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International Merchant Account Singapore

Businesspersons of Singapore who want to go global or foreign merchants who wish to access the market of Singapore both need to have a Singapore International Merchant Account to accept the payment or remuneration for goods and services they provide. A Singapore international merchant account is a type of bank account that works globally. Conventional banks and financial institutions do not offer international merchant accounts to small businesses as they consider global firms a high-risk business.

To conduct business worldwide from Singapore, Payment Service Providers offers you a Singapore international merchant account along with a Singapore payment gateway for your high-risk business. In Brief, an international payment gateway is a mechanism that obtains payment information from a client and transmits it securely to the company's bank. A Singapore international payment gateway enables foreign customers to make payments in their currency for any purchase.

Why You Need an International Merchant Account

In 2021, Global Trade was valued at $28.5 trillion. However, it crossed earlier set parameters in the first quarter of 2022 and reached $7.7 trillion. Global trade is breaking new records after the COVID-19 pandemic. International ecommerce is growing at the fastest rate and reached $4.9 trillion in 2021, which is 17% of total world trade. World Market welcomes everyone who has goals and the potential to achieve them. An international merchant account is essential to enter into the world market.

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In addition, if you are a business person looking to penetrate the Singaporean market, let us provide a general summary of this sizable sector. Singapore's economy has earned a reputation for being the most open, 4th least corrupt and business-friendly worldwide. The World Bank's index on the ease of doing business placed Singapore 2nd globally. According to Economic Intelligence Unit, Singapore is Asia's most digitally prepared country. 98% of Singaporeans have an internet connection, 93% of residents have smartphones, and 58% shop online. To enter this vast market, you to to obtain Singapore High-Risk Merchant Account.

Top Industries of International Merchant Account

International online trade generally deals in rare, unique, banned and luxurious goods and services. Additionally, on products with legal ambiguity of their uses in the territory. Several industries are mainly involved in online international trade those need a merchant accounts. A few of them are named here:

Forex Merchant Account Adult Merchant Account
E-Commerce Merchant Account Offshore Merchant Account
E-Cigarettes Merchant Account Dating Merchant Account
SMM Panel Merchant Account Escort Merchant Account
Online Gambling Merchant Account Online Gaming Merchant Account
Online Casino Merchant Account Online Betting Merchant Account

Essential Features of Singapore International Merchant Account

  • It allows you to operate globally.
  • It allows you to accept funds in any international currency.
  • It provides alternative payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers, etc., to your customers.
  • It secures all your transaction and payment details and safeguards you from any fraud by employing AI, ML, 3D authentication, PCI-DSS level-1 compliance, AVS, and CVV Checker.
  • It also saves you from friendly chargeback fraud by implementing futuristic tools.

Why You Should Choose PayCly

PayCly is Singapore's top payment service provider and has proved itself an emerging PSP worldwide. PayCly is the best Singapore High-Risk Payment Gateway, provider. These are a few points we are mentioning here that are best for us:

Accept Every Credit Card Payment Accept Multi-Currency
Accept Alternative Payments Accept Crypto Currency
Sophisticated Anti-Fraud System including PCI-DSS Level-1, AVS, CVV Checker, and 3D Authentication Futuristic Tier- Three Chargeback Prevention Tools
Routine Settlement (No Holding Amount / No Account Frozen) Timely Pay-out
Tractable Customization Easy Integration
Provide White Label Payment Gateway Available For Every Industry
Recurring Billing System E-Invoicing, Real-Time Transaction Tracking
No Hidden Charges Highly Competitive Rates
Easy Approval 24*7 Customer Support
Industry Specific Merchant Accounts Best High-Risk Payment Gateway

Additionally, we provide a market analysis of the world and region—studies on customer behavior towards Ecommerce and their choice of payment methods, currencies, etc. Our R&D team is a team of wizards that provide you with the best solutions for all your payment-related problems.

How to Apply for International Merchant Account

Complete the application by providing information about your company and your required services. Our expert team will recommend the best solution.

Start by completing the online application form on our website. Just provide us a summary of your data, like:

  • Owner Name
  • Company name
  • Area of business
  • Contact information for the company
  • Company's website
  • Brief information about your company.
  • Bank statements over the past three months for businesses
  • Personal bank statement for the last three months
  • Articles of incorporation and memorandum


Businesspersons who are looking to acquire international merchant accounts have come to the right place. We are PayCly Singapore's best international payment gateway provider with a global footprint. As you know, banks and other financial institutions consider cross-border corporations as high-risk enterprises. That's the reason they do not offer high-risk international merchant accounts to these merchants. PayCly, one of Southeast Asia's top payment service providers, provides you with an international merchant account as we are the best in the Singapore high-risk merchant account category. You can connect with us any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Possible for My New Business to Obtain a High-Risk Merchant Account?

Any online business can benefit from PayCly's high-risk merchant account. We extend a warm welcome to entrepreneurs, offer our assistance, and eventually help them by offering the best payment services. We provide customers with high-risk merchant accounts, high-risk payment gateways, and industry-specific merchant accounts to help them expand in the extensive online market. We also have a minimal documentation requirement and provide rapid approval for Singapore's high-risk merchant accounts.

Who in Singapore Offers the Best High-Risk Merchant Accounts?

In Singapore, PayCly is the top Singapore high-risk merchant account provider. PayCly also provides 24-hour support, a range of payment options, quick integration, a highly secure payment service, and affordable pricing.