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Best Payment Gateway Malaysia for Enriching your Business with High-Quality Payment Transactions

Online payment and online banking have changed the consumer's shop, buy, and pay, as well as the way business owners conduct their operations. Indeed, online payment has transformed e-commerce and the banking owners conduct their operations. Malaysia's e-commerce sector is rapidly expanding as more businesses open online stores.

If you run any kind of online business in Malaysia, a payment gateway is essential because it allows your customers to make secure payments on your website.

It should go without saying that selecting a secure and reliable payment gateway is critical to the success of your online business.

So, whether you run an eCommerce websites an online game with in-game purchases, or any other type of online business and want to accept payments from customers in Malaysia or around the world.

Current Payment system in Malaysia

Malaysia's payment systems have been evolving in recent years. The emergence of electronic-based payment systems is one of the notable changes. National payment entities in Malaysia are actively working towards the gradual implementation of electronic based payment schemes. Since they consider that they have the potential to increase overall economic efficiency.

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This gradual implementation of e-payment system has increased both the demand of value and volume of transactions per capita.

Top 6 payment gateway for e-commerce business in Malaysia

Razor Merchant Services: Razor merchant service is a leading B2B service provider that is helping customers with credit card processing gateway, online payments, point of sale services, merchant acquiring services, etc. They provide an online setup with a basic setup fee. They offer a minimal commission setup fee for credit cards it is 3.8 % and for the premium plan, it is 2.4%.

eGHL: eGHL is widely known for providing beautiful and seamless payments that are tailored to your business needs to capture your customers. They have created a robust and unique payment system that will increase the payment success rate with less redirection and a simplified layout. They offer various payment schemes such as Visa, MasterCard, and Credit/Debit Card for their customers.

Paypal: PayPal is the world's largest online payment processing company that is helping merchants by promoting and enhancing B2B payments. They don't charge any setup cost or annual fee. They also accept payments in more than 24 currencies including USD, Euros, Yen, and many more.

iPay88: iPay88 is a leading payment gateway service provider for collecting payments from customers. It has been designed with keeping in mind merchant requirements with multiple online payment options for Malaysian e-merchants. They have been winning the hearts of merchants by providing them with recurring billing payments and no extra charges on refunds.

PayCly: PayCly offers high-risk merchants in Malaysia with Online Payment Gateway Malaysia that will allow them to have significant payment transactions for their business. If you want your e-commerce to run smoothly and profitably, you need reliable service. PayCly looks after your online business.

You are only required to specify the requirements for your online payment gateway. We will help you by providing impeccable payment solutions to access your transaction. We provide simple software to integrate easily with your business application.

Extremely secure and reliable payment solution for merchants in Malaysia

Every year, millions of security breaches make the internet less safe for business. Consumers are well aware of the danger. Buyers may look elsewhere if your e-commerce site does not provide the highest level of online payment security.

The good news is that existing security strategies are well-established, frequently updated, and simple to put in place.

Security is, of course, an extremely important aspect of any payment gateway. All safety protocols should be in place, and all local regulations should be in accordance with your payment gateway partner.

A trustworthy payment gateway contributes to a positive customer experience. A high number of failed payments will give your customers a negative experience and drive them to your competitors.

Choosing a payment gateway is more difficult than it appears. Consider the payable fees (annual fee, setup fee, transaction fee), the maximum amount the payment gateway can provide, security, currency, dependability, support, and so on.

PayCly helps you choose the best suitable payment gateway for your online store. If you require an online store that includes a powerful payment gateway, then we can help you with making your business transaction smooth and reliable. We have helped our merchants with 2d Payment Gateway Malaysia so that they can accommodate seamless payment solutions for their business.

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