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Casino Merchant Account and Payment Options 2021

In 2020, the global casino and online gaming industry were valued at 226.8 billion US dollars, down 13.4% from the previous year's figure of 261.79 billion US dollars. In 2021, the industry is expected to expand by 17.6%.

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  • Market size of the Global casino and gambling Industry is 226.81 bn USD
  • Global Gambling Market share of the casino is 25%

There are so many different types of gambling entertainment to choose from. Obtaining a merchant account for online casino transactions varies by bank. Since most banks are unable to provide comprehensive merchant services to the gambling industry, a checked online casino merchant account is in high demand.

The Benefits of Getting an Online Casino Merchant Account

We can still set you up with our merchant services if your business is in the gaming or gambling industry. Many well-known sports and poker businesses are among our clients. For online casino transactions, vendors trust a private merchant account. An online gaming merchant account is a good way to hedge your bets as Internet gaming becomes more common.

Gaming merchants will benefit from having an online casino/gaming merchant account. Merchants with an online casino merchant account have complete control over their company and its revenues. Casino merchant account holders will offer outstanding service to their customers without worrying about high volume transactions, possible chargebacks, refunds, or fraud. Online casino merchant accounts provide merchants with not only a more user-friendly interface for their clients but also a slew of other advantages, including:

Options for safe transactions and payment processing

With the right software, you can protect yourself from credit card scams and online fraud.

In order to save time and resources, some casino merchant account providers also provide cost-effective and real-time processing solutions for offshore merchants.

  • Casino Payment Gateway are protected from fraud and online theft by using secure SSL encrypted servers.
  • Some casino merchant account providers also offer online reporting to their customers. Merchants can access transaction reports online using this service.
  • Online casino merchant account holders must have a stable virtual terminal and a dependable payment gateway. This enables the hosting of terminals for multi-user networking, credit card processing, and authorizations.
  • The majority of casino merchant account providers offer customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a very important feature since it allows consumers to get technical assistance and answers to their questions right away.
  • Accepting major credit and debit cards gives merchants a considerable advantage, particularly if you have a casino merchant account.

  • Accept payments in all major currencies from customers.
  • Merchants may use an offshore casino merchant account to process payments and expand their business.

To get the casino merchant account for your gaming business, you should find the right service provider like PayCly.

Several payment options are available

Online casinos must provide a variety of payment methods. Keep in mind that you might be handling foreign players in addition to local ones. Furthermore, even for local players, payment gateways and payment options that meet their needs, such as credit card payment solutions or other interactive, on-site payment methods, should be available.

However, such tools must be simple to use and easily incorporated into the gambling website for payments and payouts. PayCly has all of the resources you'll need to operate a profitable online casino.

As you can see, "protection" and "payment options" are critical to offering your customers/players more options when gambling. We use a safe payment gateway to ensure security and anti-fraud protection.

Furthermore, with our diverse payment methods, your online casino will provide your customers with the most convenient way to pay or purchase gambling credits.

Why take services from PayCly?

Casinos, social gaming, streaming sports, mobile gambling, app-based games, and other gaming markets are all protected by a successful gaming merchant account provider. PayCly provides options for all types of gaming companies. We will set up a casino merchant account for you, as well as a fantasy sports merchant account and other custom solutions. We assist you in obtaining a merchant account that is sufficient for your company's needs. We specialise in high-risk industries, such as the gaming industry, and we know what it takes to run a profitable online company.

You'll have access to our offshore merchant accounts for casino dealers, which offer a secure payment gateway and real-time transaction processing. We also have multi-currency options, 3D safe processing, no monthly volume limits, and competitive rates for online gaming merchant accounts.

Our mission is to provide you with the best prices, the quickest approvals, and the most favourable terms for casino merchant accounts. Large-volume processing capacity allows you to accept payments quickly and easily a unique choice that most Forex trading firms are unable to do due to the high volume of transactions and the limitations placed on them. For different types of gaming transactions, we know which payment method is needed in each market.