Notify / Callbacks

You can find Notify URL in the area of Website Settings to set the value of the parameter. Notify URL parameter’s name is 'notify_url'. However, it is optional because it has to be added dynamically during the payment processing. You will receive the Notify parameters via HTTP POST method. The value of all parameters must be treated as strings.

Important Merchants may receive the status code by using the CURL or GET method from Transaction Status.

Parameter Description
status_nm Numeric ID of status.
status Status of a transaction. See the Transaction Status section.
amount Amount of virtual currency to give it to a user.
transaction_id ID of transaction.
transaction_id ID of transaction.
descriptor Memo of Payment Receiver.
tdate Current Date and time when created the transaction
curr Currency of transaction. Price, deposit and earned parameters are in this curr.
reason May contain a reason for transaction.
order_id Your order ID, if it was provided.

Example Request of curl notify_url

"status_nm" : "1" ,
"status" : "Success" ,
"amount" : "30.00" ,
"transaction_id" : "20170928115044" ,
"descriptor" : "PayCly" ,
"tdate" : "2017-09-28 11:50:44" ,
"curr" : "USD" ,
"reason" : "Success" ,
"id_order" : "20170131" ,