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Most Popular Payment Gateways Available For Casino

Casinos have shown great potential as a profitable business sector and credit for its success undoubtedly goes to the online casino payment gateway providers. It is not simple to manage and monitor the huge volume of transactions happening on a casino platform. Despite all the risks and challenges, payment gateway today is providing the best services to casino merchants. It is the reason, that the sector is always curious to find a suitable payment gateway and start receiving payments immediately.

Here is the list of the most popular payment gateways working for casinos-


The payment gateway is known for its efficient processing services for high-risk industries. It is suitable for businesses of any size. The cutting-edge payment technology of Pay Spacelv fulfills the commercial requirements of casino merchants. The payment gateway casino provides alternative payment methods that are among the prime needs of the gambling industry.

  • Fraud and chargeback prevention - You can exploit anti-fraud solutions that are customized to your business needs. It has a unique and advanced system to spot fraudulent activities and chargebacks. The payment solution company also uses third-party services for precise results and to close the loopholes that fraudsters can use. It handles dispute management quite professionally.
  • Speedy integration - Within an hour, the payment gatewayintegration completes and you can start taking payments. The latest FinTech technologies used by the company enhancethe payment processing experience. Recurring card transactions can be managed easily through the platform.
  • Multiple payment methods - you can offer the vastness of payment methods that are specifically driven for high-risk verticals. You can accept all famous credit cards and can also use automated billing while exploring efficient global paymentprocessing at flexible pricing. The solution provider offers individualistic solutions to casino merchants.

SMB Global

SMB global is a known payment gateway company and it is best known for high-risk payment processing. The company customizes its payment solutions according to the individual needs of casino merchants. The company is in a partnership with 15 different and popular banks, which adds another factor that proves its authenticity. This casino payment gateway provides an all-inclusive solution for gambling businesses.

  • Get multiple services with payment solutions - SMB Global provides e-Check, credit cards, EMV-compliant countertop terminals, and ACH payment solutions. The services provided by the company are irreplaceable in quality, which you can verify from the positive reviews given by the existing and past merchant clients of the gateway.
  • Speedy payment gateway integration - You will never regret if you will hire SMB Global for your casino payment solutions. The payment gateway is versatile in this aspect and with casino businesses it provides 175 shopping cart integrations for various types of businesses. Isn’t that a great offer to exploit for your business growth? Certainly, it is.
  • Chargeback prevention - The payment gateway offers real-time analytics which helps to know the chargeback counts and is also useful to predict the month-end results. Merchants can fight against chargebacks and can immediately rebut the money back causes with accuracy about the reason behind the chargeback demand.


You are at the right address if you stop at paycly.com. It is a well-known casino payment gateway provider that has also a wide network with casino merchant account providers all over the world. If you are looking for a dependable payment gateway, then paycly is a reliable choice. With multiple features added to payment solutions, you can be sure about the smooth operations of your casino business.

  • Years of industry experience - A payment gateway despite all the advanced FinTech tools is useless if it does not have the right kind of experience inthe industry. Knowledge comes when you spend considerable time doing the work that you are destined to do. The casino payment process is high-risk and no payment gateway can do that without the required experience. Choose Paycly because it has expertise as well as experience in gambling payment processing and it knows how to troubleshoot any issue in a few seconds and help the merchants get back to normal.
  • Also get merchant account solutions - Every merchant knows that it is always convenient to get a merchant account and payment gateway solutions from the same platform. PayCly provides casino merchant accounts as well as casino payment gateway solutions. Not only this but with the payment gateway you can be assured of a high approval rate because PayCly knows how can a merchant qualify easily for a casino merchant account. It supports you to apply for the account and what type of mistakes you should avoid.
  • Competitive pricing - For casino merchants, pricing is always an important factor because the casino business is already an expensive affair due to numerous stringent legal restrictions and high-volume processing. Thanks to some payment gateways like paycly.com that offer rational pricing through customization of payment solutions according to the individual processing volume of a casino business.

Payment Cloud

If you still want to explore and find another international payment gateway, then Payment Cloud is a considerable name that you can shortlist. Known for its simple approval process, the payment gateway also accepts the merchants denied by other payment processors. Its payment processing services parallel many other popular high-risk business processing due to the multiple features this payment gateway offers to the merchants.

  • Easy and instant approval - Getting approval from a payment gateway within a maximum of 48 hours can be a big favor for a casino merchant. However, the fees of the payment are high and may not sound competitive but due to its good reputation in the market, merchants want to hire it for their casino payment solution requirements.
  • Partnership with multiple banks - The payment gateway partners with more than 10 banks all over the world that provides an opportunity to merchants to connect with a vast network. The customer-friendly payment gateway uses its connection and network to provide the best possible payment solutions to casino merchants.
  • Variety in payment solutions – EMV terminals, POS systems, virtual terminals,and mobile readers are the major payment solution services that you can explore for your casino business. The payment gateway knows the industry trends due to its experience in the industry and that is why merchants are almost desperate to hire Payment Cloud.


You will always be amazed at the features and expert support the above-mentioned payment gateways offer to casino merchants. You can choose any one of the payment solutions providers suggested above because they all are the masters of casino payment gateway solutions. However, it is also important to inspire decisions on discretion because that is the actual reflection of your business requirements. If you are looking for a casino payment gateway, take a look at the list above and you should be able to find an answer to your question.

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