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International Merchant Account for the Philippines

The need for an international payment gateway occurs when you prepare to go global with your business. In the blog, we will briefly discuss the Philippines International Merchant Account, which will help the merchants prepare to expand their business worldwide.

Simply put, an international merchant account is essential for a global business as it allows you to accept the payment or remuneration for goods and services you provide. The Philippines international merchant account is a type of bank account that works globally. Due to international involvement, conventional banks and financial institutions do not offer international merchant accounts to small businesses as they consider global firms a high-risk business.

To conduct business worldwide, PayCly, a payment service provider, offers you the Philippines international merchant account along with the payment gateway Philippines for your high-risk business.

Reason to Obtain the Philippines International Merchant Account

  • Global trade is breaking new records after the COVID-19 pandemic reached $7.7 trillion in the first quarter of 2022.

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  • In 2021, Global Ecommerce was valued at $4.9 trillion, 17% of total world trade.
  • According to International Trade Administration, Sales of eCommerce products in the Philippines surpassed $17 billion in 2021, with 73 million active online users accounting for a substantial portion of that figure. Through 2025, this is projected to expand at a 17% annual rate to reach $24 billion.
  • The Philippines international merchant account enables you to reach more than 2 billion shoppers worldwide.
  • It allows you to accept payments in multi-currency and different payment methods.
  • An offshore firm can offer its goods and services everywhere by getting an international high-risk merchant account.

Top Industries of International Merchant Account

These are the specific industries where we provide the blend of The Philippines international merchant account and The Philippines high-risk merchant account in the form of industry specify.

E-Commerce Merchant Account Forex Merchant Account
Offshore Merchant Account SMM Panel Merchant Account
E-Cigarettes Merchant Account Dating Merchant Account
Adult Toys Merchant Account Escort Merchant Account
Online Gambling Merchant Account Online Gaming Merchant Account
Online Casino Merchant Account Online Betting Merchant Account

Essential Features of the Philippines International Merchant Account

  • It allows you to operate globally and accept funds in any international currency.
  • It provides multiple payment methods, like credit or debit cards, bank transfers, crypto currency, ACH, etc., to your customers.
  • By Implementing Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, 3D authentication, PCI-DSS level-1 compliance, and CVV Checker, it secures your transaction and payment information and protects you from fraud.
  • It also protects you from chargeback issues by implementing futuristic tools.
  • 24*7 customer support

Reasons to Choose PayCly

PayCly is The Philippines' top payment service provider and has established itself as a rising PSP internationally. Here are a few things we think are important to note and are best for us:

Accept Every Credit Card Payment Accept Multi-Currency
Accept Alternative Payments Accept Alternative Payments
Sophisticated Anti-Fraud System Futuristic Chargeback Prevention Tools
Routine Settlement (No Holding Amount) Timely Payout
Customization According To You Easy Integration
Provide White Label Payment Gateway Available For Every Industry
Recurring Billing System E-Invoicing, Real-Time Transaction Tracking
Industry Specific Merchant Accounts Highly Competitive Rates
Easy Approval 24*7 Customer Support

How to Apply for the Philippines International Merchant Account

Please fill out the online application form on our website to get started. Just give us a brief overview of your data, such as:

  • Owner & Company name
  • Place of business
  • Contact details of the company
  • Business website
  • Last three months' business bank statements
  • Last three months' personal bank statement
  • Articles of incorporation and memorandum
  • Partnership deed (if applicable)


Everything is discussed briefly in the blog. We, PayCly, are the best payment service provider in entire Southeast Asia, especially in The Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and so on. PayCly's industry-specific merchant accounts are a work of excellence. We embedded international and high-risk merchant accounts with specific industries to make the world's best merchant accounts. You can connect with us round the clock.


Does PayCly Offer New Merchants its High-Risk Merchant Account?

Yes, we extend a warm welcome to new merchants, offer our support, and ultimately aid them by providing the best payment services.

Who Provides the Best High-Risk Merchant Accounts in the Philippines?

PayCly is the leading PSP provider of high-risk merchant accounts in the Philippines. Along with reasonable pricing, easy integration, various payment choices, and round-the-clock support, PayCly offers a high level of payment security.