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How to Choose a Payment Gateway for Your Forex Website

Forex, or FX, is the world's most active market, with daily transactions of $7.5 trillion. Forex or FX stands for Foreign exchange. Trading on the Forex market and making money using currency values and exchange rates are growing in popularity yearly.

The FX market offers individual and institutional traders an excellent opportunity to profit from currency exchanges. Forex traders need a forex payment gateway solution, and forex trading merchant accounts to deposit and withdraw money promptly with low transaction fees.

Today, forex merchants have many options but finding the suitable forex payment processing that fulfils all the requirements of the forex merchant is challenging work. Not only the forex broker payment gateway but merchants should also require the best forex merchant account for their forex businesses.

Here, we will discuss the payment gateway for forex brokers and how to choose the best one. So, without wasting any time, let's start.

What is Payment Gateway for Forex Broker?

Before moving to the forex broker's payment gateway, try to understand the payment gateway. In a simple sentence, you can say that the payment gateway is the technology merchants use to accept credit card payments.

In the same way, a payment gateway for the forex broker work. It acts as a bridge between merchant websites and customers. Forex merchants must incorporate the forex payment gateway into their online stores or trading platforms to accept consumer transactions.

Traders use the forex payment system to deposit money into their accounts and withdraw money from them. The gateway transmits the fund received from users to the broker's merchant account.

The FX payment gateway takes a fixed fee, a percentage-based fee, or both as payment for the service before delivering the funds to the merchant.

Is it Really Challenging to Get the Payment Gateway for Forex?

Now, you are familiar with the forex, one of the world's most active markets with very high daily transactions. Due to its high-volume transaction, most forex payment service providers deny working with them.

At the very first, the merchant should open the forex merchant account. When they first try to open a merchant account at the traditional payment gateway, they face rejection. The reason behind this is most of the service providers see the forex industry as a high-risk industry because it has a large volume of transactions, which drives up the industry's chargeback rates.

But, forex broker still gets suitable forex payment processing for their high-risk businesses. As a merchant, you must seek a service provider specializing in high-risk or forex industries. However, most service providers take advantage of high-risk merchants and charge excessive fees.

Criteria to Choose the Forex Payment Gateway -

Choosing the forex broker payment gateway is not easy for any merchant because the forex industry is considered a high-risk industry. So, the merchant should look for a service provider willing to offer their services to the forex merchant. Before going with any of the service providers, the merchant should make sure that their selected service provider offers the following services -


Instant transfer is a primary requirement for the forex merchant. As you know, the forex industry makes a profit on currency exchange, so the forex merchant needs to have a service provider with high speed. Along with speed, the merchant should also look for a service provider who does not hold the merchant's funds for a long time.


Forex industry makes a profit on the price spread and other trading fees, so the forex merchant needs to look for a cost-effective payment gateway to gain more profit.

Currency Exchange

Choosing a solution for a forex payment gateway that offers fair exchange rates is essential since costs connected with currency conversion can discourage traders from using brokerage platforms. Better still, the service provides multi-currency accounts for companies and their customers to lower the cost of currency conversion.

Various Payment Methods

Forex is a global business, so the merchant needs to offer various payment modes to the customers. Today, customers like the options, and if they still need to get their preferred payment mode, they can quickly move to other websites. So, you have to offer various options, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, net banking, mobile payments, and even crypto-currency. Today, some customers also like to make payments through crypto-currency.

Regulatory Compliance

Some countries have strict regulations for who can be a forex trader and a forex broker, even though it is challenging to regulate the forex market internationally. To support FX trades, payment gateways must also follow several requirements. A payment gateway might only be able to work with FX merchants who are by regulations lawfully.


As you know that the forex industry is a high-risk business, so security is the top priority for any merchant. The forex industry faces a high risk of chargeback and fraud, so merchants should go with a service provider offering futuristic anti-chargeback and anti-fraud tools to protect customers' and merchants' funds.

Why is PayCly Best for your Forex Payment Processing?

So, now you have a little idea about "How to Choose a Payment Gateway For your Forex Websites". Nowadays, many service providers are available, so choosing one among the thousand is really difficult to work. So, without wasting any time, we recommend you go with PayCly.

We, as PayCly is one of the leading payment service provider whose services are available worldwide. We have experience in the forex industry, so we completely understand what suits your high-risk businesses. For your high-risk forex businesses, we have complete solutions. We offer you the best payment gateway for forex, forex merchant account, and forex payment processing.

With us, you can get many benefits at a reasonable rate. Let's check what we offer -

  • We can accept multi-currency from all over the world.
  • Customers can hassle-free make the payment the way they want. We offer credit/debit cards, net banking, mobile payments, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency.
  • Extremely easy to integrate on websites.
  • Offers the best services at the best rate in the market.
  • We also offer a powerful dashboard so merchants can easily download detailed statistics reports on payments, refunds, etc.
  • We offer futuristic security tools and cover all PCI DSS issues.

Final Thoughts -

After reading this blog, you can choose the best forex payment gateway. Above, we have discussed some criteria; make sure your selected payment gateway fulfils all that criteria. Still, if you need clarification, you can go with our preferred payment service provider, PayCly.

PayCly is one of the best service providers who have experience in dealing with high-risk industries. It will never let you down and offer you the best possible solutions for your high-risk businesses.

To know more about our services and to finalize the deal, contact our expert team right now.

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