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Get Payment Gateway Malta For Online Merchant Account Solutions Malta

Choosing Payment Gateway Malta is a critical step for any eCommerce company. However, given the vast number of available options, locating the ideal solution for your company can be a time-consuming and exhausting process.

Furthermore, the chosen system must be compatible with your website or app. As a result, seeking professional assistance in this matter appears to be a wise decision (and a sound investment).

It is critical that you select the right payment gateway provider for your business. Which one you choose will be resolute by the size of your company, the products you sell, and the size of your customer base.

Consider the following factors: -

  • Set-up costs
  • Monthly fees
  • Unknown expenses
  • Customer service
  • Ease of use for customers
  • Security
  • The banks with which the payment gateway has relationships
  • The currencies supported by the payment gateway (multiple currencies, including crypto, may be essential for your business).
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    How to know you got the best Online Payment Gateway Malta for your business?


    How are you going to connect to the payment gateway? Will you install a plug-in in a matter of seconds? Will you easily configure it, selecting the payment methods you want to offer and providing a few minor details like a logo and a business name?


    Does the payment gateway provide a simple and friction-free user experience, ensuring high conversion rates? Will you be able to recognize returning customers and preferred payment methods, as well as use saved payment details to reduce customer effort and speed up payment?

    On boarding:

    How long does it take to open a payment gateway account and begin accepting payments online? Will you be required to review and sign a number of physical contracts? Will you get a no-hassle, all-digital, user-friendly on boarding process with immediate activation?


    Will the payment gateway provider you with a local account into which the funds from your online sales can be immediately deposited and used for all of your business operations, or will you need to open a separate account with a local bank?


    Does the payment gateway provider transparent and competitive pricing with low commission fees, allowing you to avoid wasting money? Will you even get 0% interest?


    How frequently will you be paid out of your account? Every day, every 2-3 days, once a week, or whenever you explicitly request a transfer of funds? What if the day you're supposed to receive your money from online sales falls on a weekend or a public holiday?

    Payment methods:

    Will you be able to provide your customers with a variety of payment options, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal, as well as international and local card schemes, local and international digital wallets, online banking, and direct debit?

    What is the role of a Payment Gateway?

    An online payment gateway's primary function is to authorize or deny transactions between merchants and customers.

    Payment gateways are thus the most important component of any ecommerce business and a major factor in its effectiveness and popularity with customers.

    Merchants are responsible for providing a secure payment gateway for their customers. Customers who have trust issues with a merchant's online payment system may put items in their cart but then abandon them at the checkout.

    Furthermore considerations for getting a payment gateway

    • Accepting payments online requires a high level of security and compliance. There are stringent regulatory requirements that your payment gateway must meet, as well as technologies that must be used to ensure the security of payments and customer payment data. Naturally, the payment gateway must constantly improve their online payment solutions in order to meet all of the latest ever-changing regulatory and security requirements.
    • To ensure that online payments are reliable, fast, and secure, the payment gateway's technology must be cutting-edge. Naturally, payment gateways must constantly improve their online payment solutions in order to capitalize on new technologies that provide a more effective and efficient solution.
    • The payment gateway should provide their own-developed solution in order to be self-sufficient and not rely on a third party to provide their core products and services. This ensures that the payment gateway has a flexible overall offering, allowing it to offer competitive pricing without the need for additional margins from third parties.

    Trust and security

    Your payment system must be secure if you want to build that all-important trust factor with your customers. This is not always easy in a rapidly evolving digital world where cybercriminals are constantly devising new methods to circumvent security measures.

    Because of security concerns such as potential data breaches, malware, and mobile payment issues, more than 33% of customers are hesitant to place orders online.

    How to Stay Ahead of the Game:

    • Ensure that your company is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. The PCI Data Security Standard specifies a set of security measures aimed at protecting data involved in credit card information transmission.
    • While PCI compliance is not a legal requirement for merchants, it is highly recommended.
    • Indeed, if your online sales system is not PCI compliant, some credit card companies and payment gateway providers may refuse to work with you.
    • Choose a reputable payment gateway that keeps its ecommerce security measures up to date. Some payment gateways, such as Stripe, have systems in place to assist merchants in navigating the often intimidating process of becoming PCI compliant. This is especially beneficial to small businesses.

    Integrate several payment gateways into your ecommerce platform.

    PayCly has a proven track record and extensive experience in the online marketplace and providing payment solutions to eCommerce businesses, we have a team that is well-versed in the industry's intricacies. As a result, we can help you not only find the ideal Online Payment Gateway Solutions for your store, but also take your business to the next level.