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Payment Gateway Vietnam Provides Agility and Stability to your Business Payment Transactions

E-commerce has grown dramatically in recent years, particularly since lockdowns were implemented in various countries in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, small businesses in Vietnam have begun to investigate and rely on e-commerce. This has enabled them to adapt to an evolving market in which customers no longer need to visit physical stores.

Customers can get their desired products without leaving their homes using a website or mobile application that offers the same products as those available in a store, reducing carbon footprint emissions.

While payment gateway makes it easier to collect payments from customers, it can also be used to pay off creditors, suppliers, or vendors in a more convenient manner because it eliminates the limitations of cross-border transactions involving different currencies. It has essentially made it easier for business owners to run their operations efficiently.

What exactly is a Payment Gateway Vietnam?

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A payment gateway is the digital environment of a website that is used for monetary transactions. Its primary goal is to ensure that payments are received by your store and that buyers have access to proof of payment via a unique web address.

The gateway acts as a sort of interface between customers and stores, ensuring that financial information is securely transmitted.

To elaborate, users first navigate your store, select the products they want to purchase, and then proceed to checkout. Then they provide their credit card information.

The next step is payment processing, which is where the payment gateway comes in. In order to approve the purchase, the platform verifies a customer's information with payment service providers.

What are the benefits of using Shopify Payment Gateway Vietnam?

Now that you understand the purpose of a payment gateway, it's time to consider its advantages.

If your e-commerce company does not yet have a payment gateway, consider these six benefits and implement the platform as soon as possible.

1. Increased security for customers and business owners

Payment gateways make transactions more secure by encrypting data and protecting it with firewalls and anti-fraud systems.

2. Direct contact with banks and payment service providers

Your store can directly negotiate processes and fees with banks and payment providers, making flows and approvals easier.

3. Cost-cutting measures

Negotiating directly with banks and service providers can result in more attractive rates for providing services.

Furthermore, gateway platforms frequently charge based on payment volume. This means you won't have to pay exorbitant monthly fees in months when you sell less.

4. Increased conversion rate

A payment gateway for e-commerce enhances the user experience. Customers feel safer and sales conversion rates rise when purchases can be completed through your store's website.

5. Increased agility

Payment gateway transactions are much faster. Payments are authorized quickly, increasing profitability and decreasing cart abandonment.

6. Various payment methods

In addition, the gateway interface enables you to accept various payment methods, such as credit and debit cards.

It also supports instalment payments, and you can choose whether to charge a fee for this.

What makes good online payment gateway vietnam - considerations?

Before we get into our rankings, let's take a look at the key characteristics of a great payment gateway.

Transaction fees are low

Even though it may appear to be a simple point, transaction fees are the most important factor to consider when choosing a payment gateway. The payment gateway will make a significant difference in your bottom line, whether you pay a fixed fee per transaction or a percentage fee for the transaction. Look for a payment gateway that offers the lowest long-term transaction fee. The fees will add up over time to a significant amount. Fees, particularly for businesses with a high volume of transactions, can quickly add up to become a significant expense. That is why it is critical to work with reputable payment gateway providers.

Terms and Conditions that are clear

Working with a payment gateway that makes its terms clear is critical. Gateways frequently include a number of hidden fees. You may end up having to pay a significant portion of your profits in fees if you do not thoroughly vet the payment terms. Work with a payment gateway that clearly outlines the terms and conditions. Having that awareness will enable you to make more informed decisions. Ignoring the terms and conditions may result in long-term problems for your company. You don't want to be locked into a contract that isn't good for your future. So, before deciding on a payment gateway for international transactions, carefully read the terms and conditions.

Easy Deployment

With so many payment gateways on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your business. One important consideration is how simple the deployment process will be. If your company lacks a dedicated technical team to handle the deployment, you should choose a payment gateway with a streamlined deployment process. Most modern payment gateway providers provide a streamlined deployment process that allows you to install the gateway with just a few mouse clicks. In contrast, highly technical gateways necessitate a thorough understanding of coding and technical deployment. If you want the best payment gateway for international transactions, you must have a simple deployment.

Unbreakable Security

Your payment gateway handles customer payments and sensitive data directly. It is critical to select a payment gateway that adheres to regulatory and PCI guidelines. Effective encryption is also necessary to prevent data from being intercepted and used for fraud or other malicious purposes. Encryption adds an extra layer of security to create an exceptional customer experience and give your customers peace of mind.

What are customer's favorite factors in 2022?

Support for Digital Wallets

Customers shifted significantly toward digital wallets in 2022. Companies must accept digital wallets in payment gateways in order to facilitate customers, from smartphone applications to online portals. This means you must select a payment gateway that supports digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Customers are increasingly using these wallets to simplify online payments and have a convenient payment method.

Acceptance of Recurring Payments

Customers are also interested in payment gateways that support recurring payments. Recurring payments are payments that are made on a regular basis at a predetermined frequency. You can expand your customer base and simplify payments for customers by adding support for recurring payments. Recurring payments are also a great way to add predictability to your cash flow. Customers who want to avoid the hassle of manually confirming payments on a regular basis prefer online payments. Recurring payments are an essential feature of the best international payment gateway.

Credit Card Acceptance Is Broad

It should come as no surprise that credit cards remain the most popular method of payment in 2022. However, in order to gain global market coverage, businesses must support the entire range of credit card providers, including Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay. To increase customer coverage, your payment gateway providers should accept a wide range of credit and debit cards.

Why you need PayCly for choosing the best payment gateway Vietnam for your business?

We at PayCly empower merchants by providing them with the payments solution they require to handle their business transactions.

Options for Multiple Payments

We accept Mastercard/Visa/Amex, as well as debit cards, eWallets. We also offer a number of Net Banking options, as well as email Invoicing and IVR Payments.

Analytics for Payments

We analyze payments to give you the ability to determine whether or not your transaction was successful.

Compliant with PCI-DSS

PCI DSS (payment card industry data security standard) is a framework for security incident prevention, detection, and response that enhances your security through third-party certification. Our services are in accordance with this.

Checkout is simple.

We ensure a simple checkout process in which the customer only needs to enter the CVV and a secure password.


Creating online stores necessitates the use of online payment methods. Many processing companies have partnered with small businesses to assist them in adapting to the digital landscape.

Customers and clients will be able to transact with the business much more easily if they pay with cards, whether debit or credit. Without the use of payment gateway solutions, this would not be possible. It is also a good idea to have ready cost-effective small business shipping options that suit the company's needs and offerings.

Payment gateways act as an interface between banks and retailers in a variety of industries, allowing them to be used by a wide range of businesses.

Companies with medium to large transaction volumes and a need for greater payment oversight have a genuine need for such a platform. However, even small e-commerce businesses can benefit from a gateway.


Is Shopify payments available in Vietnam?

To enhance your sales efforts, Shopify has partnered with leading international payment providers. Your customers can pay in their local currency and through their preferred payment method. Yes it is available in Vietnam.

How can I pay online in Vietnam?

Use any of the digital payment methods to pay online in Vietnam.

  • Banking Cards.
  • USSD.
  • AEPS.
  • UPI.
  • Mobile Wallets.
  • Banks Pre-paid Cards.
  • Point of Sale.
  • Internet Banking.

Which payment gateway is best for all countries?

A payment gateway that is tailored to meet your business need in a cost-efficient way. A payment gateway that take care of all your business transactions whether local or offshore.

How do you pay in Vietnam?

You can pay in Vietnamese dong (VND), US dollars, or with a credit card. Spending in VND is frequently the best way to ensure you get the best deal. Be cautious with the bills - even though the denominations are different sizes and colours, it can be difficult to tell them apart.