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Online Dating Merchant Account

With the evolution of the internet, online dating first started in 1995 via a website. Nowadays, thousands of companies are providing online dating services, and as modernization grows, the sector is also flourishing with it. An online dating merchant account is a fundamental need of an online dating service provider. Let’s see what an online dating merchant account is.

What is an Online Dating Merchant Account?

You know what a merchant account is; let us remind you- a merchant account is similar to a bank account that enables you to accept payment from your customers. Exactly, an online dating merchant account works. It’s a business bank account that enables you to accept, hold and withdraw the amount you receive from your customer for your services.

Basically, an online dating service is a subscription-based service, meaning customers need to subscribe to it to enjoy premium benefits. The subscription-based payment mechanism is complex in this auto-payment deduction technology works on a fixed cycle. The best online dating merchant account allows you to accept payment via several modes, including credit card, net banking, ACH, digital wallet, etc. and ensures customer retention.

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The most important fact is that banks and financial institutions consider online dating services a high-risk business. The reasons for considering it a high-risk business are several, including higher chargeback, more frauds, subscription-based service, global reach, international currency, etc. Due to the consideration as a high-risk business, banks and financial institutions do not provide payment solutions for your online dating business. But you do not need to worry, as several payment service providers (PSPs) offer payment solutions for a high-risk merchant account. Still, all these PSPs are unsuitable for your business as you need a specially crafted online dating merchant account comprising a high-risk merchant and international payment gateway features.

How large the Online Dating Market is

According to Statista, the worldwide revenue in the online dating market is counted to US$8.2 billion in 2021 and is growing at an all-time high rate. A dating company's subscription and advertisement generate the largest revenue section. Worldwide there are 413 million active users of online dating services. The USA has one of the highest percentages of people (15.7%) using online dating apps to find friends, relationships, and the better half.

Although the United States dominates the market, European nations, including the UK (11.5%) and France (10.9%), also have a sizable online dating population. Although usage is lower compared to the population in China and India (6% and 3.4%, respectively), the revenue generated in these countries is far more than entire the Europe generates. Similarly, Southeast Asia & Africa are the regions where the online dating market is continuously growing.

The covid-19 pandemic also helped this sector grow as people could not leave their homes; lockdown and social distancing were implemented. But this connecting social sector proves itself as a panacea and connects people by heart, despite the physical social distancing.

With the rise of the internet, the online dating market is booming. The trend has completely changed. Nowadays, online dating takes the lion’s share in the meeting of heterosexual as well as homosexual couples. Online dating services also make it very easy to find love in the LGBTQ section of society. We have mentioned illustrations here to tell you the changing world is seeing:

What features an Online Dating Merchant Account Provider must have?

As we know, an online dating business is high-risk, so an acquirer must have all the features of a high-risk merchant account. Furthermore, an online dating service connects people globally, so it’s mandatory to have features of an international payment gateway so that international payments can be made easily. These are some mentioned features an online dating merchant account provider must have:

Multiple Payment Modes: An online dating service has worldwide penetration; nowadays, people meet online on a dating platform. Every country has its own choice of payment, so a payment service provider must offer as many payment modes as possible to boost the merchant’s revenue. If a customer doesn’t find his choice of payment mode, he can leave your app for another app. Credit card processing, internet banking, and digital wallets are some of the most used methods in online dating payments, so a PSP must offer them to increase customer retention.


Acceptance of Multiple Currencies: The world is one, but countries have their own currencies, so a PSP must accept payment in almost every currency of the world. Accepting local currency increase loyalty towards the company and revenue.


Security & Anti-Fraud Tools: An online dating merchant account has a high chance of fraud, so a PSP must have PCI-DSS compliance, CVV Checker, fraud scoring and 3D secure authentication. Look for a merchant account provider with avant-garde technology to prevent chargebacks and fraud.

Customization- A payment gateway must be easily integrated and customized according to a merchant's requirements. The high-risk merchant account provider should be able to provide a customized payment platform for its merchant web, app & mobile.

Customer Support: Round-the-clock Customer support is necessary for online dating services. Customer support should be available in regional as well as international languages and provide quick & easy solutions to any issue a merchant may face.

How PayCly is the best PSP for your Online Dating Business?

Several reasons make us the best payment solution provider for an online dating merchant account. We offer you the lowest MDR rate, the safest payment environment, and the fastest payment speed. We have collaborated with giant card providers like Visa, MasterCard, JCB, etc. We comply with PCI-DSS level-1 (highest level security certification) and employ AI, ML and other futuristic technologies to safeguard you from fraud. Moreover, we have created hundreds of features to benefit you. These are other features we have:

The reason to provide features is nothing if they do not provide you benefits. Our specially created online dating merchant account is a paragon. Each and every feature we offer you is designed to give you benefits. First of all, our online dating merchant account itself is a unique account that has features of high-risk and international merchant accounts. Furthermore, these are some benefits you get from acquiring PayCly as your partner.


We have seen almost every aspect of the online dating industry, including market growth and revenue. Today, online dating is the most preferred medium to meet people, and the future of the online dating industry is also bright. If you are a merchant who started a dating app and looking for a payment solution provider, then you are at the right place. We, PayCly, are the best online dating merchant account provider in the world. We ensure your success by assisting you and providing you with the best payment solution. For further information, please visit us at paycly.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your industry-specific Merchant Accounts?

The main purpose of these accounts was to safeguard high-risk businesses against chargebacks and fraud. Industry-specific merchant accounts are high-risk accounts with characteristics unique to the industry (such as casinos, forex, sex toys, dating, escort, etc.). According to feedback from our merchant, these accounts have apparently become the #1 pick for all the merchants they suggest.

What other Payment Solutions does PayCly offer aside from Gaming Merchant Accounts?

PayCly provides you with each & every payment solution for your online business. We have assembled some state-of-the-art merchant accounts with a blend of high-risk merchant accounts & international payment gateway so that you can grow your business globally.

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Where does PayCly provide its services?

We are present everywhere. We provide payment options throughout Australia, South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. We are a rising star in countries like Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Nigeria, Turkey, etc. No other PSP in Southeast Asia can compete with us. In Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and all other nations, we are the only leading provider of payment services, and we provide the best high-risk merchant accounts, international payment gateways, FX merchant accounts, and other payment solutions.

Is there any Difference in Country-Specific Merchant Accounts?

Simply put, all merchant accounts allow you to accept, hold, and withdraw the payments you receive from your clients. However, the checkout page, where the language of the specific nation would be used accordingly, is where the difference lies. In addition, each country has its own preferred method of payment, which varies from nation to nation. We list the most popular payment method at the top and order the other options below. We also give clients the option of paying in their local currency.