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Best International Payment Gateway Solutions for Online Merchants

International Payment Gateway is for business that deals with International Customers. Doesn't matter whatever your high-risk enterprise is it is mandatory to accept payments in various currencies.

There are several challenges in dealing with international customer's though this may benefit beyond your expectation High-risk business has some ill effects too. You are always fighting against chargebacks and frauds online.

What should any merchant do to fight such chargebacks and online frauds in order to empower the hard-earned organizations and rapid its growth as far as sales and profits are concerned?

In order to globally scale your business and attain international customer's merchants will require an International Merchant Account and secondly International Payment Gateway.

An international payment gateway helps in collection and transmission of payee details to processors and International Merchant account manages all your earnings and transactions.

No Global Payments are possible without them.

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What is International Payment Gateway and how does it function?

A payment gateway is a web-based system that allows retailers to take credit cards, debit cards, and other types of payments.

It's a time-saving technique in which customers fill out their payment information on the payment preferences page, and money is transferred to the merchant's account with only one click.

International Payment Gateways are payment gateways that make it easier to receive payments from international customers.

Merchants who use international payment gateways typically have the most payment options. To pay, the customer has the option of using any payment method.

The customer is initially brought to the billing or payment page, where he can select the most convenient payment method. He fills in his credentials, and the payment gateway begins processing his information as soon as he clicks "Pay Now."

The three-layer function of a payment gateway is widely used. The information is wired at first via the gateways. The payment processor verifies the payment data and deposits the funds into the merchant account in the second stage, and the payment information is transmitted to both the merchant and the client in the third stage.

How should my International payment gateway be?

Responsive, secure, and reliable. Whenever you are dealing with International clients the transaction will be made 24hrs. So in order to safely accept the amount your system should always be ready to take up the responsibility.

Customers are very sensitive regarding payments-especially while paying international merchants. No technical Issues are permissible while payment processing. Customers lose faith faster as compared to local merchants. So this should be done with great care for every transaction.

There are generally three major technologies that function with the e-commerce payment gateway.

3D Payment Gateway

It accepts credit and debit cards for payment.

The most dependable payment technology is the 3D Payment Gateway, which ensures the security of consumer data by allowing them to validate the transaction.

An OTP, thumb impression, or MPIN, for example, is used to authenticate the payment in this technique. The payment is executed after the right validation has been completed. Payment will be rejected if someone tries to falsify or input incorrect information.

This is a widely used technology by acquirers to protect the security of customer transactions. However, in high-risk businesses, this strategy is not often used.

2D Payment Gateway

Security authentication is performed in the 2D payment gateway using data that has previously been lodged with the bank. The transaction is conducted without any authentication in this payment method, and it can be completed with simply the consumer's information.

This does not necessitate any additional consumer verification. The amount is deducted and credited to the merchant's account as soon as the payment is processed.

It is more stable and faster than a 3D payment gateway because it does not require authentication, which is why High-Risk Merchants prefer it for their online business.

Alternate Payment Methods

Alternate payment options are payments that are not made with credit or debit cards. These are payment methods that are specific to each country. Every country is enforcing its payment systems in accordance with the needs of its citizens.

For example, as the use of mobile phones grows in their country, numerous Governments are increasingly accepting mobile payments. However, in order to prevent fraud, they have implemented various payment-related procedures.

Alternative Payment Methods include Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, UPI, E-wallet, E-Cash, and other similar services. These procedures are created with the security and convenience of customers in mind.

Ecommerce Payment gateway for High-Risk Merchants

To collect money, high-risk merchants who do e-commerce business outside of their inhabitant country employ an e-commerce payment gateway.

Multicurrency processing is supported, allowing merchants to receive payment in their own currency.

Chargebacks and fraud are common for high-risk merchants who are exposed to the entire internet. By preventing transactions from such frauds, our payment gateway helps merchants preserve their confidence with customers and acquirers.

It also has the potential to process large numbers of transactions at the same time. In order to encourage merchants with speedy settlements, Paycly even support quick wired transfers.

Payment Gateways like these also allow you to keep track of your transactions anytime and wherever you want. It provides you with a real-time business report.


International Payment Gateways have varied features that can encourage clients from all over the world to pay in their local currency. This can simply erect your High-Risk business to the next level.

Merchants adore the International Payment Gateway. This is due to the fact that corporations do not want to be limited to a particular country. They want to make a lot of money by expanding trade across national borders.

Paycly can help you build your business by providing a great International Payment Gateway with all of the functionality you need.

Our primary priority when it comes to Payment Services is cost-effectiveness and improved service.


Which payment gateway is considered as best?

Although both non 3Ds payment gateway and 3Ds payment gateway are efficient. But from customer's point of view, 2D payment gateway Singapore is quite common because of its fast and easy checkout nature.

How can the credit card processing be made to run smoothly?

Credit card processing can be smooth with the help of a safe and secured payment gateway which shuts the door of chargebacks and frauds.

How online payment gateway helps in payment processing?

An online payment gateway ensures that payments are routed to the correct location, which is the merchant account. It is a path that connects customer's payment to the merchant account.

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