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Best Payment Gateway Providers in Turkey

PayCly is one of the best payment gateway providers in Turkiye/Turkey (Republic of Turkey). The payment gateway works as a postman in digital payment. It collects the card data at the merchant's payment portal and transfers it to the acquiring bank. As a postman safely delivers letters to a recipient. Similarly, a payment gateway securely transmits the payment details to the merchant's bank. To ensure 100% security, a payment gateway performs several security checks, including tokenization and encryption, before transmitting the payment information. Any entity that saves and shares customers' card details has to be PCI-DSS certified.

Why Do You Need a Payment Gateway in Turkey (Turkiye)?

Economists and political scientists often classify Turkey as a newly industrialized country, while the IMF, the World Bank, and The Economist magazine define Turkiye as an emerging market economy. According to the World Bank, Turkey is an upper-middle-income country in terms of the country's per capita GDP. In this emerging economy, the E-commerce market is also flourishing. According to International Trade Administration, Turkey's e-commerce market has seen a record-breaking spike of 90% in 2019 (aftermath of the pandemic). In 2020 and 2021, the e-commerce market expanded by an additional 30%, reaching US$ 42.9 billion. As a result, Istanbul has been named one of the top 20 of the world's 100 most incredible ecosystems for startups in the e-commerce and online gaming industries.

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An international payment gateway is a primary need for any online/e-commerce merchant. It permits online merchants to receive payments through different channels, including credit or debit cards, bank transfers, ACH, cryptocurrencies, etc. We saw the preeminent growth in ecommerce after the COVID-19 outbreak. More than 80% of internet users now prefer to shop online because it is so convenient to access the entire market on a figure. It allows customers to make price comparisons, offers the best discounts, especially on festivals, and facilitates free home delivery of products and services. Furthermore, one of the most significant reasons is that online shopping also saves a lot of time. Additionally, the ease of starting a new business, you don't need to spend a lot of money on opening big showrooms. You just need to build a website, obtain a payment gateway, and you can start selling anything from your home only.

Types of Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are classified into three types, and PayCly provides all of them. Below is a list of these groups:

How Does a Payment Gateway Work?

For easy understanding, we provide a shortened illumination of the procedure of Turkiye'nin En Iyi odeme Gecidi Saglayicisi.

How PayCly is the Best Payment Gateway Provider in Turkey (Turkiye)?

Many PSPs in Turkey (Turkiye) offer payment gateways, including well-known companies such as Paypal, Verifone (2Checkout), Alipay, PayU, Amazon Pay, Skrill, Worldpay, etc. However, none of them are the best because they all have some downsides, such as being expensive, not supporting many payment methods and currencies, and not providing customisation based on your needs. They also don't support companies operating in an unregulated industry.

Whereas, PayCly solves all your payment-related problems in a single place. Our MDR is the lowest in Turkey, and we offer you several pricing models so that you can select accordingly. Including credit or debit cards, bank transfers, ACH, and cryptocurrencies, we allow you to accept money in more than 100 alternative payment options. Additionally, PayCly complies with PCI-DSS (level 1-highest level certification) standards and offers the highest level of security utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, 2D/3D Authentication, and Fraud Scoring. The following are some of our noteworthy qualities:

Benefits You Get by Partnering with PayCly

Final Thought

The blog discussed how a payment gateway is essential for establishing an online business. We advise you to choose PayCly as it is the best payment service provider in Turkey (Turkiye Cumhuriyeti) if you are a merchant looking to get a payment gateway, an international payment gateway, or a high-risk merchant account. For further information, reach us at info@paycly.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Other Payment Solutions Does PayCly Offer?

With all the payment solutions that an online business needs, PayCly is ready to serve you. In addition to payment gateways, we offer a wide range of services, including credit card processing, offshore merchant accounts, and payment gateways for various business sectors. We provide the same level of support for all businesses, and we've put together a few merchant accounts with high-risk characteristics and industry-specific features. We are quite experienced in offering payment gateways and merchant accounts to the following sectors of the e-commerce:

Casino Merchant Account Forex Merchant Account
E-Commerce Merchant Account Fantasy Gaming Merchant Account
Escort Merchant Account Adult Toys Merchant Account
Dating Merchant Account E-Cigarettes Merchant Account
IPTV Merchant Account SMM Panel Merchant Account

What are PCI DSS Compliances?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of guidelines regulated by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). PCI SSC is an independent organization created by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. Businesses that take, store, or send credit card data must follow PCI DSS guidelines to protect customer card information.

The highest level of certification for payment information security offered by PCI-SSC is PCI-DSS Level 1, which PayCly complies with.

Is there any Difference in Country-Specific Payment Gateways?

Undoubtedly, the nation-specific payment gateway varies in several ways. Here are a few of them that we've mentioned:

  • The payment method comes first; each nation has a selection of payment methods. Statista says credit or debit cards are used more often in America than any other type of payment, just as in Europe. In Asia-Pacific, however, digital wallets exceed credit cards and other traditional payment methods. With us, your customer's preferred payment method will be on top according to the region.
  • Our R&D team regularly monitors the market behavior of every nation, which is the second factor in the acceptance of foreign money. We compile a list based on the nation's most popular currency for imports and exports using research analysis, and we give clients a choice to pay in their domestic currency.
  • The checkout page's language is the next feature. We give customers the option to change the checkout page's language in the country-specific payment gateway. This feature aids in increasing customer retention and customer loyalty. We offer more advantages with the country-specific merchant account. You can contact us at info@paycly.com for further details.