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High-Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval? Do They Really Exist?

Finding a high-risk merchant account instant approval for any high-risk merchant is very uncommon. In reality, there is nothing that exists like “instant approvals”. These are typically false. You can say that one service provider is faster than the other.

Even while businesses don't like to wait to start accepting payments, approving a high-risk merchant account involves a lot of steps. Low-risk payment processors like Square, Stripe, and Paypal can receive merchants more quickly, but these service providers forbid high-risk enterprises.

Here, we will discuss everything you need to learn about high-risk merchant account instant approval and some tips to speed up the process while applying. So, let’s start.

Can High-risk Merchant Account Instant Approval be Possible?

In general, instant approval does not exist especially for the high-risk merchant account. At, PayCly we take great pleasure in getting high-risk merchant account instant approval. High-risk merchants cannot get instant approval in light of this.

Due to additional merchant account underwriting required for high-risk merchants, it will always take more time for them to receive their final approval than for low-risk merchants. With PayCly, we need a minimum of three to seven working days to approve your high-risk merchant account but with all the proper documents.

Instant Approval Is Not Everything.

Predatory companies rely on and exploit their eager customers. They will attempt to lock you into an awful contract because they are aware that customers will need to start processing right away. Alternatively, take your time, complete a few distinct apps, and then pick a choice based on costs, customer expectations, and capabilities.

If you're a high-risk merchant, it will be challenging to get the bank or processor to authorize your transaction. Instead of being lured into what appears to be a promising "immediate approval", get in touch with the business for an update if you find yourself waiting on approval for a few days.

The quick approval of merchants and maintenance of that approval are our areas of expertise at PayCly. Fill out the application form if you want to start processing and are in it for the long run. PayCly will help you expand your company and make it more profitable.

How To Apply For The High-risk Merchant Account And Get Instant Approval?

Before applying for a high-risk merchant account, the merchant must be ready with all the proper documents and active online websites. You will need the following documents when applying for the high-risk merchant account instant approval.

  • Company EIN documents
  • Three to six months of financial statements
  • Proof of operating address
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Photocopy of identity proof such as driving license or passport.
  • A complete business plan – typically optional, but can help show the picture of your business to your payment processor.

NOTE – These documents vary from one service provider to another.

Attach a screenshot of the front page of your website, it will help you to speed up the process. You can also show your active websites. The online websites must have the following pages -

  • Private Policy Page
  • Terms & Conditions Page
  • Display the company's legal name and logo
  • Must have contact details such as phone no or email id
  • Footer with the company name
  • Return and refund policy page
  • The website is secured with an SSL certificate and uses HTTPS

The following suggestions will help you expedite the application process for your high-risk merchant account instant approval:

  • Be transparent with your service providers
  • Have an information websites
  • Be prepared with all the paperwork essential to obtain a high-risk merchant account
  • Respond to emails in an orderly fashion
  • Ask any questions up-front

How Long Does It Take For The High-risk Merchant Account Instant Approval?

Generally, high-risk merchant accounts instant approval take between three to seven working days to get the final approval. Final bank approval requires a long time because there is a greater amount of credit history, business risk, and chargeback history examination.

The good news is that PayCly pre-approval procedure may usually be completed in less than 24 hours, which expedites the receipt of your final approval.

We send your account to the bank for final approval after we pre-approve it. To provide the quickest final approval possible, we can typically speed up this process because we maintain healthy and professional relations with most acquiring banks worldwide. So, your chance of getting high-risk merchant account instant approval can get increase.

Please ensure to respond to any of our requests for information as soon as you can to help us get this process along.

Why Should You Apply With The PayCly?

At PayCly, we take pleasure in our openness. We work hard to expedite your approval through a simple application process that we have in place.

High Competitive Rates: We are aware that offering you the lowest processing costs feasible enables your company to expand while maintaining a high level of profitability.

Fast Approval Times: Our prompt approvals maximize the amount of time that travel vendors have to close deals. We can provide approvals usually within three to seven working days.

High-volume processing: We have a dedicated high-risk payment gateway and international payment gateway for high-risk businesses processing large volumes and global enterprises.

Multiple currency acceptance: We realize how crucial it is to accept many currencies.

Multiple Payment Mode: We accept most credit cards worldwide and allow customers to make the payment they want. We have various payment modes like net banking, mobile payments, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, etc.

Security: We have PCI DSS level-1 compliance. We also offer anti-fraud tools and anti-chargeback tools.

Customer Support: Our 24/7 customer support team is the best in the world.

Final Thoughts -

It is never easy for business owners to get a high-risk merchant account instant approval. A high-risk merchant account's instant approval is unique among all other types of approval. High-risk merchant accounts require three to five days for approval with all paperwork and favourable credit ratings.

It is preferable to go for a service provider like PayCly which specializes in high-risk industries when looking for a high-risk merchant account instant approval. PayCly is most well-known service providers for high-risk enterprises. It has a strong track record working with high-risk industries like adult, gaming, forex, IPTV, and so forth.

Once you recognized that your business is high-risk, you can hassle-free contact the PayCly expert team for high-risk merchant account instant approval. With us, you can get the best possible services for your high-risk businesses at a minimal rate in the market.

So, why are you waiting? Contact our expert team through mail or live chat to obtain high-risk merchant account instant approval?

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