PayCly Features

Everything You Need to Empower Your Business

Instant Approval

We instantly approve your application with the minimum required documents and provide all payment solutions for your business as we understand the value of time. With our ready-to-use plugins, you can onboard within a few hours.

Alternative Payment

Give your customers options to pay in 100+ payment methods, including credit card, internet banking, digital wallets, cryptocurrency, and regionally used payment methods- iDeal, advcash, giropay, etc. APMs can boost customer retention by 33%.


In the global online market, a merchant sells its goods and services to the entire world. A significant portion of customers wants to pay in their local currency. With us provide access to 100+ international currencies to your shoppers.

Multi-Lingual Support

With our multi-lingual support, the checkout page (payment page) of your web/app will be visible in the native language of the customer. Allowing the transaction in the local language increases customer trust and loyalty to your company.

Fraud Management

We have employed AI, ML and a dedicated fraud monitoring team to detect and eradicate each & every fraudulent transaction. We have the highest level of PCI-DSS certification, and we use several futuristic technologies to safeguard you from fraud.

Direct Payment Link

A direct payment link allows you to easily accept online payments without any other digital infrastructure. Payment links are a great alternative when speed or flexibility is crucial, as they can be sent via email, messages, chats, etc.

Powerful Dashboard

We have a powerful dashboard where you can see real-time reporting and download detailed statistics reports on payments, settlements, refunds, etc., to make better business decisions. Also, we have an e-invoicing facility.

Dedicated MID

We offer dedicated MIDs to all our merchants to get uniquely identified for the convenient and secure handling of sensitive information. It helps improve your professional appearance and provides you control over your account.

Worldwide Coverage

We are serving 150+ countries worldwide by providing the best payment solutions. Cross-border sales are the future of E-commerce. Spread your wings and go global with no additional integration costs.