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Best Payment Gateway in Thailand to Accept the Customer Payment Worldwide

Fintech services are expanding rapidly in Thailand, especially in recent years. Fintech is one of the largest growing markets not only in Thailand but all over the masses.

Thailand is a country which is famous for its natural beauty and tourism but nowadays there is some other reason due to which this country comes in limelight. This reason is none other than the rising e-commerce businesses in Thailand. Thailand is known as a haven for online shopping.

The variety of payment service providers in Thailand is a crucial aspect that contributes to the popularity of virtual stores among customers. Online shopping is only completed when customers make online transactions and to make an online transaction every merchant needs a suitable payment gateway.

In Thailand, you can deal with PayCly as your international payment gateway. This payment service provider offers you many benefits which help you to grow your business. Let’s learn more about payment gateway in Thailand.

Overview of Thailand's online market's

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One of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia is none other than Thailand. The business-to-consumer e-commerce sector is worth approximately $26.2 billion, making it the second-largest market in Southeast Asia after Indonesia. This analysis is done by the J.P Morgan Chase Bank’s Economic in March 2019.

The high-savvy population of Thailand frequently uses mobile to make online payments. This is the reason Thailand is seen as a mobile-first nation, with desktop internet usage being outpaced by the use of smartphones and other mobile devices. It is really surprising to know that almost 52% of all online credit card processing payment service is made through a mobile device in Thailand.

In Thailand, the mobile market is already the largest e-commerce sales channel approx $13.6 billion. So, for the merchant, looking to establish their online business globally, Thailand is the hottest destination for them. Almost 30% of online business established in Thailand is cross-border.

The new existing market Thailand is poised for a prediction of a 7.7% annual growth rate till 2023. You can say that the online market is booming in Thailand in the upcoming few years. So, it is the right time for the merchant to get ready with the new destination.

Digital transformation is driving e-commerce trends in Thailand

Thailand has one of the most tech-savvy attitudes in the Asia-pacific regions. Here, most of the population is young and continuously active on social media.

  • More than 72% of local fintech companies want to provide a smart solution to transfer services.
  • Rapyd's Asia Pacific eCommerce and Payments Guide found that 40% of Thais customers use social commerce, which is one of the highest rates in the world.

The average internet spend is $1,738, which is greater than that of any other Southeast Asian nation. Even merchants that only accept a few of the most common payment options in Thailand may experience significant growth.

Start accepting payment from Thailand with PayCly

PayCly welcomes you to Thailand. We are one of the leading payment service providers in Thailand who deals with all types of business such as low-risk, mid-risk as well as high-risk. It is one of the flourishing payment services which shown its excellence in the payment gateway fields.

We deal with all the fields in the payment gateways. We offer the high risk merchant account the best, safe and secure payment gateway at a reasonable price in Thailand. The payment gateway has the most important role for any online business. The right payment gateway like PayCly can take your business to the sky.

Merchant can easily offer their customer fast and convenient payment options with PayCly. We also help merchants to increase their business revenues.

We PayCly offers a payment gateway as well as a merchant account in Thailand. If you are looking for a payment service provider in Thailand, you can deal with us without any hassle. We are one of the best service providers which offer merchants multiple payment options in multiple currencies to accept payment online.

Features of PayCly payment gateway in Thailand

We PayCly offer our clients the best tech-savvy services according to their business model. The PayCly has the following features.

  • We offer white-level solutions. It means that merchant can use their logo or brand name on the payment page. These features of PayCly help merchants gain the customer's trust as the customer does not have to be redirected to some other page while making the payments.
  • We provide high-tech security services. We have PCI DSS level 1 compliance which helps to protect merchant and customer’s private data. We also have high-technology fraud prevention tools and other tools which help to minimize the chargebacks.
  • With PayCly, the merchant can easily accept the payment gateway made via credit/debit cards. Also, the merchant offers their customers some other alternative payment methods such as mobile payment, bank transfer, e-wallets, etc. PayCly also allows the merchant to accept the crypto-currency.
  • We provide 24*7 real-time reporting. Our team monitors each transaction, chargeback, and fraud attempt. And if any incidents happen, we immediately notify and react.
  • We have simple and easy integration methods.
  • We allow accepting multi-currency to the merchant account. The customer does not have to pay currency conversion charges.
  • We offer a powerful dashboard. To make the business better we also allow the merchant to download reports and detailed statistics on payments, settlements, funds, and many others.

PayCly target industries -

We as a payment gateway deal with the following industries. We will provide you with the best payment gateway and also help you to open a merchant account. If you are running any such type of industry in Thailand you can easily contact us. We offer you the best solution according to your business model at the best price.

  • E-commerce card processing
  • Gaming industries
  • Casino Industries
  • Forex industries
  • Adult industries
  • Escort industries
  • Streaming-based industries
  • Online-dating industries
  • Social networking industries

Final thoughts -

Everyone is familiar with online shopping. Thailand is one of the fastest-growing countries. In the upcoming few years, it will become the hub of online business. It is possible now to purchase anything online with just one click. Online shopping would not be completed without a payment gateway.

We PayCly is one of the best service providers all over the masses. We deal with all types of industries including high-risk payment gateway. We are one of the top payment service providers that accept multiple payment options and multi-currency options in Thailand.

You can deal with us. We offer you the best solution for all your payment services problems.