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Credit Card Processing with PayCly Payment Gateway Solution

Paycly in Singapore offers the most efficient credit card processing to High-Risk Merchants. They will be able to process credit card payments in huge volume and that to without any risk.

Credit cards are one of the most adaptable methods of payment received globally. Due to its credit line feature, customers use it without hesitation. This gives surplus business opportunities to merchants. They can furnish their trading or e-commerce platform with credit card processing in order to make benefits.

Benefits of Credit Card processing over other payment methods

In terms of usage, credit cards are the most widely used method of payment worldwide. Credit cards can be used to pay for everything from milk bottles to utility bills. They are accepted by practically any merchant who accepts credit cards.

They come with credit balance features that encourage customers to use them even in the case of no money in the personal account. Similarly, there are other features that make it stand on the frontline as compared to other payment methods

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Commonly Available: Not much, there are few companies that had made it to the world level like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc.; people of almost every big country are equipped with their credit cards.

Widely Acceptable: This is widely accepted and partnered with banks and merchants throughout the world. Just a swipe and the payment are made. Due to its ease of use and smooth processing, it is widely used. This has motivated merchants to have a credit card processing facility in order to attract more clients.

Comes with credit value: If the bearer has a credit card, he does not need to worry about having cash on hand because there is always a billing cycle for him to settle all pending debts. This credit line facility encourages people to use it in the event that they need to pay for something, such as items or services.

Safer & Quicker to Process: Peoples find credit cards safe as compared to other methods because there are no issues of fund availability and hence a lesser chance of transaction failure. If how so ever amount is debited the refund in the account is quicker.

Even the processing of payments with credit cards is very quicker than any other method. There is no issue of entering details just a swap of the magnetic strips can accelerate the payment.

Easy for merchants to make refunds: The technology of credit cards is so designed that even merchants find it convenient to process refunds in case of faulty transactions.

Need for Good Credit card processor

The entire authority of processing entirely depends upon the processors of credit cards. The payment service provider plays a key role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly and quickly. As previously said, credit card processing has a significant impact on online company sales.

Customers may lose faith in your service if it is not adequately managed, accusing you of fraud. For clients, payment is always a delicate issue. Your reputation can be ruined by one erroneous transaction.

Payment service providers along with credit card processing should come with

  • Multiprocessing of Transaction: This is one of the most important variables in determining the efficiency of your payment processors. It should be able to handle an unlimited number of transactions at the same time.
  • Multi-currency processing: While doing business online does not limit you to your home nation, sales outside of it will necessitate currency translation. Your card processor should be able to accept money in any currency and convert it to yours in this situation.
  • Easy to Integrate: It should be so simple to integrate that your ecommerce platform is ready to accept payments with just a few lines of code.
  • Security against Chargebacks: Frauds can ruin your business experience. To avoid chargebacks, your online Payment Gateway should contain threat detection filters.
  • Ability to Refund: In the event of a problem, the consumer should be refunded as soon as possible. It makes a favorable impact on the buyer's mind.
  • Real-time payment monitoring: The system should be able to reflect real-time payments so that merchant services can be escalated.
  • Quick & Safe credit card processing: No one wants to wait for a basic transaction to be completed. Card processing should be such that it can alter the user's payment experience.

Credit card processing is a part of online payment gateway. This can only work well if the High-risk Gateway is properly and technologically equipped and integrated to merchant website or application.

Credit Card Processing with High Risk Merchant Account

No payments are possible without a High-Risk merchant account. This is for industries with High-Risk. A merchant account allows enterprises to receive and settle business payments. Without this, it is not possible to process any transaction.

In order to accept credit cards from customers, your firm should have a High-Risk Merchant Account. This aids in the processing of customer information sent through the payment gateway.


Credit Card Processing is one of the most widely used payment methods among merchants who do high-risk business in Singapore. Credit card processing must be efficient in order to entice more consumers to pay for your service.

Paycly is the most promising credit card processing name. Our team of professionals is capable of accepting and administering credit card transactions in large volumes while remaining technically sound.


Which payment gateway is considered as best?

Although both non 3Ds payment gateway and 3Ds payment gateway are efficient. But from customers point of view, 2D payment gateway Singapore is quite common because of its fast and easy checkout nature.

How can the credit card processing be made to run smoothly?

Credit card processing can be smooth with the help of a safe and secured payment gateway which shuts the door of chargebacks and frauds.

How online payment gateway helps in payment processing?

An online payment gateway ensures that payments are routed to the correct location, which is the merchant account. It is a path that connects customer's payment to the merchant account.

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