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PayCly is one of Morocco's top payment gateway providers. A payment gateway is a technology that facilitates payment transactions by transferring payment details between the acquiring bank and the online payment portal (given by the merchant). The payment information (card details, bank transfer details, etc.) is encrypted and tokenized by the payment gateway before sending to secure the transaction.

Why do You Need a Payment Gateway in Morocco?

Morocco, known as the Kingdom of the West, is one of Africa's most important countries. The Strait of Gibraltar is one of the busiest waterways in the world and the only naturally occurring connection between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. One of the main industries in the nation is cross-border e-commerce trade (import and export). The e-commerce market has already reached around USD 2 billion. E-commerce is continuously rising in the country as Morocco has Africa's 2nd highest internet penetration rate.

An international payment gateway is essential for merchants selling goods and services online as it enables an online merchant to accept payment via various modes, including credit card, bank transfer, ACH, crypto, etc. Nowadays, most people prefer to shop online because it allows for price comparison and gives you the best offers and home delivery of goods and services. Also, online shopping saves a lot of time in this chaos of life.

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Types of Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are classified into three categories, and PayCly offers you all of them, these are below mentioned:

How Does a Payment Gateway Work?

For easy understanding, we provide a shortened illumination of the procedure.

PayCly is the Best Payment Gateway Providers in Morocco

In Morocco, several companies offer payment gateways, including well-known brands like Paypal, 2Checkout, Rapyd, Fasterpay, Atome, etc. However, each of them still has some serious shortcomings. The services of these payment gateways are costly, and some do not provide ready-to-use plug-ins for instant integration or additional payment options. Similarly, others require you to sign a long-term and legally binding contract, and nearly all do not facilitate their services to unlicensed industries.

PayCly, on the contrary, is a solution every merchant requires due to its wide support in every imaginable method. PayCly is one of Morocco's leading payment gateway providers because it views its merchants as partners rather than customers. In the diagram below, we've highlighted several PayCly features:



To every online business, a payment gateway is a fundamental need to accept the card not present (CNP) transactions. You must choose the best payment service provider in the country to fulfil this basic need. We suggest you select a payment gateway that meets all your payment-related requirements, including payment gateway, merchant account, etc. After extensive research on several payment gateways, we can say that only PayCly is the one solution you can go with, as it provides you with the best payment gateway in Morocco according to the need of the Morocco market. For further info, contact info@paycly.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is PayCly's service available outside of Morocco?

Even though we work around the earth, we are the most trustworthy PSP on the Mother Continent. All African nations, including Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, etc., are served by our services.

How is a Merchant Account Different from a Payment Gateway?

A merchant account functions similarly to a bank account in that it accepts money from card or online payments and holds it until transferred to your chosen business bank account. When a customer makes a purchase, a payment gateway connects your merchant account and the customer's bank, enabling the transfer of payments from the customer's bank into your merchant account (and ultimately to your company's bank account). PayCly offers you both payment gateways as well as merchant accounts.

Which Industry PayCly Supports?

PayCly supports almost every industry that exists. We provide merchant accounts as well as payment gateways to every online business. These are some industries we have extensive experience:

What is IPTV?

According to the International Telecommunication Union, IPTV refers to multimedia services, including television, video, audio, text, graphics, and data supplied over IP-based networks and meets the necessary standards for service quality, experience, security, interactivity, and dependability.

Simply put, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the term for the internet protocol-based transmission of television (audio and video) across data networks such as digital subscriber lines (DSL), cable modems, fibre networks, and wireless broadband. IPTV broadcasters can provide multimedia data signals to multicast distribution points, which subsequently retransmit the digital television signals to viewers, or they can send the data directly to viewers. Most IPTV services are subscription-based.

PayCly is the best IPTV payment gateway provider in Africa provide. It allows you to offer your customer subscription-based services

What Is the Difference between IPTV and Traditional TV?