Payment Gateway for IPTV Services


Payment Gateway for IPTV Services

Internet Protocol Television services are known for providing uninterrupted data streaming through internet protocol. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are some of the IPTV service providers that provide with the stream of data that user likes to watch on their television. Right now IPTV is a $40 billion worth and in the future the company will worth approximately $120 billion. No doubt the business involves a lot of money and the same goes with the risk associated with the business. Even some of the service provider take copyright pieces and display it through the streaming channel which is completely ill legal. We provide you with the Payment Gateway for IPTV Services that will help you better optimize your business transactions.

Why service providers do not support high-risk business such as IPTV?

The only problem that bothers merchant is will they be able to accept credit or debit card transactions. The service provider seeks IPTV merchants as the high-risk merchant. And they restrict themselves to provide the merchant with the payment gateway solutions. Banks or financial institutions follow a strategic approach in order to get to know the nature of the business merchant is holding. Once they closely know the nature of your business then only they can provide you with the merchant account solutions. In fact, many IPTV merchants have lost their earnings due to account blocks and they are compelled to use high-risk merchant account.

How you can get an IPTV merchant account?

Though it is difficult to get a merchant account since service providers do not easily allow merchants to have a iptv payment processor . They will get to know what kind of business you are having. They will try to classify your business and label your business under one of the three categories which is High-Risk, Low-Risk or Middle-Risk. And according they will assist you with your business type. There are certain documents that are required before availing the merchant account facility. Here is the list of some of the documents that are needed to avail a merchant account.

  • You are required to have Director KYC profile so that the merchant account service provider can easily authenticate your business.
  • You need to have authorized Government ids such as Driving License, Voter ID Card etc.
  • If you have owned a pre-occupied business then you must have a payment processor you need to submit 3 month’s recent processor statement for availing the facility.
  • 3 months recent bank statement
  • You must have the chargeback up to 2%
  • 24*7 customer support service for relentlessly providing the support that is needed to meet the demand.
  • The service provider will get you your payment gateway within 5 to 7 business working days.

    We provide you with the efficient Payment Gateway for IPTV Services that will help you avail smooth and flexible payment transactions. We strive hard to provide you with the best possible solution that is compatible with your business requirements.

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