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Offshore Payment Gateway A Key to Open Up Your Business for International Payments

An offshore company is a company or business entity that is established outside of the country to improve international business opportunities. The core company is located in a different country than the offshore company's establishment. Offshore companies are established for a variety of reasons, one of which is to increase international business.

Offshore banking saves businesses from international currency exchange risk and allows them to conduct transactions at a low cost. Companies can receive money in their own currency from people in other countries, streamlining the entire process. This will also save them the international transaction fee.

Some Key Benefits of Having an Offshore Business:-

  • Privacy:-
  • An offshore company, as a separate entity, separates you from your business or assets and liabilities.

  • Confidentiality:-
  • All information about the company, as well as the beneficial owners, is kept private. Unless there is a criminal investigation, all identities will be kept private.

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  • Taxes:-
  • Non-resident companies are subject to tax differently in most offshore jurisdictions. In these jurisdictions, offshore companies have a special status that makes them unreliable for local taxation. There is also no tax on foreign earnings or capital gains.

  • Incorporation Is a Simple Process:-
  • Offshore jurisdictions simplify laws and reduce bureaucratic red tape in an effort to attract more foreign investment. Some common policies include no auditing, no financial reports, and no need for secretaries.

  • Asset Safeguarding:-
  • As it separates you from your assets, a separate entity adds another layer of protection. Business people all over the world have been using offshore companies to protect their assets.

PayCly is one of the most prestigious merchant account service providers in the UK. The company has a good reputation for providing payment processing services and has years of experience in providing Offshore Merchant Account solutions to merchants all over the globe. We promote merchants who are looking for international expansion by providing our efficient payment transaction services.

How to Obtain an Offshore Merchant Account from PayCly?

To obtain a merchant account, you must first complete an application to ensure that your company is qualified to take on this responsibility. You must manage sensitive customer data and agree to pay chargeback fees if customers dispute charges. Merchant service providers review each application to ensure that the company and its owner do not have a bad credit history, a questionable background, or unresolved issues with previous merchant accounts. Getting a merchant account is similar to getting a business bank account or loan.

  • Check your credit history before applying to a merchant account. If you have unresolved issues ensure to clear them up before enrolling for a merchant account.
  • Apply for an online merchant account, if you want to process online transactions.
  • Provide your companies EIN (employer identification number), industry and previous history of your industry.
  • This will aid the provider in having a clear picture of overall sales of your business. Estimate how much payments you expect to receive in monthly or annual basis.
  • It includes your name, government authorized ID. Clarify your position in the business.
  • You need to provide your private business bank so that we can make sure you have a valid account. If you have used credit card processor before then you need to provide 3 months processor history.

Submit your application with us and wait for the decision. If qualified, you will receive an email from us containing the instruction for accepting payments.

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