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Best High-Risk Payment Processors Solutions in Singapore

Singapore is the second most suitable place on earth to start a business, only behind New Zealand in the respective list (according to the World Bank rankings). Due to this, Singapore is a world trade hub, and many international and national tech giants and start-ups operate in the Singaporean market. Credit cards (36%), debit cards (21%), and e-wallets (18%) are the most used payment methods at the point of sale (POS) in Singapore in 2022. (Source Statista) These numbers made it clear why Singapore is known as a country that prefers to pay with cashless payment options. This is why payment processors in Singapore are always in demand and face tough competition. Especially those that provide high-risk payment processors solutions.

The reason for this is that financial institutions and banks classify some business industries as high-risk and deny providing services to them. It eventually makes it tough for a payment processor to process a payment for such businesses. This is why finding a suitable high-risk merchant gateway is difficult for a business or merchant.

What is an ideal high-risk payment gateway according to Singapore?

The ideal payment gateway is a gateway that can fulfill all the business requirements of a particular merchant or marketplace.

  • In Singapore, the very first requirement that a high-risk gateway must fulfill is to accept both debit and credit cards and provide a great credit card processing service. Because almost all Singaporean consumers prefer to pay with this payment option (36% credit cards and 21% debit cards).
  • According to a report from ZD NET, last year, there were 25.2% more scam and cybercrime instances recorded than the year before. Young people between the ages of 20 and 39 make up more than half of these victims. This age group is the same age group that prefers to pay with online payment options like bank transfers and digital wallets. Because of this, there is always pressure on businesses to prevent data loss, and they prefer to partner with those high-risk payment processors that are PCI DSS compliant and have SSL certification to ensure data security.
  • The majority of that 18% of Singaporean customers prefer to pay with digital wallets and use local payment apps like GrabPay and DBS Paylah to make payments. Due to this high-risk payment processors solutions in Singapore must accept payments through local payment apps.

These are some traits that a high-risk gateway must have to operate in the Singaporean market.

Top high-risk payment processors solutions in Singapore

Singapore is an international trade hub, and because of this, many of the top high-risk payment processors solutions in Singapore are foreign. But a few of the local payment gateways in the country also have a global image and provide overseas services. Here are some of the best indigenous payment processors in Singapore.


The Network for Electronic Transfers, also referred to as NETS, is a Singaporean electronic payment service company that was founded in 1985. A comprehensive range of payment and financial processing services, including card services, direct debit and credit payments at the point of sale, and internet payments, are offered by eNETS.

Available countries- N/A

Supported currencies- SGD, USD, JPY, CNY, AUD, NZD, and GBP

Accepted cards- Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB


In order to make shopping more rewarding, enjoyable, and approachable, a company was founded in Singapore in 2014 called Hoolah. It is Asia's top omni-channel buy now pay later platform. With over 38 million users in ten countries, it is the top shopping, rewards, and payment platform in Asia-Pacific.

Available countries- 10 along with the southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

Supported currencies- N/A

Accepted cards- Visa, MasterCard

DBS Paylah

DBS Bank Ltd offers a mobile wallet service known as DBS Paylah. It is the most commonly used mobile wallet for Singapore residents. DBS PayLah is a great option for reaching local customers because it is one of Singapore's most popular local payment apps. Quick and easy payments are made possible because the gateway debits the money straight from a customer's DBS account. DBS Paylah is available in 19 markets across the globe, but its focus area is the Asian continent.

Available countries- 19

Supported currencies- N/A

Accepted cards- N/A


Grab, a transportation service-providing company introduced GrabPay as a payment app. In Asia, more than 100 million individuals use this application. Therefore, it is not surprising that GrabPay is the top digital wallet in Singapore. Singaporean consumers favor GrabPay because it allows them to use credit cards that are connected to their Grab accounts to make purchases. By using GrabPay, customers can take advantage of numerous services and make purchases from a wide range of merchants.

Available countries- All ASEAN countries

Supported currencies- N/A

Accepted cards- N/A


Paycly is the best payment gateway in Singapore, whether it is a local or an international high-risk payment processor solutions provider. It is a specialized platform for high-risk merchants. Providing services in more than 150 countries, it is an ideal gateway in Singapore for both local and international merchant accounts.

Available countries- 150 plus

Supported currencies- 100 plus

Accepted cards- All major international card networks

What are the pros of choosing PayCly as a high-risk payment processors solutions provider?

  • Paycly is available in 150-plus countries, which gives a high-risk merchant the unexpected possibility to expand his business in more than 150 markets across the globe.
  • Along with the various payment options like credit cards, digital wallets, buy now pay later, and many more. Paycly provides another option for accepting online payments, and that is direct payment links. These links can be a great alternative to other payment methods.
  • Paycly is a PCI Level 1 compliant platform, which makes it a safe payment platform. With its data security arrangements, it has a fraud management team to detect and eradicate any suspicious activity before it becomes a problem.
  • Merchants that choose Paycly as a payment processor can get the benefit of multilingual support.
  • Paycly provides options to merchants to accept more than 100 payment methods, like credit cards, internet banking, and digital wallets.
  • The best feature that PayCly provides to a high-risk merchant is instant approval of high-risk merchant accounts. Because it usually takes a few days for the approval of a high-risk merchant account.

A high-risk merchant can easily avail of this service by following the below-given procedure.

How to get a Paycly merchant account?

To register for a high-risk business account on Paycly, adhere to these steps.

  • Visit the Paycly website.
  • Next, select "Apply Now" by clicking in the top-right area of the screen.
  • The device will then display the registration form.
  • Fill out that form entirely with all the required information.
  • Then, on the subsequent screen, you must click "Submit."

By taking these steps, you can quickly open a high-risk company account with Paycly.


There are uncountable options available in Singapore for a high-risk payment processor. But not every platform can provide services like 100+ payment options and currency support, direct payment links, and a PCI DSS-compliant platform. As paycly do. This is why Paycly is the best among the available high-risk payment processors solutions in Singapore.

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