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Best Payment Gateway Singapore Enabling eCommerce Growth

This is the era of everything going online, from goods and services to paying online. Everything has changed the consumer behavior and perception. Customers are now going hand in hand with the trend and technology. Online payment gateway is one of the seamless technologies that are taking over the market.

In Singapore, citizens are heading towards online shopping rather than in store purchases. The in store purchases have somehow decreased as compared to online purchases. Many new merchants have entered the market and trying to make their places.

Some of them have already made their places with the help of cutting edge technologies. It depends on customers also, whatever customer like in terms of online presence he gets back to the same place again. This is the power of ecommerce.

Online payments and technologies

When a retailer decides to go online, it requires some ideology and preparations. Before going online, a merchant should have the following resources or we can say assets.

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  • An attractive website that shows all the products and services in an appealing way. The website has to be more attractive.
  • Merchant must have a full knowledge of audience and consumer behavior.
  • A good collaboration with either banks or a payment service provider for anytime merchant support.
  • A full-fledged merchant account with all necessary services like online payment and credit card processing.
  • And of course, a payment gateway that is the prime resource for a successful payment processing.

The basics start from obtaining a merchant account. After all, customer's payment has to be received at some place. A normal bank account will not work the acceptance and receiving of credit or debit card payments require a merchant account.

The payments made by customers are initially received in merchant account only and afterwards it is transferred to the registered business account of merchant. Merchant account ensures the payments are accepted with assured security and no middle glitches.

How important is online payment gateway for online merchants?

If you are a retailer and running an ecommerce site or thinking to start an ecommerce business, then you cannot forget about online payment gateway. In the fast adapting business environment of Singapore, payment gateway and other services like credit card processing is frequently prefer by retailer who wishes to go online.

All of the businesses know that if they want to expand, they have to accept online and card payments. And accepting online payments definitely requires a payment gateway that is integrated to the website of the retailer.

While picking an online payment gateway Singapore, it is important to ensure that the online payment gateway service is straight forward and initiates fast transactions. Significantly, a payment gateway should take the charge of security and data confidentiality.

Best Payment Gateway Singapore

Every merchant looks for the best transaction process system that helps them to generate more profits with zero chargebacks and frauds. Right now, 2D payment gateway is familiar and is more feasible for the industries in Singapore as well.

Such payment gateway Singapore is offered by many merchant services providers and banks. But just in case your industry is under high risk then you will not be entertained by banks for services like credit card processing and payment gateway Singapore.

In such cases, you can contact a payment service provider and ask for the services. A smooth credit card processing is vital for any transaction that is initiated by the customer. Retaining the customer with high level of satisfaction will be possible with seamless credit card processing.

A 2D payment gateway- Best payment gateway Singapore

Hassle free payments are what every merchant or retailer must have dreamed of. Unnecessary pop ups or redirection may decline the conversion rate of online purchases and customer traffic on website. Customers may back off which may lead to cart and website abandonment.

To avoid such scenario, a 2D payment gateway can be helpful. It has the qualities that reduces cart abandonment and increases the customer conversion till the final payment. Let's head over to some benefits of 2D payment gateway-

  • Fast approvals- This online payment gateway does not take much time in running a payment approval. The approval is very fast within few minutes or even in seconds.
  • Simplified credit card processing- Whether it is a high risk or low risk merchant, credit card processing is more smooth in 2D payment gateway with Visa, MasterCard and other.
  • Multiple currencies acceptance with opportunity of global expansion- You may have international customers as well, 2D payment gateway accepts multiple currencies to give global expansion opportunity.

Easy checkout- Yes, the best part is easy checkouts. Checkouts can also be a reason for site abandonment thus; 2D payment gateway Singapore promotes faster and easy checkouts.

PayCly has re owned name in Singapore

Paycly takes all the burden of the clients and assures them the path of success. Many of our clients in Singapore are now a big brand name. We have helped numerous clients and provided them the solution for how to make online business more successful.

If you are a merchant that is looking to expand or establish business in Singapore, then you can get in touch with us now. We have best services like credit card processing, 2D payment gateway Singapore and all other merchant solutions.


Which payment gateway is considered as best?

Although both non 3Ds payment gateway and 3Ds payment gateway are efficient. But from customers point of view, 2D payment gateway Singapore is quite common because of its fast and easy checkout nature.

How can the credit card processing be made to run smoothly?

Credit card processing can be smooth with the help of a safe and secured payment gateway which shuts the door of chargebacks and frauds.

How online payment gateway helps in payment processing?

An online payment gateway ensures that payments are routed to the correct location, which is the merchant account. It is a path that connects customer’s payment to the merchant account.

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