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Gaming Payment Gateway is Profitable for Online Gaming Business

PayCly is known for its excellent payment gateway services and provides online gaming payment gateway solutions for gaming businesses. We are a financial advisor delivering high-risk payment gateway solutions to businesses labeled as high-risk such as online gaming, tobacco, adult services, etc. Especially considered to be video games played online all over the world. It is a sort of gambling done by an online nightclub. Because online gaming is evolving at a more significant rate and tempting multiple people at the same time. Online gamers can also look for possibilities at a similar level whilst playing the game online.

High-risk payment gateways are amazing solutions for the businesses considered to be high-risk and offer 2d (2D is called Non-3Ds, it had detailed measures to keep a detailed check on the transaction process between merchant and bank instantly without a security check.) and 3d solutions to process your payment without any complication. With good technology support alignment, you can protect your payment gateways from scammers or fraudsters. However, there are no chargebacks you can come through if you are applying tech support conveniences to process the pay-out. But you can make a robust illustration of your business by delivering dedicated solutions via payment gateway processes.

PayCly presents high-risk payment solutions to ensure your transaction with a payment gateway.

A Credit Card Delivers a Fantastic Boost in Your Pay-Out

A credit card with a payment gateway presents an influential way of expanding the transaction.

Several credit cards present upscale transactions to the merchants striving for a payment gateway. Credit cards make an awesome way of enriching your transaction. With credit cards, you can manage your pay-outs from clients in an effortless manner. Moreover, there is immense transaction as clients encounter it quite easy to deliver instant payment to merchants. Credit cards work to create your payment safe and protected. Credit cards like Visa, Discover, MasterCard, etc. present solutions to produce your business succeed in a qualified manner. They make your business transactions perfect without hassle.

Diverse Currencies Drive Your Online Transactions to Fast Processing

Diverse currencies enrich your transaction with an online payment gateway for an online gaming site. International currencies deliver various international clients to run your business efficiently. Currencies such as Pound, Dollar, etc. offer possibilities for you to expand your business. So, you can extend your border with numerous currency choices. And you can grow international clients without any trap on the way with numerous currencies which makes them effortlessly join your web page.

International currencies present more wonderful transactions to an online business with an online gaming payment gateway with less effort on your side.

Kinds of Online Gaming Businesses

Our company delivers an Online Gaming payment gateway to the merchants like

  • Online Poker
  • Lotteries
  • Mobile Betting
  • Multiplayer online gaming
  • In-play betting
  • Social Betting
  • Casinos
  • Online bingo
  • Horse race betting

Moreover, this online gaming business makes a solution for your business with an excellent gateway for an online transaction.

Advantages of an Online Gaming payment gateway

Let us discuss some advantages of an online gaming payment gateway.

  • Smart and effective UI - We will deliver a fully personalized and suitably created online gaming payment gateway and the smart and effective UI can support gamers' play on a hurdle-free platform.
  • Online Payments - On the online gaming platform, gamers require a faster payment service to pay for purchasing more categories of tools and also want to finish the betting on time. So keeping an online payment gateway for gaming, you will acquire the best payment services.
  • 24*7 Reporting System - It will deliver you the facility of preserving a systematic record of each transaction.
  • Dealing in multi-currency - Our payment gateway will offer you dealing in multi-currency and by which you can receive and transmit funds in your desired currency.
  • APM (Alternate Payment Method) - Our payment gateway will furnish customers with some more alternate payment modes by which they can make payments fast to get back to their games without any delay. However, those options include - Debit Card, Paytm, UPI, NFT, etc.

Outstanding Professionals to Provide an Online Gaming Payment Gateway

PayCly have a lot of experts who are swiftly offering you features relevant to Online Gaming payment gateway once you hover over them by using an online application form. But you can call them for comfort. Because our professionals will manage your problem and deliver an adequate way out when you contact them. We require the whole relevant document essential for a payment gateway and hence our professionals will evaluate your complete documents. When they are evaluated, your documents are transmitted to the acquiring bank which examines your document. When your documents are evaluated, you are equipped with a payment gateway without any hesitation.

Looking for an excellent business account, acquire an Online Gaming payment gateway from us.


What are the two essential aspects to look for in a credit card processor for online gaming?

They should provide you and your customers with fraud protection. One of the most serious issues for high-risk businesses is fraudulent activity, which is why banks avoid working with online gaming companies. Another issue is the prevalence of chargebacks. This occurs when a customer disputes a payment and requests their money back.

Why online gaming business is considered High-Risk?

The nature of the products and services influences whether the business is low-risk or high-risk. Skincare, home-based business opportunity merchants, nutritional supplements, and weight loss formulas are all examples of high-risk merchants. It isn't always because of the nature of the goods. The payment processing method also contributes to the high-risk classification.

Payment processors typically categorise transactions as low, medium, or high risk. A low-risk transaction occurs when a customer presents a credit card to be physically swiped on the market premises in order to complete a purchase.

Even when the card is present, not all business categories fall into the low-risk category. Because of the nature of the business operations industry, many products and services are only available over the phone or online. These are known as card-not-present payments, and they carry a significantly higher risk.

How to Keep a Gaming Merchant Account Active?

There are a few steps you can take to keep your gaming merchant account's chargeback ratio under 1%. Among them are the following:

  • Make certain that your description is clear and understandable to your clients. The majority of customers will refuse to pay a price if the name is unfamiliar to them.
  • Keeping track of all transactions and properly preserving them. This should include the payment's date and time, as well as the IP address of the computer used to make it.
  • Ensuring that an automatic receipt is delivered after a transaction is completed
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys
  • Providing full reimbursements when necessary (too many refunds can also get you in trouble)
  • Communicating with customers through the use of knowledgeable and experienced customer service or processing personnel

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