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How to Select an IPTV Payment Gateway Provider for Southeast Asia ?

Internet protocol television is also known as IPTV. It is the transmission of television content over networks based on the Internet Protocol (IP). This is in opposition to the transmission through conventional terrestrial, satellite, and cable television forms. As a result, the content (such as a TV station) can start playing on a client media player almost instantly. It is also known as streaming media. Today, it is one of the biggest emerging business markets in the world. According to a report by Prescient & Strategic Intelligence, the global market size of the IPTV industry was USD 30,134 million in 2022, and it is going to touch the USD 107,271 million mark by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 17.20% between the years 2022 to 2030. Due to these emerging possibilities, many new businesses turned their attention toward the IPTV industry. The possibilities for an IPTV payment gateway provider also increase due to this. Because a merchant can’t accept IPTV online payment without an online payment gateway. Our this article’s focus is on the payment gateway providers for the IPTV industry, especially in the Southeast Asia region.

Which type of gateway does an IPTV merchant need?

The IPTV industry is a subscription-based business, and in subscription-based services, chargeback rates are slightly higher than in other businesses. Because of the consumers’ tendency to trigger a payment dispute if services are not up to their expectations. Due to this reason, IPTV is considered a high-risk business. Because a high chargeback ratio is a prime trait of a high-risk business industry. This is why an IPTV merchant has to search for a high-risk payment gateway provider that can provide services to a high-risk business.

What does an IPTV merchant have to consider while selecting an IPTV payment gateway provider?

If you are an IPTV merchant and searching for an IPTV payment solutions provider, then you must consider these few things before selecting it as a gateway provider.

  • IPTV is a high-risk industry, so an IPTV merchant has to approach only those online payment gateway providers that can provide services for high-risk businesses.
  • An IPTV merchant always has to look for a payment gateway provider that can provide various payment options like digital wallets, online bank transfers, credit cards, etc.
  • Because IPTV is an online business and has global customers. From a merchant’s point of view, it is a necessity to provide consumers the option to pay in their own currency, and for this, a merchant has to choose a payment gateway that can support multiple currencies.
  • Data security is the responsibility of the payment platform, and for this, a merchant has to always choose a reliable partner that is PCI-compliant.

Top 5 IPTV payment gateway providers in the Southeast Asia region?


2C2P is a Bangkok Thailand-based payment service-providing company. It is known for providing services to big tech companies in emerging markets. 2C2P is a leading service provider in Southeast Asia, where it is operational in all major countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


Paycly is one of the finest options for an IPTV payment gateway in Southeast Asia. This Singapore-based online payment solution providing company is a champ in providing services to high-risk businesses. Due to its specialization in providing high-risk merchant services and its compliance with the PCI DSS data security standard, it is a specialized and safe option for an IPTV payment gateway provider in Southeast Asia.

Razer Merchant Services

Razer merchant services have been working in the Southeast Asian market since 2005. Although it is headquartered in Malaysia. But it provides services all over the ASEAN region. This platform is compliant with the highest global data security standard, PCI Level 1. Razer supports currencies like MYR, SGD, PHP, IDR, VND, AUD, THB, DKK, CHF, and USD.


Paypal is a world-renowned payment gateway provider that has been in the fintech industry since 1998. It is available in 200-plus countries and territories and supports more than 20 major currencies. Merchants prefer PayPal because it is a PCI-compliant platform that ensures data security and provides various payment methods to accept online payments.


iPay88 is a Malaysian online payment gateway service provider. It is also operational in other southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Cambodia. It supports many major currencies like AUD, CAD, EUR, HKD, INR, IDR, MYR, PHP, GBP, SGD, THB, USD, and TWD and is a PCI DSS-compliant platform that ensures data security.

Why is PayCly a suitable option as an IPTV payment gateway provider in Southeast Asia?

Paycly is a suitable option for an IPTV payment gateway in Southeast Asia. This service provider specialized in providing services to high-risk businesses, such as high-risk merchant accounts and high-risk gateways. For a business like IPTV that has global customers, this is a perfect platform because of its coverage area of 150 countries and support for 100 plus currencies. This platform is PCI Level 1 compliant and has a fraud management team to identify and eradicate any suspicious activity. The last but best feature of this gateway is that it provides instant approval for high-risk business accounts, and its procedure to apply for a merchant account is so easy that even a child can do that.

Have a look at the application procedure.

How can a Paycly Merchant account be opened?

Follow these instructions to sign up for a high-risk company account on Paycly.

  • Check out the Paycly website.
  • Next, click in the page’s top-right corner to choose "Apply Now."
  • The registration form will then appear on the screen.
  • Completely fill out that form with all the necessary details.
  • Then, you must select "Submit" on the following page.

You can quickly establish a high-risk business account with Paycly by following this procedure.

Ending note

According to the data of S&P Global, Cable is still the leader in the Asia-Pacific multichannel TV subscription market with a share of 53.9% and a total of 696.08 million subscribers in 2022. But IPTV is not far behind. IPTV is in second place in the region’s multichannel TV subscription market with a share of 32.1%. This shows that the IPTV industry has a great future and many possibilities in the region. But as a merchant, to get the most out of these possibilities, it is important to choose the perfect online payments partner, and there is no better partner than PayCly in the Southeast Asia region.

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