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Payment Gateways Philippines Help Merchants Prevent Cart Abandonment

How do payment gateways in the Philippines help merchants prevent cart abandonment?

Payment gateways help merchants in many direct and indirect ways. Besides their prime role of acting as a bridge of data transfer, they are much stronger to protect businesses from some other really bad issues. Card abandonmenthas always been a big concern for merchants, especially high-risk merchants. Companies of the Philippines are not an exception to it. Thankfully, through several effective and practical ways, a payment gateway in the Philippines can save its clients from having a bad experience due to cart abandonment.

What is cart abandonment?

Cart abandonment is a situation when a buyer visits the website, and adds products to his cart but leaves the website without purchasing the items.

The issue makes most of the merchants worry about the effectiveness of their sales strategy. But besides that, there can be many other reasons that make people leave things in the middle of the process. A poor payment experience can also be a considerable reason behind it. Payment solution providers can offer trouble-shooting, especially on the part of payment and other relatable aspects. Solutions provided improve overall business performance as well.

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Speedy checkout is an open secret to prevent cart abandonment

Yes, you already know that speedy checkout is vital to stay away from cart abandonment but if you are not providing it, what is the use?85% of the customers consider smooth and speedy checkout important for a good customer experience. Poor and slow speed makes people leave the purchasing process incomplete.

The online payment gateway solution companies are backed-up by artificial intelligence and a vast network with merchant accounts. While transferring the financial details it takes only a few seconds behind the screen when the customer is just waiting to see an accepted payment. The faster a transaction happens,the stronger the bond between merchants and customers builds.

Uncompromised safety for card updater with PCI-DSS and tokenization

A card updater is a significant facility to improve the checkout experience of the buyers. A card updater saves the credit or debit card details of the customers. When they visit the website and make a payment there is no need to fill in the details repeatedly. It is not only convenient but also safer because the payment gateways tokenize the information and also have PCI-DSS shields to protect the privacy of the customer data.

When buyers know they are interacting with a brand that has ensured their safety, they are happier to come and purchase things. The safety certificates displayed on the websites such as PCI-DSS mark, increase the confidence of the ultimate product users in a brand. No need to mention that all this arrangement demands the efforts of the best payment gateway Philippines. Efficient solution providers have an irreplaceable role in making a business successful.

Payment gateways fix technical issues fast

There is no denial in the fact that all the transaction processing happens in a few seconds and payment gateways have a key role in it. Transferring data faster is the first and foremost duty of a transaction solution provider. Similarly, when a technical issue happens, payment gateways usually have all the arrangements to get things done faster.

In case of any issue for example - congestion during peak hours when the majority of the people shop whether it is the evening time or the weekends, the transactions can go slow. In such a situation, the payment gateways use auto-routing to divert the transactions to the merchant accounts where they are most likely to get approved. Saving the time of the merchants and getting things done at the right time, is always a vital thing to keep the merchant clients away from any trouble.


Cart abandonment may be a big problem but professional payment gateways can easily handle it while supporting their merchant clients. Today we have the topmost versions of tools and technologies and no issue should be a big deal for us. Innovation and enhancement in the payment industry are for the well-being of not only businesses but the whole of mankind. Human society will grow better when commercial entities will create better products and services. The international economy is already suffering from the pandemic side effects and it is really important to work faster on improvement. Get in touch with paycly.com if you also want to avoid cart abandonment and grow bigger in the business.