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Best International Merchant Account Provider in Malaysia

A businessperson requires an international merchant account to sell goods and services internationally in the massive global online market. Perhaps you're wondering, "Why?" How come I need it? The answer is accepting payments; you cannot take payments from abroad for the goods and services you offer without a merchant account. A merchant account allows you to receive payments or remuneration for your goods and services easier. An offshore merchant account acts similarly to a regular current bank account in Malaysia. You are authorised to take, keep, and withdraw the money. Traditional banks and financial institutions do not offer global businesses high-risk international merchant accounts because they see multinational enterprises as high-risk.

You no longer have to be afraid that banks do not provide high-risk merchant accounts because PayCly, the leading payment solutions provider, specialises in offering high-risk international merchant accounts for your global business. For their foreign operations, Malaysian businesspeople can choose the best high-risk international payment gateway and merchant account from PayCly.

Why Do You Need an International Merchant Account in Malaysia?

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  • The main factor behind this is that banks do not provide high-risk international merchant accounts for your global online business.
  • It enables you to conduct business internationally and gives you access to a 7.9 billion world population.
  • A high volume of transactions is permitted with an international merchant account.
  • International businesses see greater refund and chargeback issues.
  • Fraud is more common in businesses operating internationally.

The Advantages of a Malaysian International Merchant Account

  • A high-risk international merchant account protects you from fraud and chargebacks and enables you to conduct business in both regulated and unregulated industries.
  • To accept payments from abroad, it offers a variety of payment methods, including ACH, bank transfers, credit or debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.
  • It enables you to accept payments in a wide range of foreign currencies.
  • An offshore company can provide its products and services worldwide.
  • You don't need to open bank accounts in each nation you do business with.

Top Industries Where International Merchant Accounts Are Required

Generally, all online businesses are considered high-risk businesses. They need a high-risk merchant account to do work hassle free. Similarly, all cross-border businesses need an international merchant account to operate swiftly. Here, we created some industry-specific merchant accounts for global businesses in which we have extensive experience, to name a few:

Reasons to Choose PayCly in Malaysia

Not single but all, for us, a merchant is not our customer but our partner. We provide him dedicated support manager so that he can get the solution for his concern within a few seconds. Being the best high-risk payment gateway in Malaysia, there are many advantages PayCly has, and we named a few here:

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What Other Payment Solutions PayCly Offer?

Almost all, we offer every payment solution that a business need. We are best at providing high-risk merchant accounts, international merchant accounts, Malaysia payment gateway, international payment gateway, credit card processing, online payment processing, invoicing solutions, industry-specific merchant accounts, as well as payment gateways. Furthermore, if you need a payment solution specifically created according to you, just let us know at info@paycly.com. We are sure that you will be surprised to see your imagination converted into reality.

How Much Time Does it Take to Approve Malaysia's International Merchant Account?

As we mentioned in our advantages, we provide instant approval of your international merchant account and payment gateway. Contact info@paycly.com for further information.

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