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Casino Payment Gateway Tunisia

If you are a businessman looking to start your online casino business, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will cover the most crucial need of an online casino- the acceptance of money. You might know that you need a casino merchant account and payment gateway to receive payment from gamblers worldwide. And you also know that banks and other financial institutions regard the gambling industry as high-risk. They do not offer you a high-risk merchant account or payment gateway for your gambling business. However, there is no need to worry because PayCly is here to assist you in conducting your business without any hassles by providing you with the best casino payment platform.

What is a Casino Payment Gateway?

A casino payment gateway is a payment gateway especially crafted for your casino business. It is a mechanism used to transfer payment details from an online casino payment page to your merchant account and finally to your chosen regular bank account. It conducts several security checks before sending the payment details in order to protect your payment information. It allows you to accept payment via credit cards by offering casino credit card processing. Additionally, a payment gateway enables you to accept global currencies for the bet you offer and helps you grow faster at the international level.

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Why do you need a Casino Payment Gateway in Tunisia?

Online gambling is one of the growing sectors in the entertainment industry after the Covid-19 pandemic in Tunisia. Other factors in expanding online gambling (casino, fantasy games, online betting) are increasing internet penetration and digital awareness in the country that transform almost every sector into the digital world. Nowadays, Tunisians can bet from anywhere. As per the statistics, nearly 1.6 billion gamblers gamble worldwide on various games, and most of them love to bet on online casinos. The Global online gambling market is breaking new records y-o-y; some reports suggest that it will cross $500 billion in 2022. This is the best time for a merchant to start an online casino business. PayCly is here to resolve all your payment-related queries. We are ready to provide you casino payment gateway and online casino merchant account so that you can start taking payments from your customer.

Type of Payment Gateways

Generally, a international payment gateway is classified into three different classes, and these are below noted:

How does a Casino Payment Gateway work?

How PayCly is the Best Payment Gateway for an Online Casino?

PayCly is the best casino payment processing firm that facilitates high-risk merchant accounts for online casinos. We provide you with multiple pricing models and the lowest MDR in Tunisia, so you may choose what suits best for your online casino. We enable you to accept payments made using more than 100 different payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, ACH transfers, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers. In order to provide the highest level of security, PayCly also makes use of avant-garde technologies like fraud scoring, 2D/3D authentication, artificial intelligence, and others. We comply with PCI-DSS regulations (level 1 highest level certification). Some of our most admirable qualities include the following:

Benefits of PayCly's Casino Payment Gateway

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I also need a Casino Merchant Account along with a Payment Gateway?

Yes, as we mentioned earlier, a payment gateway serves as a link between your merchant account and the payment page. Whereas, a casino merchant account processing enables you to accept, hold, and withdraw funds that you receive from your players (customers/gamblers. A merchant account acts as a business bank account. With a merchant account, you can accept payments from clients worldwide if you run an online casino. It allows you to accept amounts in multinational currencies via alternative payment methods.

If I start my Online Casino Company in Tunisia, can I also offer Foreigners to Bet and if yes, then how will I take payment from them?

Suppose you are a merchant from Tunisia and have started your online casino business. Now, you want to expand your business in other countries, so you do not need to worry, as PayCly has every payment solution you need. We have ready-to-use plug-ins so that you can instantly offer your services to any nation. Our casino merchant account is a blend of high-risk merchant accounts and an international payment gateway, so you can accept hassle-free payments from around the globe.