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Which is the best payment gateway in Indonesia?

Which is the best payment gateway in Indonesia? Are you also looking for an answer to this question? If yes, then you should first know that there cannot be one answer to such queries because different merchants and businesses have different requirements. The nature of the industry, processing volume, business risk zone, etc. there is many factors that a business owner considers while selecting a payment gateway. However, we can do only one thing, we can present here a list of the most sought-after payment gateways in Indonesia that process payments for merchants in different countries.

Here is the list of payment solution providers to ease your search for a payment gateway Indonesia.


BimoPay is a reliable payment gateway that offers payment solutions for businesses of all sizes and scales. Whether your company is a small-scale commercial entity or an established brand, BimoPay is among the best Indonesian payment gateways that help merchants process their monthly transactions efficiently. Credit card payments, internet banking, and multiple currency payments are its major features.

  • With BimoPay, you can exploit your business opportunities in a better manner because it easily integrates with your website. It aims to simplify and smoothen the check-out experience for your buyers.
  • Through payment analytics provided by the payment gateway, you can keep a track of customer behavior which in turn helps make the right business strategy. It also helps detect suspicious customer accounts that need to be handled immediately.
  • Speedy transactions also help reduce cart abandonment and in turn bring more sales and profit for the business. When customers can pay fast, they rarely abandon their cart before completing the purchase.
  • Get round-the-clock as well as exceptional support because you get a dedicated account manager to ensure smooth business operations. For any technical issue, you can also get a technical support team and before you ask, help reaches you to fix the issue.


If you are looking for an all-in-one payment solution, midtrans can be a dependable choice. The online payment gateway is specifically useful for start-ups, which means, it is a great option for small-scale businesses. It supports your online sales system effectively without any compromise in the safety of the customer data. It supports 25 types of payment methods including e-money, direct debit, credit or debit card,and in-store cash payments. The setup process is fast and easy and it offers flexibility to accept payments anytime because the customer support team is available 24x7.

  • Accept payments via chat, website, ortext which makes your payment solutions flexible as well as predictable for the customers as well. More the flexibility, the faster the payment processing. For start-ups, it is so convenient to be able to manage their daily transactions so easily.
  • No manual reconciliation is required, you can manage your transactions easily. In case of any technical or operational issue, customer support is also available all the time. Get in touch with your account manager at any time of the day.
  • You can start accepting payments right after the integration of the payment gateway. No technical knowledge is required to handle the gateway on the business website. It is handy and user-friendly with a simple merchant dashboard.
  • Strong safety is assured here because the payment gateway is in compliance with the smartest and the latest fraud prevention tools and PCI-DSS standards. You can understand this by reading the latest reviews of other merchants about the proficient behavior of the payment gateway provider.


PayCly is a well-known name in south-east Asia as well as other global locations in the payment industry. It is majorly known for high-risk payment processing but the gateway provider does not deny to serve medium-risk or high-risk businesses as well. Online casinos, IPTV, adult entertainment, gaming, etc. high-risk industry merchants are already satisfied with PayCly. Millions of businesses trust the payment gateway solutions provided by this company.

  • It has a presence in 150+ countries which is a surety that your Indonesian business is in safe hands because the payment gateway is already experienced. Whether you have national sales requirements or cross-border sales, PayCly will handle it easily. Ithas a vast network of merchant account-providing banks, which means, it can help you get approval for a merchant account.
  • Manage your transactions well with the help of a powerful and merchant-friendly dashboard. Get real-time reports about transactions and take the right decisions at the right time about your business. Get the details about refunds, delayed or missed payments, and successful and failed transactions that help improve your business strategy at the right time.
  • Multi-currency processing is another big benefit for your business in Indonesia. Spead your business to new global locations and enter in the international market with the backing of paycly.com and its strong safety tools. The payment gateway is also famous for its smart routing skills. Online casino merchants normally depend a lot on smart routing, a process in which a transaction is diverted to a merchant account where it is most likely to get approved. It usually happens during the peak hours when millions of customers make payments at the same time and the speed of transactions may get slow irritating the customers.


Espay is a reliable platform to ease your daily stress on payment processing. The payment gateway can make your commercial activities of offline and online businesseseasy and safe. It is tagged as one of the best payment gateways in Indonesia. If you want to have a good hold in the Asia pacific market, espay is a good choice, it has a wide presence and helps merchants get the best out of their businesses through effective payment processing.

  • Payment gateway operates in 18 countries that include Indonesia, Australia, China, Bangladesh, Hongkong, Japan, India, Korea, SriLanka, Malaysia, Macau, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Pakistan, New Zealand,and Vietnam.
  • Merchants get access to various payment methods across Indonesia that offers ease to not only the merchants but also to the customers. It has 18+ virtual accounts, supports 5 credit cards, 5 business banks, 6 e-money platforms, 6000+ outlets, and 4 online payment networks.
  • Easy and quick integration makes you able to take payments right after the integration. It has a single API system for eCommerce websites and provides open APIs, sandboxes, and documentation. You will never regret it if you hire this payment gateway that is already quite famous among the merchants in the country.
  • Realtime report conciliation quickly provides automatic host-to-host notifications about the transactions. You will get to know about the successful completion of payment and the report is always viewable through the portal that the payment gateway provides you.


You should certainly be able to find a suitable payment gateway from the ones suggested above. All the payment gateway providers serve merchants from various industries with various monthly transaction volumes. Also, they serve businesses of all risk levels, low risk, medium risk, and high risk, all levels are accepted by the payment solution companies. Safety is also not a concern because every payment solution company has to follow the PCI-DSS standards which give a strong shield against financial fraud and fraudsters. The information of the customers remains secured with the help of technologies like tokenization and encryption.

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