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Adult Toys Merchant Account to retain your Industry Reputation as well as Customers

The adult entertainment industry is valued in billions of dollars. However, despite the continued high demand, it faces its own set of obstacles that can make it difficult to run successfully. Consider the case of payment processing. The payment procedure is now one of the most critical aspects of the client experience; it must be as simple and convenient as feasible. This seemingly easy chore might be really difficult for an adult trader.

Securing Credit Card Processing for Adults

The adult entertainment sector is deemed high-risk, making credit card processing services difficult to come by. Banks just do not want to be associated with the danger. But why have these businesses been placed in this category?

Adult service providers are classified as high-risk because they frequently offer subscription-based services. Apart from that, they also process huge volumes of transactions, have little to no credit card processing expertise (particularly startups), and are subject to stringent laws and legal constraints. Banks are also wary of companies that deal with content that is contentious (reputational risk).

If your company is lucky enough to obtain services from these businesses. They may subsequently become aware of the services or items being offered and close your merchant account. Your earnings come to a halt right away. Of course, this damages your reputation immediately and might lead to chargebacks, which are every merchant's worst nightmare.

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Merchant accounts are a critical component of generating revenue in the adult industry. Traditional institutions, on the other hand, classify adult businesses as high-risk due to greater chargeback and fraud rates.

They are unable to obtain a standard or traditional merchant account because these institutions do not want to take on this risk or taint their reputation as high-risk merchants. Adult businesses, on the other hand, still require a means to handle credit card transactions, which is where a high-risk merchant account comes in.

The Solution is to Work with a High-Risk Specialist

You'll need to choose an high-risk merchant account to accept and process transactions properly. A high-risk specialist will have years of experience working with "risky" merchants and will have solutions suited to your individual need. They'll also be familiar with the issues that your sector is dealing with.

As an adult merchant, look for a high-risk supplier like PayCly that offers an adult merchant account as well as industry-leading fraud detection and security. Our team of professionals is prepared to tackle the additional risks that your sector entails, and we can provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

Adult Industry High-Risk Merchant Accounts

The number of high-risk merchant account providers has risen with the number of high-risk merchants in every vertical. Many of these companies specialize in high-risk sectors and are eager to work with high-risk merchants to meet their payment processing needs.

Some of these companies have partnered with offshore banks to provide offshore merchant accounts. Due to the nature of their company, adult merchants may expect to pay higher than typical processing costs and one-time setup fees.

Is your industry comes in the vertical of a High-Risk Industry?

  • You accept a variety of currencies.
  • The average monthly sales volume exceeds $20,000.
  • The average credit card transaction costs over $500.
  • You offer goods and services to nations where there is a high rate of fraud (anywhere outside the USA, Canada, Western or Northern Europe, Japan or Australia).
  • Merchants have poor credit ratings.
  • You accept payments on a recurring or subscription basis.
  • Due to numerous chargebacks, you've been placed on the MATCH list.
  • High-risk software, digital, tickets, and seasonal products are your key product offerings.

How to Open a Merchant Account for Adult Subscriptions?

Look no farther than PayCly if you're looking for a high-risk merchant account provider that specialized in the adult sector. PayCly is the industry leader in offering Adult Toys Merchant Accounts with custom payment solutions.

It's never been more straightforward to open an account. All you have to do is visit the PayCly website and complete an online application, which takes only a few minutes. A merchant account can be granted in as little as 24 hours. However, this is not a guarantee.

However, before you begin filling out the online application, it would substantially improve your chances if you could supply the following documentation:

  • A valid government-issued ID (such as a driver's license) is required.
  • A pre-printed canceled check or a bank letter
  • The most recent three months' worth of bank statements
  • The most recent three months' worth of processing statements (if applicable)
  • Chargebacks must be maintained to a minimum of 2%.

Another criterion that underwriters will check for is the functionality of your website, as well as if you clearly explain your privacy statement and refund policy, and whether your website is (SSL) secure.

Merchants must also show that they have enough money in their bank accounts. That they have no outstanding bills and that the person applying for the merchant account has a good credit history.

All of these regulations will surely show the underwriters that the merchant is running a lawful, respectable, and trustworthy firm.

After approved, a merchant can immediately begin accepting credit cards. If necessary, PayCly can assist merchants with setting up chargeback management software. To enable chargeback warnings, it will simply be connected to the payment gateway.

Paycly Can Assist You in Obtaining an Adult Toys Merchant Account.

PayCly provides a multitude of services and payment solutions to high-risk merchants in the adult entertainment sector, allowing you to get your internet business up and operating rapidly. You can't go wrong with PayCly as your payment services provider since they offer payment gateways rapid and efficient processing, and a simple account application procedure.

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