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How Do Payment Gateways In Malaysia Support Small Businesses To Establish Stronger Roots?

Malaysian small businesses are critical to shaping an innovation-led economy. Companies are still reviving from the impact of covid-19. The merchants look forward to a predictable atmosphere where they can pour new life into their struggling businesses. High-risk businesses are even more concerned about faster growth of their businesses. Small businesses are always in confusion due to their vulnerability to many factors. They survive in the shadow of industry giants and face tough competition.

The struggle of businesses due to the money crisis and fewer resources is world-known. In such a case, it becomes imperative that they receive money regularly for what they sell so that they can grow faster. But for this purpose, business with a limited scale needs payment gateways that can make their customer’s daily transactions safe and smooth.

Let us understand how a payment gateway in Malaysia makes survival easier for businesses.

Prevent Bin Attacks With Fraud Prevention Tools

A BIN (Bank Identification Number) attack is an incident of fraud in which a fraudster uses the first 4 to 6 digits of a card number and uses them to track the remaining digits. The payment gateways of Malaysia have tools to detect a card brand, card type, issuing bank, or institution to prevent financial fraud threats. The BIN is the bank identification number that can also identify the address of the issuing bank if it is local. It can also verify the address and other details provided by the customers.

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Now, the question is, how do merchants make prevention stronger? Well, the answer is simple, when it comes to little-sized commercial entities, they may accept certain card types.

How does a payment gateway help spot a BIN attack?

Through advanced AI tools, the payment gateways of Malaysia help merchants detect the presence of BIN fraud in the following manner.

  • Multiple declines
  • Unusual high volumes of international cards.
  • Transaction timings can be unusual such as the early morning or late night.
  • Transactions with amounts that are unusual to your business.
  • A Large number of transaction attempts in a recurring manner within a short period.
  • Repeated use of card numbers with varied security features such as card security code, postal codes, and expiration date.

With the help of payment gateways, merchants can avoid all the adverse effects of a BIN attack. It affects a merchant’s reputation and financial stability and can even make an acquirer suspend its high-risk merchant account. Losing the merchant account is undoubtedly a huge loss.

Maintain Cash Flow With Auto Settlement

Auto settlement is a profitable facility for a small-scale company. Payment gateways automatically credit the money to the merchant account after the decided duration in a routine manner. Once the amount reaches the minimum settlement limit, the money gets credited to the merchant’s account. From here, the business owner can transfer funds to his business account. For regular cash flow, auto settlement features work like a savior because small businesses are easy prey to money crisis problems.

The benefits of the auto settlement are many such as –

  • Many payment gateways do not charge for auto settlement. You need to find such a payment gateway because it can save a lot of money for a small-sized commercial entity. The saved funds can be invested in other business resources.
  • The timely settlement prevents authorization expiration. Every issuing bank has a different policy on authorization expiration, but it usually expires in 3 to 12 weeks. In the case of high-risk businesses, the expiration duration can be a little longer. However, it is best to get the transactions settled at regular intervals.
  • Faster business expansion is another significant benefit of a timely settlement facility that an international payment gateway offers to businesses in Malaysia. Every small business wants to become prominent as soon as possible, so it needs regular funds. With the auto settlement, a business owner does not need to stress about the availability of funds. He can focus more on future expansion plans.

Tokenization Keeps Customer Details Shielded

Before anything else, its benefit, a business thinks of the safety of its customers. Thousands and millions of customers make transactions daily while buying from a brand. Isn’t it the responsibility of the business to provide a safe payment experience? Indeed, it is. The merchants take help from payment gateways to secure their buyer’s information. Tokenization is a potent tool that a payment gateway company uses to secure customers’ details.

How does tokenization secure customer details?

  • Tokenization is a safety technology that turns information or data into unique identification symbols. The symbols cannot be decoded because the security keys are only in the hands of the payment gateway or the acquiring bank. Even the merchant cannot decrypt the data.
  • It simplifies the checkout process for the customers because when data safety is assured, merchants can implement a one-click checkout process confidently. When customers get a convenient payment experience, they stay loyal to a brand, which gives an excellent image to a business.
  • Tokenization cannot be done without PCI-DSS compliance. It is why the payment gateways provide double security through PCI compliance as well as tokenization. The process gives uncompromised protection to a merchant’s ultimate buyers and offers the right atmosphere to grow.
  • Tokenization is a more robust and safer way to prevent data from hackers. In traditional systems, credit card numbers were exchanged freely across networks and were stored in insecure databases.

Mass Payment Makes Way For Customer Satisfaction

Making payments of rewards and refunds in bulk can help handle the customer's concerns with ease. Mass payment is a supportive tool provided by payments specifically for high-risk and small businesses. Companies looking forward to faster growth in a short time also need to satisfy their customers faster. Mass payment gives the opportunity to business owners to make their buyers happy. Customers and suppliers or dealers working for a business can be paid through this method, which helps a company run smoothly.

How does mass payment work?

After the merchant makes a mass payment request, the payment gateway processes payments. It takes the amount from the business's merchant account and transfers it to the receiver's account. It takes some time to process mass payment, which can be from a few minutes to a few hours.

Benefits of mass payment -

  • You can pay to unlimited accounts, and the amount can also be significant. Every company wants to grow bigger to reach new market locations, so mass payments are perfect.
  • It makes payment easier for the merchants because not every time a merchant receives money as payment. He also needs to pay rewards and refunds to the customers and other billing payments to the dealers to operate the business smoothly.
  • Due to technology, it has become simpler to make bulk payments. Just upload the data, excel sheet, or information on the dashboard, and it will be done.


As you can read above, payment gateways help small businesses in so many aspects that it is impossible to expect companies to survive without them. Besides, technologies like artificial intelligence and the internet of things are improving payment solution services. The advancement we see today in the payment experience of customers is unprecedented. If you want a good checkout experience for your small business buyers, search for the best payment gateway. However, paycly.com can be on your list, as it is a known brand for providing the best payment solutions to small and big-size businesses with equal quality.