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Casino Merchant Account for your Online Casino Business

In this advanced age, everything is going through a digital metamorphosis. Nowadays, almost every product & service can be avail online, also the medium of entertainment and joy. One of the oldest forms of leisure casinos has also changeover and created its digital presence in the form of online casinos. According to gambling statistics, 1.6 billion people gamble worldwide, and a significant portion has been captured by online gambling. Online gambling has become more popular after the worldwide widespread of COVID-19.

After scrutinizing several reports, we can come to the conclusion that the online gambling sector's worth is none less than 500 billion USD. The market for online casinos is enormous, and with the rise of global internet usage, the value of the online gambling industry will soon reach the magical $1 trillion milestone. The present and future of online gambling are glorious, it is an over-demanding business, and hundreds of merchants are already offering their customers the chance to win. Suppose you are a merchant offering or planning to start an online casino platform via a website or application. In that case, you need a casino merchant account to accept payment from your clients.

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How a Casino Merchant Account Facilitates Accepting Payments?

If you have this question in your mind, you are inquisitive, and being curious to know about every facet of business is the first sign of a successful future businessman. Let us make you clear now how it helps.

Primo, the harsh truth is that your traditional bank and financial institution does not provide you with a gambling merchant account (casino merchant account) because they categorize gambling as a high-risk firm. But you do not need to worry, as several payment service providers offer you gambling payment processing in which PayCly is the best online gambling payment processor that gives you the world's best online gambling merchant account.

A casino merchant account is similar to a bank account that allows you to accept, hold, and withdraw funds you get from your customers. A merchant account for an online casino will enable you to accept payment from anywhere in the world. It authorizes you to take the amount in various currencies and payment modes.

A payment gateway for online gambling is the bridge that connects your gambling/casino website to your online casino merchant account. The online casino payment gateway is responsible for transferring payment details from your payment portal to the acquiring bank. Before transmitting the payment information, it also performs several security checks to safeguard your card details.

Benefits of PayCly’s Casino Merchant Account

PayCly provides the best payment processing for online gambling businesses. We are the ones for whom a merchant is a partner, not just a client. There are several benefits you get by partnering with us, a few of which we mentioned here:

  • By providing 100+ payment methods and 160+ currencies support to your customer, we ensure that no customers leave your website or app without spending.
  • With us, you can accept payments in international currencies, which will help you, go global with your business to the 7.9 billion population.
  • We are egalitarian and provide everyone equal opportunity; whether you are a licensed or unlicensed merchant, we offer you an online gambling merchant account.
  • Our cyber security team ensures 100% safety of your payment details. We employ AI, ML, and the latest technologies to prevent fraud and chargebacks.
  • We provide you with dedicated MIDs, which ensure 100% confidentiality of your identity.
  • PayCly's casino credit card processing increases customer retention by enabling you to accept every credit card payment.

Advantages of PayCly's Gambling/Casino Merchant Account

As we discussed earlier, the gambling business is categorized as high-risk. For a high-risk business, you need a merchant account that must have gambling and high-risk merchant account features to fulfill both requirements. PayCly is best in industry-specific accounts, not only casino but also gambling, IPTV, forex, sex toys, etc. Furthermore, our international high-risk merchant account and international payment gateway have state-of-the-art facilities. These are other features we have:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where does PayCly provide its services?

Our presence is worldwide. We offer payment solutions in South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Australian continent. We are an emerging star in Canada, the USA, the UK, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Nigeria, Turkey, etc. In Southeast Asia, no other PSP can beat us. We are the only top payment service provider in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and all other countries that offer the best high-risk merchant accounts, international payment gateway, forex merchant accounts, and all other payment solutions.

What are your industry-specific merchant accounts?

Basically, these accounts are created for high-risk businesses to secure them from excessive fraud and chargebacks. The industry-specific merchant account means accounts that have features of the industry (casino, forex, sex toys, dating, escort, etc.) as well as a high-risk merchant account. Feedback from our merchant told us that these accounts had become the first choice for all of the merchants they refer to.

Is there any Difference in Country-Specific Merchant Accounts?

Simply put, some fundamental mechanisms are the same in all the merchant accounts as they all allow you to accept, hold and withdraw the funds you receive. But the difference comes in the presentation layer, where the language of the particular country will be adopted accordingly. Furthermore, the mode of payment preference differs from nation to nation, and every country has its own choice of payment. We provide the maximum preferred payment mode on the top and rank the next accordingly. Additionally, we allow customers to buy in their local currency.

What other Payment Solutions Does PayCly Offer aside from Casino Merchant Accounts?

Proudly speaking, we, PayCly, are here as a payment service provider that has each & every solution for your online business. We have assembled some state-of-the-art merchant accounts with a blend of high-risk merchant accounts & international payment gateway so that you can grow your business globally.

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