because you will hardly see any complaints about it on the consumer forums. It serves numerous types of high-risk businesses. Here are some examples of its target industries –Gaming businesses, pre-paid card selling companies, high-volume businesses such as online casinos, Forex merchants, educational seminars, Travel, Timeshares, Software and E-books, Tobaccos, Nutraceuticals, etc. The list can be longer because the processor is expanding every day and may start working with new high-risk business types. Businesses that want to save money on overpricing can contact to the company because it is known for fair pricing. But, it is also important that you keep control of your business credit rating and try to keep it good.


Paycly.com is another popular name that you should be aware of because day by day, it is gaining popularity in the international market. It will not be an exaggeration to mention that the processor is an expert in high-risk merchant account solutions. Using paycly services not only helps you manage and get merchant accounts efficiently, but it also helps in business expansion. It also provides payment gateway services and is known for speedy integration. Good news! The merchant account processor accepts applications from bad credit score businesses.

Experience a powerful dashboard and get timely analytical reports that give insight into your business conditions. With round-the-clock real-time reporting, you can stay assisted all the time. It is compliantwith PCI standards and deals with all PCI issues. The processing is completely safe and secure without any additional cost. Forex merchants, adult entertainment and toys, e-commerce, IPTV, online dating, etc. are among the prime industries that the processor serves.

National Processing

The processor serves high-risk as well as standard-risk merchants and has a wide range of e-commerce and retail solutions. The business types it supports are adult, online gaming, credit repair, diet programs, electronics, extended warranties, financial services, online furniture sales, self-storage, travel, and precious metal.

The processor has a customized pricing policy which gives flexibility to the merchants and they can work easily on the part of the cost. In simple words, a business owner does not need to worry about expensive services or high rates, because the processor is already liberal on that part. The company has attained goodwill and has an A+ rating. It provides great options for POS and offers competitive fees and rates. The high-risk merchant account provider can be among your shortlisted merchant account processors. Contact its team to solve all your queries and get relatable solutions.

Soar Payments

Meet the versatile merchant account processor that serves three categories of merchants, low, medium, and high-risk. However, the processor is still expanding and planning to include new industries in its target markets. It is known for providing simpler solutions and most importantly faster approvals which is the prime need of any merchant account holder. Easily accept mobile, virtual terminal, e-commerce, and retail payments. If you are at Soar Payments, you have chosen the right option.

The processor is known among the merchants for being responsive, informative, and professional in the application process. Affordablepricing helps new businesses flourish well through efficient merchant account solutions. Soar offers payment gateway solutions, merchant account processing, ACH, and other related payment technology. Once you visit the website of the processor, do not forget to check the numerous categories of industries it serves.


What you will love about this processor is its great and multiple good reviews by merchants from varied industries. Yes, this merchant account processor has clients from many industries and it is considered a tough competitor of Soar Payments, which is a known counterpart of Bankard. The major high-risk businesses it serves are –Adult entertainment, gambling, sports betting,bail bonds, dating sites, fantasy sports, male enhancement, gentleman’s clubs, matched listed businesses, and many more. The customer support team is quite efficient and is 24x7 available to assist merchants with the most satisfying answers.

The processor is quite specific about its policies and you need to respect them. However, it is also flexible when it comes to accepting businesses that are rejected by other merchant account service providers.With Bankard, you can accept SNAP and EBD payments, which give your more opportunities to earn money.If nobody else is ready to work for you, this processor may act as a savior. However, a similar type of flexibility can be seen in paycly.com which has a friendly approach to its policies. It does not compromise on rules and regulations but it knows how to find a relatable solution for a high-risk merchant.


With a transparent pricing model, Stax can easily impress you and that is why the company has attained loyal customers. High-risk merchants are already quite insecure about many things and they cannot afford to hire an unreliable processor.It works for above 30 high-risk industries. The company follows professional procedure because it decides your processing fee only after risk assessment. The merchant account processor is known for providing the best transaction routing and chargeback dispute resolution.

Your international business needs to be in safe hands when it comes to merchant account processing and without any second thought, Stax is one of the most suitable options. The credit history of a business is an important factor for this processing company. To provide the best solutions, it follows the nook and cranny of the rules and regulations of the industry. Visit the website of the company and explore the products and services it offers. Stax has become the first choice for many high-risk business owners.


High-risk merchants that need the best POS integrations should certainly consider Payline Data. The company has received good reviews on many public forums. The major features it offers are multiple POS options, chargeback protection, numerous ways to integrate processors with shopping carts, etc. Payline can easily become a part of your ecosystem even if you have an existing POS system or online shopping cart. The high-risk pricing of PaylineData starts with interchange + 1.5%.

The industries it serves include adult, firearms, fantasy sports, multi-level marketing, vacation and travel services, online casinos and gaming, auto parts, online furniture sale, and E-cigarettes. However, the processor never describes the industries that it does not serve. If you are looking for a processor, you should give it a call, the customer support team is always available to handle queries. One important point is that your pricing can be high depending on the processing risk. Unlike some other merchant account processors, here you will not get any certain price. But on the other hand, if a merchant has control over the risk factors like chargebacks, fraud, etc. Payline Data is known for providing saving-focused pricing.


As you can read above, the merchant account processors of 2023 are already serving high-risk merchants with uncompromised efficiency. Now, as the year is coming tothe end, the year 2023 will also have its new list of high-risk account processing companies. But for sure, some of them will be permanent on the list, for example, paycly.com, payment cloud, and a few more due to their efficient performance. It is high time you start working on which one of the above processing companies will continue to work for your business in the coming years as well. With the help of advanced FinTech tools, merchant account processors can serve the merchants efficiently. Today we have crypto payments, e-wallets, and all sorts of advanced touch-free payment technologies. The future seems bright and more friendly for high-risk merchants. Isn’t it?