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International Payment Gateway for Singapore: A Perfect Solution to Explore the Global Market

Rapid changes and increasing demand for online shopping in the market have led to cross-border transactions. With that arose the requirement to accept payments internationally for a swift and effortless customer experience.

A recent critique has shown that nearly one-fourth of online shoppers globally buy products or services outside their home country.

It is pretty simple for international e-commerce giants to control the global market; small-scale businesses often struggle.

If you occur to be one of the small-scale businesses looking to wiggle into the global trade space, be it either due to local market saturation or to test new markets, set foot on the right track by accepting international payments.

Merchants in Singapore can take their local business on the worldwide e-commerce platform with International Payment Gateway for Singapore.

What is an International Payment Gateway?

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An international payment gateway acts like a convectional payment gateway that authorizes your card transactions. Unlike a global payment gateway, you can process currencies of various nations that enable you to accept payments worldwide.

Before choosing an ideal international payment gateway:

  • First, understand the difference between a payment gateway and a comprehensive payment gateway service provider. A payment gateway only validates your card transactions made either online or at a physical store.
  • However, payment service providers offer a complete solution merchant account service along with payment gateways. They help you in authorizing the transactions as well as managing merchant account service and your financial marketing.

    A service provider that offers a comprehensive payment processing solution will be the best choice for your business because they are easy to set up and help you manage merchant accounts.

  • Does your existing payment gateway offer a global payment solution?
  • If your business already can process card payments, ensure to inquire with your current service provider whether they accept multi-currency payments. If no, then switch to an international payment gateway provider like PayCly. A payment gateway that supports multiple languages makes your interface more convenient and comfortable for your customers.

  • Is your payment gateway supports by local credit cards?
  • Cross-check with your payment gateway service provider that beyond the popular credit card brands like Amex, Visa, MasterCard, etc., they accept local credit cards or not?

  • Costs
  • Get well aware of the service provider's rate structure. Some service providers charge extra for accepting international payments or even payments from any specific nation. For instance, PayCly, an international payment gateway provider, handles fluctuating currency exchange rates and charges nominal currency conversion fees and no foreign transaction fee.

  • Authorization & Settlement
  • Some service providers may ask you to open a merchant account in a specific country. Maintaining multiple bank accounts in various countries can be hectic and sometimes a never-ending task. You should look for a domestic, international payment gateway provider like PayCly, to rectify and settle cross-border card transactions in your customer's local currency. We support you in simplifying your operation and lead to higher card approvals. Additionally, you can avoid foreign transaction fees.

Before choosing an ideal international payment gateway:

In this rising competitive market, the only way to earn profit constantly is by gaining customer's confidence and providing convenience on their terms. Do not give a single reason to your customers to abandon their shopping cart once they reach the check-out point.

PayCly gets you all the payment processing services that ease your business operation and makes payment processing convenient for customers. With our years of experience and numerous features, you can make managing your financial transactions flawless.

We offer merchants an International merchant account along with the integration of the International Payment Gateway for Singapore.

Adding a local currency payment option with your shoppers' preferred payment option will give a pleasant shopping experience. The easy payoff option brings customers trust and loyalty.

Plus, giving customers a highly secured platform that complies with PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance and has various security tools inbuilt makes your business more trustworthy.

There are various other services you get with our international payment gateway that eases your payment processing.

  • Easy and cost-effective integration
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multi-channel payment processing
  • High-risk merchant account solution
  • Coinage solution
  • Credit card processing
  • Chargeback mitigation and fraud prevention tools
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance with SSL encryption
  • 24*7 Customer support for technical assistance
  • Conclusion

    Online business has always been risky for banks. They get hesitant to provide payment processing services to online businesses and consider it a high-risk business. At this point, PayCly support such merchant with complete payment processing service.

    Leave all the technical burdens to us and trust our expert team to show you the ropes and manage your payments with our Feature-rich, highly secured International Payment Gateway for Singapore solution.

    To know more about PayCly or our services, connect with us by filling an online form on our website. We will be glad to educate you about our services.

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