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Payment Gateway Providers in Spain

PayCly is one of the best payment service providers in Spain. A payment service provider is a corporation that provides every payment solution, such as a merchant account or payment gateway, for any online business. A payment gateway is a mechanism or SaaS that links your website's payment portal and merchant account. A payment gateway facilitates financial operations by transferring payment information in an encrypted form. While a merchant account performs all banking responsibilities, including accepting, holding, and allowing withdrawals to your standard bank account.

Why Do You Need a Payment Gateway in Spain?

Spain is one of the most highly developed countries in the world. The economy of Spain is the 4th largest in European Union and ranks high in ease of doing business and HDI. The ecommerce market in Spain is projected to cross US$ 32.21 billion in 2022 and is expected to hit US$ 66.33 billion by 2027. Internet penetration is 93% in Spain. As of now, 68.3% of people shop online, and the ratio is expected to rise to 85.8% by 2027.

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Nowadays, people prefer to purchase online because it offers several advantages, such as convenience, accessibility to options, price comparison, and great deals. Additionally, clients save time by shopping online. The majority of services are now offered online, including escort services, fantasy sports, casinos, and sex toys. Online businesses are significantly easier to launch than traditional ones. You require a website, a payment gateway, and a high-risk merchant account in order to start an online business.

Types of Payment Gateways

Generally, payment gateways are classified into three types, and they are as follows:

How Does a Payment Gateway Work?

We have simplified the working steps of a payment gateway through this illustration:

How PayCly is the Best Payment Gateway Provider in Spain?

What factors need to be considered while choosing a payment gateway? Name of a brand? Promo? Pricing? Security? Payment procedures? or truthfulness? Respondents often cite a well-known company as the answer, while additional options include "pricing, safety, services, or another attribute." Every one of you is mostly correct, but not entirely. You require a well-balanced payment gateway that gives all the advanced features at the lowest rates and the safest environment and can provide you with a bespoke solution to enhance your revenue while focusing on your core activities.

In Europe, PayCly is a famous and trustworthy acquirer. We provide you with the most affordable MDR rate in Spain. We use AI and ML to protect you and have PCI-DSS level 1 accreditation. Our offerings are tailored to your business's requirements. Using our feature-rich dashboard, you can view daily, weekly, monthly, and annual business financial statements. With these features, we ensure a quick settlement, round-the-clock support, and the non-freezing of your high-risk merchant account. We are pleased to inform you that only PayCly offers such a comprehensive set of services, all of which will benefit you and increase your business's revenue. We also have the following noteworthy qualities:

Benefits You Get by Acquiring PayCly’s Payment Gateway

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What other Payment Solutions Does PayCly Offer aside from Payment Gateway?

We can affirm that PayCly offers any payment processing that your company might need. We offer high-risk merchant accounts and international payment gateways to businesses, and the following industries are just a few examples of those in which we have a lot of experience:

Casino Merchant Account Forex Merchant Account
E-Commerce Merchant Account Fantasy Gaming Merchant Account
Escort Merchant Account Adult Toys Merchant Account
Dating Merchant Account E-Cigarettes Merchant Account
Tobacco Merchant Account SMM Panel Merchant Account

What is IPTV?

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), IPTV refers to multimedia services, including television, video, audio, text, graphics, and data, delivered over IP-based networks and meets the required standards for service quality, experience, security, interactivity, and dependability.

PayCly is the best IPTV payment gateway provider in Europe. It allows you to offer your customer subscription-based services.

What Is the Difference between IPTV and Traditional TV?