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If you are reading this blog means you are either a casino merchant (casino game provider) or a gambler. A gambler can enhance his technical understanding, whereas a casino merchant will find this blog as a solution for a casino payment platform. The blog will discuss the need for a payment gateway or merchant account for online casinos, its types, and how we are the best online casino payment platform.

What is a Casino Payment Gateway?

A casino payment gateway is a technology that connects your casino website or app to your casino merchant account. The online casino payment gateway is liable for transmitting payment details from your payment portal to your bank. Before transferring the info, it conducts several security checks to safeguard your payment details.

A payment gateway facilitates you to accept every credit card payment by providing casino credit card processing. Also, a payment gateway allows you to take international currency for the game slot you provide.


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Why do you need a Casino Payment Gateway in Armenia?

You are very much aware that the Covid-19 pandemic changed almost everything. Everything has gone through a digital metamorphosis. Nearly all goods & services and forms of joy & amusement are now available online. One of the oldest types of entertainment, casinos, has also evolved and established a digital presence in the form of online casinos. As per the gambling statistics, there are around 1.6 billion gamblers globally. As per statista, the global online gambling industry reached $231 billion in 2021. With the rise of the internet, the online casino market's future looks pretty bright.

Another bitter truth is that your typical bank and financial institution do not offer you a casino merchant account or payment gateway since casino/gambling is considered a high-risk business. However, there is no need for concern because several payment service providers offer casino payment processing. PayCly is the best online casino payment processor that gives you the world’s best online casino merchant account.

Type of Payment Gateways

Basically, an international payment gateway is categorized into three different types, and these are below mentioned:

How does a Casino Payment Gateway work?

How PayCly is the Best Payment Gateway for an Online Casino?

PayCly is the only casino payment platform that can fulfill all your requirements. Our MDR is the lowest in Armenia, and we offer you several pricing models so that you can pick as per your business. We enable you to take payment in more than 100 alternative payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, bank transfers, ACH, and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, PayCly uses Artificial Intelligence, 2D/3D Authentication, Fraud Scoring, and other futuristic technologies to provide the highest level of security. We comply with PCI-DSS (level 1-highest level certification) regulations. Some of our key characteristics include the following:

Benefits of PayCly's Casino Payment Gateway

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I also need a Merchant Account along with a Payment Gateway, and what is it?

Yes, as we discussed, a payment gateway is only a bridge between the payment page and your merchant account. A casino merchant account is an entity that works similarly to a bank account and allows you to accept, hold, and withdraw funds you get from your players. A merchant account for an online casino will enable you to take payments from customers worldwide. It permits you to take money using several different currencies and payment methods.