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Payment Gateway Philippines to Provide Appropriate Payment Methods for Doing Business Conventionally

Online Payment Platforms Philippines can resolve some of the most essential payment aspect of the business. A decade ago, people were hesitant to give businesses their credit card information. However, with the advancement of technology, people have established numerous online businesses, and many customers from all over the world provide their credit card information online.

Today, three out of every four people use the internet for online banking. Furthermore, a variety of online payment services make online payment processing more convenient and less complicated.

Every small and large-scale business must include an online payment option in their e-store. But, with so many online payment processors available, which ones are the best, and how do they help your e-store?

There are three main components to online payment platforms for small businesses. A payment processor, a payment gateway, and a merchant account are all examples of these.

When you open a business, your customers make a purchase using their credit or debit card.

The following payment platform entities are involved in transaction processing.

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Merchant Account, Payment Processor & Shopify Payment Gateway Philippines

To complete an online transaction, a customer's credit card information is required. The information is then processed, verified, and funds are safely transferred to the merchant account.

A merchant account is issued to a business owner by a payment processing company or a bank. This merchant account allows their businesses to accept online payments.

The money your customer transfers is received by the issuing company or financial institution.

A payment processor then manages the transaction between the issuing bank and the customer's account. A payment processor is a financial institution that monitors security, available funds, credit card validity, and other factors.

It is also in charge of verifying that the credit card information is correct. Some of the best payment processors also have security protocols in place to prevent fraudulent activities.

The payment gateway, which is an online point of sale, is the next critical component of an online payment platform. Customers make online purchases from your ecommerce store using debit or credit cards.

When customers make a purchase and click "check out," the payment gateway collects their credit card information and redirects them to a payment page.

This payment page sends the customer's information to the payment gateway for processing.

As direct bank transfers are not permitted, a payment gateway is required for internet payments. A payment gateway ensures that a merchant receives funds from a customer in a secure manner.

What Is the Importance of Online Payment Processing in Ecommerce?

Because of your company's exponential growth, you will be selling your products in international markets. The next critical step is to set up your ecommerce store to sell your services or goods to customers all over the world.

The days of manually processing payments are long gone. Rather, whether you own a small or large company, you must integrate an online payment gateway into your ecommerce store for online payment processing.

Online payment processors handle all types of transactions. A payment processor, for example, ensures that your company receives funds on time. A payment processor will assist your business in managing all types of payment collection, from international or cross-border payments to handling local transactions.

When you have a payment processor, you can easily process credit card payments and other online transactions. Payments are processed and transferred from the consumer's account to the merchant's account by an online payment processor.

Some of the best online payment gateway processors not only assist your customers with transactions, but also offer them a variety of alternative payment methods and customized payment solutions.

Hundreds of payment processors are offering their services in response to the rapid growth of ecommerce stores and the digital payment industry.

Shopify Payments Philippines Payments Costs & Pricing

The cost of handling payments is an important component of the payment processing equation. Every participant in the transaction charges a fee for managing payments and supporting the process. The card-issuing bank, the credit card association, the payment processor, and your bank are all key players in the process.

You must deal with the following costs in the form of fees in every single sale transaction.

Interchange Fee -

A percentage of the transaction amount charged to the issuer to benefit from each processed transaction. This fee, known as interchange, is determined by the industry niche, the purchase amount, and the type of credit card used in the transaction.

Assessment Fee -

The assessment fee is the fee charged by the credit card association to manage payments and facilitate payment transfers across the network. This fee is typically a fixed percentage of the total transaction volume.

Merchant Bank Fee -

Typically, your bank will charge a percentage of the total amount to facilitate the transaction.

Fixed Authorization Fee -

The core payment processor charges a fixed dollar amount to process the transaction. Whether the transaction is accepted, declined, or returned, this fixed fee is an important part of the payment management equation. Depending on your payment provider, this fee may also be associated with monthly usage, general setup, and payment cancellation.

The percentage-based fee is bundled together to charge you a single fixed rate for the transaction in a traditional pricing structure, whereas the transaction fee is mentioned separately based on the nature of your products and services.

PayCly | The Best Payment Gateway Philippines for small Business

Before selecting a payment solution for your company, make sure it accepts a diverse range of alternative payment methods. Because customer conversion is critical to the growth of small businesses, you must provide them with very convenient alternatives.

Furthermore, the online payment solution for small businesses and large-scale e-commerce stores supports a variety of interfaces such as mobile, desktop, television, and so on, allowing customers to pay through any available channel.

However, due to the prevalence of theft and data breaches, many customers do not trust online payment platforms.

PayCly serves thousands of merchants in many countries and facilitates global transactions worth billions of dollars. The company works with both small and large businesses, assisting merchants in expanding their reach and revenue. PayCly has worked with thousands of businesses with high risk merchant account and provided them with maximum transparency.


Suppose you want to grow your company over time. In that case, you can eventually offer more convenient payment methods to international customers without having to change your payment acceptance methods.

This is why, if you want to grow your business, you must be aware of a suitable payment gateway for small businesses. So, what exactly is a payment gateway, and how does an online payment platform function is an essential aspect to collect online payments for your business.


Which payment gateway is best for Philippines?

Here are some of the best payment gateways in Philippines.


Xendit is a Jakarta-based digital payment infrastructure that was launched in 2015. Since its inception, Xendit has expanded rapidly and begun to establish itself as one of the country's leading payment gateways. They strive to make payment transactions as simple, easy, and secure as possible for all buyers and sellers.

Unique Features

  • Designed for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Even if you don't have a website, you can get started by integrating with popular plugins or API integration.
  • API integration is completely free of charge.


Dragonpay was a market pioneer at the beginning of the popularity of online shopping in the Philippines. As this trend continues to grow in the country, Dragonpay continues to expand its payment methods, which include over-the-counter for banking and non-banking, online banking, cash on delivery, and e-wallets.

Unique Features

Unlike other payment platform alternatives, Dragonpay's Recurring Payment provides you with benefits such as a wider market reach, no chargeback/fraud, and low and fixed transaction fees.


PayMongo offers credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets, it can benefit both individuals and businesses. Because there are no set-up, one-time, or monthly fees, this payment gateway is essential for online sellers or big box sellers.

Unique Features

  • Non-monthly subscriptions - you can only pay when the transaction is completed.
  • With their advanced detection engines, they protect you from fraud.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your website or app.

Which is the best gateway for payment?

PayCly is the best online payment solution for small businesses because it will assist in resolving initial payment issues that many startups must resolve on their own. As a result, it functions as an all-in-one online payment solution for business needs.

A small business must accept alternative payment methods in order to grow. If your customers do not accept MasterCard or Visa and you do not provide alternative payment options, you may lose potential customers. PayCly is one such online payment platform that has made card payments easier by providing alternative payment methods.

Which payment gateway is cheapest?

Some gateways are expensive while others are less expensive. It is not like expensive gateway will always be the best fit for your business. It is the requirement of your business that will tell you which payment gateway is best fit for your business in a cost-efficient way.

What is international payment gateway?

An international payment gateway allows your customers to make cross-border payments using their preferred payment method securely and safely. When you expand your business globally it is essential that your customer can conveniently shop from your store. A global payment gateway allows you to accept different types of payments irrespective of the issuing bank.