White Label Payment

White Label Payment Gateway

PSP industry is vast and filled with massive opportunities. Thanks to their services, our daily basic needs are easy, like shopping online, accepting and making payments, subscribe and pay for services, etc.

To change the industry and support PSPs, PayCly has introduced a white label solution for the payment service providers. We provide you with a ready to use the framework to start your own payment gateway with just a few modifications.

What is a white label PSP?

Let's divide the term into two parts: white label and PSP to flesh out the concept.

A white label model means getting an unbranded solution, putting your brand name on, and selling it as your own. With white-label, a single product can be marketed by various vendors under various brands.

PSP is a company you as a merchant pick to process your online transactions. It works as a middleman between customer, merchant, payment gateway, acquiring and issuing banks.

Altogether, white-label PSP is an out-of-the-box solution. You can earn money by providing payment services to merchants under your brand.

There are many white label solutions on the market, each having different sets of features and coming at a different price.

Why choosing white-label PSP is better than building your own

There are various reasons why considering white label payment processing becomes much more efficient than developing your own solution. Here are some of them:

It's faster: You'll require no less than three years to hire a team, build your own software, get necessary permits and pass security and compliance audits, establish connections and alliances with third parties, and taking your first client on board. Picking white label PSP makes you all set in a month or even less.

It's cheaper: All in all, white label PSP ends up being much more affordable and cost-efficient. It saves the cost you may have to bear, like equipment, licenses, audits, etc. Moreover, odds are you will waste some of the money, alongside time and resources.

Requires minimal effort on your side: PayCly helps you get started without development effort. Plus, we will also offer you technical support and maintenance as you use the solution.

Safe and feature-rich solution: As mentioned, there are various white-label service providers in the market. Competition drives discovery, so providers furnish their offerings with a range of supporting features and advanced capabilities. It is up to you to pick what meets your needs the best.

Focus more on building relationships with your clients: PayCly makes you free from the burden of technical hassle, so you don't need to worry about it and fully dedicate your time and efforts to building relationships with your merchants, expanding your client base.

If you're deciding whether to give a white label solution a shot, book a call with us. Our experts will love to showcase how you can use our platform for your benefit.