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Payment Gateway Thailand For Reliable, Fast, And Secure Payment Transactions

Are you willing to integrate a payment gateway on your online websites in Thailand? It offers your customers a hassle-free, fast, and secure checkout process.

Payment Gateway is a payment processing technology that allows customers to make payments with their credit/debit cards hassle-free. The customer just needs their card details and a good internet connection.

In Thailand, this process of making online payments through a gateway is flourishing. As you know, Thailand is one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia. Here, smartphone and other mobile device usage have surpassed desktop internet usage in Thailand, which is regarded as a mobile-first nation. With 52% of all online purchases in Thailand being made using mobile devices and totalling $13.6 billion, this market is already the largest for online sales in the world. Consumer also looks for hassle-free transactions so they look for the safe and secure online payment processes.

Let's have a look at payment gateway Thailand in detail.

An Overview of Payment Gateway Thailand

As "PayCly," we are one of the well-known payment service providers in Thailand that offer a payment gateway for all types of businesses, especially high-risk businesses. With us, the merchant can get the best rate for payment solutions. We are a one-stop payment platform in Thailand that offers an online international payment gateway to most countries. With us, the merchant can also get the high-risk merchant account within three to seven working days.

The payment gateway is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of online enterprises, according to our extensive expertise in providing services to various industries in Thailand. The transaction process can be finished in this manner most simply. It enables companies to provide their clients with more rapid and practical payment options. Using an international payment gateway helps businesses produce more income without fuss. From anywhere in the world, we welcome all merchants.

Using a Reliable, Safe, And Secure Payment Gateway For Your Online Businesses

Nowadays, having a reliable, secure, and safe payment solution is essential for all online businesses, especially for high-risk businesses. While making the online payment, the customer has to enter their card details. The gateway authorizes this information and moves through with the transaction with additional authentication(OTP) because the card owner has access.

Online payment gateways remain incredibly popular. Today, most service providers offer various payment options to attract customers. According to research, even the smallest online shopping interruption causes a 12% rise in cart abandonment. Most merchants worldwide support the online payment gateway because of these factors.

Payment gateways have received widespread recognition from the US, Canada, and most EU nations. Today, most issuing banks worldwide directly handle fraudulent charges, chargebacks, and similar difficulties. But, PayCly offers you futuristic security tools which help you to protect from fraud.

With PayCly, the merchant can get futuristic anti-fraud and anti-chargeback tools. We comply with the PCI-DSS level-1 compliance. So, with us, you and your customers are completely safe.

Is a merchant account essential for online businesses?

Any company that accepts digital payments from their customers must have a merchant or business bank account. Funds from profitable online transactions are deposited into this account.

A merchant needs a high-risk merchant account, a payment gateway, and a high-risk payment processor to complete a transaction. A payment processor manages the credit card transaction process as an intermediary between for the merchant and the collaborating financial institutions. A processor can authorize credit card transactions and ensure that money is transmitted fast, so merchants are paid on time.

For instance, the merchant can access all three entities through PayCly.

How to apply for the payment gateway in Thailand?

At PayCly, we welcome all merchants running a high-risk business in Thailand or with a bad credit history. Generally, we deal with high-risk businesses such as forex, IPTV, Adult toys, e-commerce, gaming, etc.

Merchants must fill out the application form online and wait for the response. Our expert team reverts to the merchant within a day or two through the mail. Merchants can also contact us directly through mail or live chat to finalize the deal or to know more about our services.

Benefits of PayCly Payment Gateway

With PayCly, merchants can get many benefits that help boost their businesses in Thailand. Our gateway also supports overseas payments.

International Payment Processing -

  • We can accept all major credit cards worldwide, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, Discover, etc.
  • We also accept debit cards.
  • Electronic Checks.

Futuristic Security tools -

As we deal with high-risk businesses, so security is our top priority. We offer futuristic security tools so that merchant can hassle-free run their businesses.

  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance
  • Tokenization
  • Address verification services
  • Card security core verification
  • We offer tools that help merchants identify and stop suspicious and potentially fraudulent transactions.

Online Account Management -

  • Permit you to download account statements and reports and to view the real-time reporting.
  • Get the specifics of your processed transactions to make reporting and reconciliation easier.

Customer Support -

  • 24*7 customer supports
  • Merchants can contact us through email or live chat.

Grow Your High-risk Businesses With Us -

  • Along with the credit card, we offer other payment methods like net banking, e-wallets, mobile payments, and crypto-currencies.
  • We also help merchants to choose payment methods according to the target locations.
  • Our integration process is simple and hassle-free.

Recurring and Subscription Billing -

  • Recurring clients should receive discounts based on the data you have on file.
  • Automatic subscription management with recurring billing.
  • Thanks to dynamic recurring billing, you can bill your clients on various days or for large amounts each month.

Final Thoughts -

To maximize your business potential in Thailand, you must seek counsel from a professional organization that can help you implement a specialized gateway. With the help of the perfect partner, your revenues will increase, and you'll avoid any unreasonable transaction fees.

If you are still familiar with the inner workings of the implementation and want to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience, collaborating with a skilled payment services provider can be a fantastic choice. You may also stay clear of the challenges associated with billing and inventory management by utilizing integrated support tools and resources and cooperating with an expert provider.

PayCly offers you the best possible solutions according to your business needs. It is a one-stop solution, which means you can get the high-risk payment gateway, merchant account, and credit card processing in one place. Our expert team helps merchants to expand their business globally. We have many years of experience dealing with high-risk businesses, so we know what to serve you. All your transactions are safe with us, allowing the merchant to manage payments worldwide.

Feel free to contact us any time through email or live chat. We are always ready to solve your query.

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