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2D Payment Gateway for Europe A Solution That Your Business Needs

Launching a successful e-commerce site is not that easy. In fact, it depends on the right taking decisions on everything from website hosting and e-commerce platforms, right over to branding and marketing strategies.

But, there is another area Payment Gateway is essential.

At last, having the ability to process payments online is undoubtedly the most valuable part of running an online business.

You must have heard about various payment modes like debit cards, credit cards, wallet payments, mobile payments, eCheck payments, and many more. Are you not aware of how exactly they work on a website?

Well, the answer is through using a payment gateway.

The payment gateway allows your customers to enter their information securely while also communicating with their bank to ensure that the payment is legit.

So, it is vital to have an accurate payment processing service for your business, no matter your business region. For instance, if you are a merchant dealing in Europe, you should look for a 2D Payment Gateway for Europe.

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We are going to speak about the 2D payment gateway service briefly in this blog. Hope, after going through this blog, you will get all the answers to your payment gateway-related query.

What is Non-3Ds Payment Gateway?

It acts like a mediator between the customers and merchants. It is swift and user-friendly but with low security. Whether you are into a high-risk or low-risk business, you can rely on a 2D payment gateway for your payment processing.

Merchant can process payment without any OTP and security check with a 2D payment gateway. It reduces the step to make payment and makes you more quick and efficient.

Benefits of Non-3Ds Payment Gateway

  • International payment gateway integration for all types of businesses, whether high-risk or low-risk.
  • 2D Payment Gateway has specific measures to keep a thorough check on the transaction. This process is done directly between merchant and bank without a one-time password.
  • Quick approval for payment processing service.
  • Faster settlement daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Merchants can process and accept the payment in a diverse currency like UDS, EUR, etc.
  • Additionally, merchants get a Dedicated MID and Dedicated Descriptor with the payment gateway.
  • Last but not least, Real-time transaction reports can be previewed and downloaded in Excel and PDF format.
  • Difference between 2Ds and 3Ds payment gateway

    2Ds stands for two dimensions secure (Issuer and Acquirer), and 3Ds stands for three domains secure (Issuer, Acquirer, Interoperability). When customers initiate the payment using a 2D payment gateway, they only need to fill in the card number and expiration date. It doesn't require any additional security checks or OTP to complete the payment. In short, it doesn't need any extra password.

    Where in, while initiating payment with a 3D payment gateway, your credit card and debit card involved 3D page authentication that needs OTP/ 3D secure password for security verification besides card details. In sort, 3D payments have an extra layer of security to online transactions.

    Beware of trying to look for the cheapest payment gateway

    Indeed, pricing matters a lot, but you should bear the fees against the potential losses induced by going down a more budget route. When you choose a payment gateway's lower cost over the services and convenience, it might not be worth the investment and will end up you losing on expensive chargebacks.

    Choosing a poor payment gateway with a poor checkout experience will result in lost sales, so looking for the cheapest solution is often a false economy.

    Get a one-stop solution for your business with PayCly

    PayCly offers a reliable, comprehensive solution to e-commerce merchants working out to accept credit card and debit card payments from customers anywhere in the world.

  • All-in-one cards processing solution
  • PayCly serves as an International 2D Payment Gateway and a merchant account and payment processor with all the required security parameters to make your online business as safe and straightforward as possible.

  • Process all major credit & debit card brands worldwide
  • Customers across the globe can pay you in any currency. PayCly, accept MasterCard and Visa and card brands local and international credit card and debit cards payments like Amex, Maestro, and more.

  • Simple integration
  • The integration process with PayCly is very smooth and convenient with the most popular e-commerce system. We will get you developer-friendly ready-to-install APIs and assist you through the complete process. PayCly has user-friendly and transparent API assistance for developers and necessary documentation.

    Other benefits you get with PayCly:

    • Multiple payment methods to offer all the options to your customers who wish to make payment through.
    • Multi-channel payment processing to make your payment processing more convenient and flawless.
    • Multicurrency payment processing gives your business the ability to process the payment in any currency across the globe. Now, your customers can pay in their local cash such as the dollar, euro, pound, etc.
    • Get the faster settlements with PayCly. Merchants can settle their accounts daily, twice a week, weekly, and monthly. However, it is fixed by our acquirer banks depending upon volume, chargeback ratio and business history.
    • A highly secured payment gateway complies with PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance and comes with SSL encryption and API integration. We put our efforts into making your payment environment safe and secure for your customers.

    Globalizing business is no more a concern with PayCly

    In this mushrooming era of the e-commerce industry, it is vital to have the ability to accept payment globally. It makes paying more convenient for your international customers.

    But, the primary issue for the merchants is not having an appropriate payment processing solution for their business. And, many times, due to their business nature, it becomes pretty challenging for the merchants to get payment gateway service.

    PayCly takes appearance here as the answer for the merchants to their payment processing queries. Our international 2D Payment Gateway for Europe has everything your business needs.

    You get the ability to process the payment via different modes in diverse currencies. Also, you can accept credit card and debit card payments via all major card brands.

    In a nutshell, we can state that we give a feature-rich platform with all the features you require to operate your business worldwide.

    PayCly helps you with the comprehensive payment processing solution in all regions.

  • A solution for Slovakia
  • Get the best 2D Payment Gateway Slovakia, capable of accepting payments worldwide to easy payment gateway process and safe transaction to merchants. Share your contact details via an email or application form available on our website to connect with us.

  • Payment processing service for Estonia
  • Now accept payments securely online, over the phone with a comprehensive payment gateway and merchant account solution. With PayCly, you can diminish the obstacles and cost of third-party gateways and get quick access to the latest payment methods. Hence, the 2D Payment Gateway Estonia securely captures, validates, and transmits confidential information using a layered security approach.

  • The payment gateway for Czechia
  • The 2D Payment Gateway Czech offers you accurate, real-time payment data via any internet-connected device from anywhere in the world. Track your transactions at any time with automatic reports and in-depth visualization. Our payment gateway will assist you in keeping track of your entire account without spending incalculable hours tracing your sales.

  • Payment Gateway for Malta
  • PayCly offers the high-risk merchant account, credit card processing solution, high-risk gateway, multiple currency processing, SSL encryption way-out API, PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway, multi-channel payment processing and many more.

    So, as a merchant, you should look for a reliable payment processing service with us and our 2D Payment Gateway Malta without any delay.

  • A tremendous solution for Cyprus
  • 2D Payment Gateway Cyprus - Our relationship with different payment portal organizations worldwide can also help you find a security solution that meets the prerequisites of a two-dimensional payment gateway. Following these lines of thought, keep in mind that not all organizations can access Malaysia's 2D payment gateways.

    2D Payment Gateway Romania

    Tools you get with 2D Payment Gateway Romania like state-of-the-art security and real-time monitoring, securing your capital with the advanced anti-fraud protection tools available:

  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Anti-fraud proprietary tool
  • Enhanced transaction approval rate
  • Integrated with card scheme 2D Secure anti-fraud regulations
  • Above all, Card tokenization for repeat customers
  • Customizable processing rules
  • Connect with PayCly

    Are you a merchant in Europe and looking for a comprehensive payment processing solution for your business? Don't worry PayCly is here to hold your back.

    Connect with PayCly today, and get the integration of 2D Payment Gateway for Europe with a high-risk merchant account.

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