High-Risk Merchant Account

High-Risk Merchant Account is the Need of Hour in this Online Business Regime

Yes, you heard it right online business regime and the need for high-risk merchant accounts in it. As per the UNCTAD, world trade was $28.5 trillion in 2021, and it already hit a record $7.7 trillion in the first quarter of 2022. As per Businesswire, the global online market (B2B & B2C) was worth $13 trillion in 2021 and is expected to rise to $55.6 trillion by 2027. Only retail (B2C) eCommerce sales amounted to $5.2 trillion in 2021, and the remaining was for B2B.

You can imagine how huge the global ecommerce market is and how immense its potential is. Ecommerce is one of the highest growing sectors in the world economy. With the growth of the internet, social networks, and digitalization, the ecommerce market is touching the sky. Nowadays, almost every good and service is available online.

Despite the rise of the online market, most online businesses are considered high-risk businesses, and the devastating truth is that banks and financial institutions do not provide high-risk merchant accounts to them. But you do not need to worry, as several PSPs are there to offer you a high-risk merchant account. The responsibility you have now is to choose the best one between them.

What is a High-Risk Merchant Account?

A high-risk merchant account is not fundamentally different from a low-risk one, but the main difference is the level of risk. High-risk merchant accounts act as business bank accounts that facilitate accepting payment via credit or debit card, bank transfers, CNP payment, digital wallet, and cryptocurrency. It also allows you to accept payment in multi-currency and various payment modes. A high-risk merchant account safeguards you from fraud using top-notch security and futuristic tools.

Reasons you may be considered a High-Risk Merchant

For many reasons, a business can be considered a high-risk business, and if it is considered a high-risk business, it needs a high-risk merchant account. We mentioned here some of the important reasons:

Industries that are considered High-Risk

We provide all payment solutions for every high-risk industry, such as high-risk merchant accounts, international payment gateways, etc. We mentioned some high-risk industries here that are overgrown yet considered high-risk.

Why do Online Businesses need a High-Risk Merchant Account?

Higher the risk, the higher the profit. These are the businesses that have the potential to earn significantly higher than the low-risk ones. Profit is the first factor a merchant starts its online business. Online business doesn't need an offline store to show their offerings. On a website or app, you can entirely present your portfolio, which saves a lot of expenses.

It also helps you expand internationally by providing the mechanism (international payment gateway) to accept international payments. It supports you to be a part of world trade and eventually helps you achieve your goals and dreams. A study indicates that more than 2 billion online shoppers are available worldwide, and this figure will continue to grow as the 6 billion population is still untouched.

If we focus on regional statistics, we can say that presently developed countries have a more significant percentage of people who shop online. In the USA, nearly 70% of the population buys goods and services via eCommerce. Similarly, in the UK, more than 70% of internet users prefer to buy products online. On the other hand, in developing countries, the population is sharply moving towards online shopping. In 2022, the Philippines and India saw the highest growth rate (26%), with Indonesia (23%), Vietnam (19%), Malaysia (18%), and Thailand (18%) in retail eCommerce sales. This data is clearly showing the moving trend toward eCommerce and its potential.

Additionally, a high-risk business is more susceptible to fraud and chargebacks. Thus a high-risk merchant account includes the safeguards to protect you from these problems. Your time is saved, allowing you to focus on the essential aspects of your company. It gives you access to the international market and assists in boosting your revenues to the next level.

Payment Service Providers charges Higher Fees for High-Risk Merchant Accounts

We have discussed several reasons why a business is considered high-risk. Basically, these are the reasons that also affect the cost of a high-risk merchant account. With several concerns like chargebacks, high volume, big tickets, fraud and the nature of business, the high-risk merchant account provides the technology that saves you from all these issues.

In high-risk businesses, the proportion of chargebacks and scams is comparatively high. To shield you from these significant risks, a high-risk merchant account provider employs advanced security technologies, sophisticated fraud protection systems, and cutting-edge chargeback prevention techniques. Due to this ever-improving technology, fees are higher than low risk. International credit card processing, alternative payment methods, and multicurrency are additional factors that raise the cost of a high-risk merchant account.

A high-risk merchant can be required to sign a contract with lengthier terms, shell out money if they want to end it early or set up recurring payments that happen cyclically. High-risk merchant accounts may also be subject to a rolling reserve, whereby the payment processor withholds a portion of your revenue until it can confirm that your transactions were valid and not prone to chargebacks.

How to obtain a High-Risk Merchant Account quickly?

A high-risk business needs to undergo a longer application procedure than a low-risk one, although there are some techniques that can shorten it. First, by collaborating with a reputable, high-risk merchant account service provider with experience in high-risk payment processing, businesses can speed up the acceptance procedure.

The owner of a high-risk business must confirm the legitimacy of the supplementary papers before submitting an application for a high-risk merchant account. It's crucial that you communicate openly and honestly with your account service provider about every facet of your organisation. Information fabrication by merchants is common and may result in account denial. Being honest during the application process is advisable because giving false information about your business can result in suspension, denial, or deletion.

The first requirement is a corporate website. Your website must host all the products and services your business offers online. If your relevant policies are available for clients to review, customers will have more faith in your legitimacy. You can also be requested the following documents:

How PayCly is the best High-Risk Merchant Account Provider?

Although there are numerous payment service providers that can offer you a payment gateway, only a significant subset of them give you access to a merchant account. PayCly is what you require for your high-risk business. We facilitate you with all the essential features that an international high-risk business needs. We are a team of wizards. Our process is first to comprehend your needs, second to analyze them, third to provide you with the finest suggestions, and finally, deliver you the best-tailored service according to your requirements. We have the following advancements over our opponents:


We've discussed every aspect in detail in this blog. We saw that the eCommerce market is reaching nearly $13 trillion, and cross-border eCommerce is participating 22% in this. Nowadays, people of all generations prefer to buy goods and services online. More than 2 billion online shoppers exist worldwide, and this number is only moving towards the sky. The potential of eCommerce, Online Gaming, Online Gambling, Forex Market, Pleasurable Goods, and IPTV market can be understood by this blog. PayCly encourages merchants to start and expand their business with us. We are here to guide you in every part and are ready to provide you with the world's best financial services. We assure you that we are chef-d'oeuvre in the payment service providers. You can connect with us anytime at paycly.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about High-Risk Merchant Accounts

What is the difference between Low-Risk and High-Risk Merchant Accounts?

Can my Start-Up Business get a High-Risk Merchant Account?

PayCly can help any online business with a high-risk merchant account. We warmly welcome and support newcomers and ultimately assist them by providing the best services available. To help them grow in the enormous online market, we provide them with high-risk merchant accounts, high-risk payment gateways, and industry-specific merchant accounts. Our documentation part is also limited, and we offer instant approval for high-risk merchant accounts.

Who is the best High-Risk Merchant Account Provider in Southeast Asia?

PayCly, we can categorically state that PayCly is the top provider of high-risk merchant accounts in Southeast Asia, particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and The Philippines. Additionally, PayCly is a leading international provider of payment services that offers the best high-risk merchant accounts globally with a variety of payment methods, quick integration, a highly secure payment service, 24*7 support, and competitive costs.

What are the Benefits of a High-Risk Merchant Account by PayCly?

The following are the significant benefits of a high-risk merchant account with PayCly:

  • International Expansion: As an international merchant account or international payment gateway is a particular part of a high-risk merchant account. It helps your international expansion by enabling you to accept the global currency. A high-risk merchant account also allows you to accept payment via different payment modes.
  • Recurring Billing: Recurring billing is one of the major benefits a high-risk merchant account must have. By choosing this service, you will be able to charge periodically (monthly, half-yearly, yearly, etc.) for your services like the Dating apps, IPTV, and so on.
  • Support Numerous Industries: You may be doing business in an industry that is not classified as reputed, like sex toys or escort services, and the bank won't provide you with the account facility. The PSP's high-risk or industry-specific merchant account can only be the savior of your business.

These are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) a merchant has. We make every effort to go through every detail of a high-risk merchant account so that you are completely informed and able to select a payment service provider that is right for you. Finally, we recommend PayCly as the solution you need.

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