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Adult Payment Gateway Malta Strives to Provide you Better Customer Experience and Flexibility

Adult Payment Gateway has provided the credibility and flexibility at the same time to take on the online payments from the customers. One of the most profitable sectors of the steadily growing adult entertainment industry is the online business sector. Nonetheless, it is difficult for dealers to identify the best payment service providers. This is due to high chargeback rates and the numerous disputes that PSPs face. These risks have scared off many payment providers.

Chargebacks are a problem for companies in the adult entertainment industry. However, there are numerous other factors that place this industry at "high risk." On the one hand, the high volume of transactions raises the risk of fraud. On the other hand, due to the industry's strict regulations and legal restrictions, many banks refuse to collaborate with payment service providers (PSP) active in this area. As a result, the industry becomes less appealing to them and retailers have fewer options.

Online Payment Gateway Malta and Credit card processing for adults merchant

To begin accepting credit and debit card payments, businesses must have a merchant account, which is a type of bank account. It usually keeps the revenue from sales for 2 to 7 days before transferring it to the merchant's actual bank account.

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A merchant account is established as a result of an agreement between a vendor and an acquiring bank. A credit risk assessment is part of the acceptance process.

High-risk merchants will be subjected to a more thorough verification process. It is recommended that when opening a merchant account, you work with payment providers who specialise in high-risk industries.

How to Apply for Adult Payment Gateway on our website?

Fill out the application form and tell us about your company and what you need. Following a review, our team of specialists will recommend the best banking partners from our network.

Our dedicated agent will begin the process of setting up a merchant account with one of our reputable banks and gateway providers. We'll be there for you every step of the way, and we'll get you the best pricing available.

Start by filling out the online application form listed on our website. Just give us a brief of your information such as:-

  • Name
  • Business name
  • Region of operation
  • Business contact information
  • Company URL

Do you have any previous processing history?

Our agents will provide free 24/7 continuous support and any assistance you may require even after you have been successfully set up and have begun processing online payments.

Along with the application form, you will need to provide documentation for KYC (Know Your Customer) purposes and the underwriting process carried out by the acquiring bank or payments gateway provider. Please see the checklist of typical documents.

How PayCly has got merchants the best features available in the market?

Adult entertainment merchants should only work with reputable payment service providers who offer secure payment methods. Chargeback's must be minimized, and fraud must be detected as soon as possible. As a result, the expertise of a reputable payment provider is extremely valuable.

Here are some of the best features that you will get with PayCly.

  • Merchant Dashboard: For simple and powerful access
  • International Transfers: Reach out to customers in over 200 countries.
  • Payments Made Immediately: Have the quickest payment transactions possible.
  • Instant Refunds: Set your transactions to have no waiting time.
  • Subscriptions: Recurring payment solutions that are simple to use.
  • SDKs for developers: Quickly and securely integrate a payment gateway.
  • PCI-DSS compliance: Create a trustworthy relationship with your customers.
  • Pricing that is competitive: Free yourself from unnecessary hidden costs and expenditures.

With the number of businesses going online increasing by the month, it is more important than ever to partner with the Online Payment Solutions Provider.