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Payment Gateways in Thailand That You Need to Know

The world economy is getting back to the habit of digital payments as a big sign of recovery from the effects of the pandemic. There is no doubt that payment gateways have a considerable role in digitizing an economy. Thailand, which is a popular tourist destination suffered a lot during the covid-19 chaos but now it is getting back to normalcy. Gradual but steady growth can be seen in increasing digital payments that were replaced by cash transactions during the pandemic.

Here is some data that shows Thailand is back to online or digital payment culture –

  • The overall transaction value of the digital payment sector in Thailand is expected to show an annual growth rate of 13.51% during 2022-2027.
  • According to a forecast, in the year, 2022 the digital payment sector of Thailand was expected to reach US$29.13bn.
  • Digital commerce is the largest segment of the market in Thailand, as its projected value is US$26.99bn for the year 2022.

With the above data now, you can easily make the conclusion that every industry and business sector is again moving towards digital payments. Again, the merchants can get paid faster for the products and services they sell. For effective business operations and expansion to new markets, every merchant has to hire a payment gateway.

Nowadays, when Thailand’s economy is getting back to normal, it is natural for the company owners to look for the best solution-providing companies. Here we are with the Payment gateways in Thailand that you need to know. Delve into their details and know the features, many of them may sound useful to you if you own or run a business in Thailand.


CodaPaymentsis a payment gateway that keeps catching the attention of most merchants in Thailand. It connects you with local payment methods, which means global companies can make an easy reach here. The payment gateway has a presence in Thailand, Singapore,and Vietnam. The Payment gateway thailand has multiple features thatcan help you get the best out of the services offered by the gateway provider. The company supports subscription billing and is known for effective e-wallet and online transaction management.

  • Localized customer support – Every small and big business knows that to make a strong grip in a country, it has to respect the local payment trends. With CodePayments, you can always find your way into the local market and the hearts of local customers.
  • Tax law compliance – Tax-related rules and regulations are always worrying for a merchant. He is lucky if he has a payment gateway that is tax law compliant and in turn, keeps the merchant safe from any legal complication.
  • Lower fees – Of course, it is a big benefit for business owners because lower fees give the chance to achieve higher margins. You can offer better value to your customers and can operate your business with improved confidence. It takes no set-up cost, no annual or monthly fees, and no transaction fees, isn’t it a great deal?


It is a strong brand in the payment industry empowering small as well as big businesses through online payments. It offers alternative payment methods, and card payments and has many value-added services such as you can distribute electronic vouchers, offering discounts and cards, and much more. You can also contact the payment gateway in case of a bad credit rating, the company has some production suggestions to help you get rid of the chaos and vicious circle of delayed or missed debt payments.

  • Enjoy various payment options – With multiple payment options, you can accept online payments through simple and speedy integration. This feature helps businesses expand their commercial activities to new global locations.
  • Uncompromised security – Your customer data is always protected against cyber-attack through the multi-layered security that the payment gateway offers. Through tokenization and PCI-DSS compliance, the solution provider ensures that you are in safe hands.
  • Responsive design – your buyers need to feel happy about the payment experience and SiamPay ensures it through a responsive design. Smartphones, desktops, tablets, or laptops, customers can pay through any device. It is why this provider is a preferred choice when merchants hire an online payment gateway in Thailand.


It will not be an exaggeration to mention that PayCly is among the most renowned payment gateways in Southeast Asia. The customized payment solution plans and free set-up with speedy integration will convince you to hire this payment gateway for your business in Thailand. It is among the best payment gateway in the country. Simplify your daily transaction processing with this gateway provider.

  • Endless reach tonew customers – When you have access to all the popular currency payments and all the popular payment methods, obviously your business will reach all global markets.
  • E-Wallet services – will keep your customers closer to comfort and they can make payments round-the-clock and can add funds anytime. The customers of online casinos,iGaming, adult entertainment, forex trading platform, and other high-risk industries will always get satisfaction as part of their payment experience.
  • Chargeback management strategy – PayCly is an expert in making the smartest chargeback management strategy according to your business circumstances. If you are annoyed with recurring chargebacks, you should really consider this payment gateway.
  • Fraud prevention - PCI-DSS compliance is vital for every payment gateway and PayCly is always one step ahead in following the rules and laws. Due to its sincerity towards the safety of the merchants, it is the most promising thai payment gateway.


Unity is a gaming payment gateway it means it is a perfect choice for a high-risk business because the gaming industry is among the risky ones. It also has its own e-wallet and you can also offer online game top-ups through the payment gateway. Mobile phone credits and discount vouchers and other digital content can also be offered through Unity.

  • Pricing Features– No setup fees, no annual charges but monthly charges are $99 to $199 and transaction fees are from $0.12 to $0.15. No exchange fees are not applicable. If you still have any anxiety about the pricing, you should know that it is customized.
  • Supported currencies - BRL, KRW, EUR, JPY, CNY, and USD. You can easily plan multi-currency payments through the payment gateway. If you are planning to get in the global market with your Thailand venture, it is among the best payment gateway options.
  • 24x7 customer support – Timely troubleshooting and assistance at the time of requirement are among the most important features of a payment solution provider. With Unity, you are never alone because a dedicated team is always working for you.


All the above-suggested payment gateways are irreplaceable because they are the best versions in their way. As a merchant, it is your responsibility to understand and select the one that you feel is the most suitable for your daily payment processing requirements. Do not forget to talk to the payment gateway providers personally and express the precisely your business requirements. For sure, your search for an international payment gateway in Thailand should find a conclusion after reading the above suggestions.

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