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Look For the Forex Merchant Account to Enhance Your Deals

In this fast-paced, changing technology era, a business needs to stay up to date with all the development, especially when talking about the industry with the maximum liquid cash. Yes! We are talking about the Forex industry.

If we define the Forex market in simple terms, it is a place where people come to buy and sell foreign currencies. The global Forex market has been measured USD 1.9 quadrillion; 2.5 times bigger than the global GDP.

As a merchant, if you are searching to get your part of the benefit in the industry, A Forex Merchant Account and a payment gateway service will be required. An Online Payment Gateway is highly needed for a merchant involved in the Forex industry. It makes the transaction process easy and smooth between the merchants and clients.

But the question here is, where to get a payment processing service? And, what challenges might a business have to face? Today, we will read about it in brief.

What Challenges a Merchant Has to Face in The Processing of Getting a Merchant Account?

The application process gets completely changed when a bank tags your business as high-risk. Steps about those you are aware of will get completely changed.

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Before proceeding further, I believe you should know the real meaning of being tagged as a high-risk. If a business is tagged as speculative, it doesn’t mean you will not get payment processing service for your business, or it is not a safe business. It simply means you need a payment processor that is more secure and more versatile than a standard merchant account.

Various facts are there that makes your business fall under the high-risk category, like:

  • Higher chargeback ratio
  • Risk of friendly fraud in business
  • High transaction volume
  • Legal aspects involved in business
  • Nature of business
  • Where To Get the Solution?

    First, if you are a high-risk merchant, you should believe in the fact that a high-risk business needs High-Risk Credit Card Processing to process payment flawlessly.

    So, if banks reject your application, stop wasting your time looking for a standard payment processing, go for high-risk merchant account service providers.

    With a bit of online research, you can find a number of service providers available online.

    What Do a Merchant Account and Payment Gateway Do?

    A merchant account acts like a bank account for businesses that enables merchants to process credit card and debit card payments hassle-free. Plus, it gives a vault to merchants to store their funds received against the sales from the customers.

    Whereas a payment gateway is a software that helps in payment processing. It transmits the payment information received from a customer securely to the card processing network. Also, it notifies the merchant and customer about the success and failure of the payment.

    These are two primary requirements of every business thinking to get into the eCommerce industry.

    Choose PayCly for the Best-In-Class Service

    Either you want merchant account service for the Forex industry or Forex Credit Card Processing. PayCly has every solution.

    PayCly is one of the leading prominent payment processing service providers in the industry. We have the solution for all sorts of industries.

    We make getting merchant account solutions for merchants hassle-free with our years of experience and expert team. Merchants get a dedicated account manager to go through with the process.

    Our experts understand all your requirements and analyze your business, then come with the best-suited solution for your business.

    Our Forex Merchant Account comes with various features like multichannel payment processing, credit card processing, multiple payment methods, and many others.

    We set all our efforts into making your payment processing more efficient and your business more profitable.

    Perks of Our Services

  • Comprehensive Solution for Forex business
  • Accept all the major currencies across the globe
  • Settle your profit directly into your bank account
  • Secure data transmission with PCI Level 1 compliance
  • Reduce declined payments with Fraud Scrub technology
  • Track every transaction with a robust reporting mechanism
  • Higher application approval rate
  • Faster integrate with our solution
  • Global Payment Solution for Forex Industry

    PayCly has the perfect solution for merchants to globalize their business. Our proven, established relationship with global banks eliminates your headache of having an account in international bank.

    We offer an offshore merchant account solution to merchants that makes handling global transactions convenient for the merchants. You will be able to process payment in any currency via any method with our International Forex Payment Gateway. Plus, no capping on transaction volume will allow you to process as many transactions as you want.

    Moreover, to make your global payment processing more efficient, we offer multicurrency payment processing. Merchants can accept and process payment in any currency with our international payment gateway. We accept all major currencies across the globe.

    Our mechanism has built putting our clients in the center.


    The Forex industry is enormous and holds impeccable opportunities. Many merchants are joining the Forex industry regularly and earning immense profit.

    Due to not having a proper payment processing solution, many merchants cannot generate expected revenue from the business.

    PayCly here takes place as a complete and the best-suited payment processing service provider. It provides a High-Risk Payment Gateway to the merchants to streamline their payment processing service. Our feature-rich solution helps in every aspect that a business might need. Credit card processing, multiple payment solutions, and coinage solutions are some of our immediate solutions that make your payment processing way more convenient and hassle-free.

    We put all our efforts into shaping your business more profitable.

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    If you are fed up looking merchant account solution for your Forex business, connect with PayCly right away and get the best suited Forex Merchant Account for your business.

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