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Top 10 International Payment Gateway Providers

Top 10 International Payment Gateway Providers

Payment gateways are significant for merchants because, without them, it is entirely impossible to get paid for the sold products and services. It is why most merchants want to hire only the best international payment gateway for business. If they have a list of the most promising options shortlisted in one place, they can choose with ease. Are you also a business owner looking for a reliable payment solution provider? Then pay attention to the list below.


Opyayo, which was previously called Sage pay, is a renowned international payment gateway due to its trustworthiness. It facilitates payments worldwide, which is why it is considered an idol for merchants with a global presence. It provides fraud screening tools and mobile responsive mobile pages and offers a streamlined payment experience to the customers of a merchant. It is also known for its analytical data and online reporting that helps business owners make timely, rational decisions about business performance.

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9) Amazon pay

Another name that does not need any introduction. It is specifically popular among e-commerce merchants. If you are looking for secure, fast, and easy payments, then Amazon pay is the right choice. Experience automatic payments, and enjoy advanced merchant website integration and fraud protection. It is not an exaggeration to mention that this payment gateway is lifeline support. You can conveniently end your search for a payment gateway for international business right here.

8) Stripe

Stripe is always among the shortlisted payment gateways whenever any merchant looks for a dependable payment solution provider. It has an advanced mobile customer interface, multiple payment options, effective dispute handling, accounting integration, and financial reporting. Stripe can also be your choice if you are looking for a customized UI toolkit and embedded checkout. With so many features, a merchant must find a way to avoid this payment gateway company.

7) 2Checkout

This solution provider is among the most famous payment gateway in the United States. It operates in more than 20 countries and facilitates more than 45 payment methods. It is compliant with PCI-DSS and has a 3-tier defense strategy. The company offers varied plans and charges, currency conversion, and timely funds settlement. It has majorly three plans, namely a) 2Monetize plan - to sell digital items, b) 2Subscribe plan - To sell subscriptions, and c) 2Sell plan - to sell services and products with per sale transaction charges of $0.35 + 3.5%.

6) Paycly

It is one of the leading payment gateways specializing in eCommerce, forex trading payment processing, online casinos, adult entertainment, etc. It provides enhanced credit card processing, alternative payment methods, invoicing solutions, and even crypto settlement. Also known for its white-label solutions, this payment gateway is also an expert in trouble-shooting through 24x7 assistance. High-risk merchants always get the best experience from the service provider, which can be proven well through its record. It can be your next online payment gateway.

5) Skrill

The payment gateways started in 2001; Skrill has done a great job because, in a short time, it has become the first choice of many merchants. It facilitates email transactions, supports 30 currencies and credit card transactions, and sends consolidated reports. The good thing is that it is also working on expanding its business operations to new global locations. The payment gateway has fraud prevention tools that strongly support all types of businesses.

4) checkout.com

Checkout.com operates in 150 countries and covers all types of businesses from new businesses to established global brands. The vastness of this payment gateway is its actual strength and the merchants also look quite impressed with it. You can realize its strength while reading the reviews left by existing and old merchant clients. The company improves conversion rates and efficiently manages risk. With enhanced fraud protection, ensures a better customer experience and in turn forwards the benefit of increased sales to the merchant.

3) PayPal

You already know the name of this company because it is popular around the whole world. Only taking the name of the payment gateway is a synonym for reliability. The provider is known for effective inventory tracking, PCI compliance, virtual terminal, mobile card reader, and speedy checkout. Merchants from all sectors strongly recommend this payment solution provider. In every sector of life, tried and tested things are always reliable. Similarly, this payment gateway is known because millions of merchants have tried it.

2) GoCardless

For direct debit payments, the payment solution company can be a good option. It is compliant with all safety regulations. The company is considered the best choice for subscription-based businesses and also has multi-currency payments. The payouts are processed and reach the merchant accounts in 5 to 6 working days. However, the payment gateway has no set-up cost but an additional fee of 0.1% is applicable. In simple words, if you choose GoCardless, you will have no regrets about your decision.

1) Payza

Send and receive money throughout the world through Payza in a fraction of a second. It deals in 190 countries because it has centralized management and supports 22 currencies which are quite impressive. Secure online payments facilitate the addition and withdrawal of funds. Experience enhanced shopping cart integration and the best thing is its ability to provide local payment options. The payment gateway also has a card updater facility because it has hired the latest tokenization technology.


With the above list, you can choose any payment gateway for your business. All the suggested options are renowned and established in the international market. Rest, you need to depend on your discretion as well.