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Best Payment Gateways For Forex Brokers That You Should Know

Payment gateways for forex brokers are always in demand, forex business is high-risk thus merchants need a professional and efficient payment gateway. Whether it is about vulnerability against financial fraud ortransaction speed issues, brokers have many challenges to handle. But with the help of a dependable payment gateway for forex brokers, a merchant can handle any issue like a piece of cake.

Here in the blog, you will get to know the best payment gateways serving the forex industry. However, the final decision should always on your insight into the market conditions and research about the payment solution company. But one thing is sure, all the suggested options are already doing great in forex transaction processing.

Is it a challenge to find a payment gateway for a forex business?

Not always but sometimes, it can be a challenge to find a payment gateway for forex businesses. However, removing ignorance on the important aspects of finding a payment solution company can help find a suitable solution provider in less or no time.

Reasons that sometimes make it difficult to find a forex payment gateway

  • A forex trading platform has to processa hefty volume of transactions which makes it a high-risk business. The chances of chargebacks are also high in such businesses, as a result, payment gateways may hesitate to offer processing services.
  • Only the most trusted and renowned forex trading platforms are licensed but not all the existing ones. As a result, payment solution companies, consider forex trading a risky business and thus do not approve of working for a broker from the industry.

List of payment gateway for forex brokers

Despite the above challenges, there are several forex brokers that easily approve the applications of forex brokers. Read below their names and primary features included in their services.


Here is your first choice of a forex payment gateway that is known for the multiple benefits it extends to businesses through its proficient services. The solution company aims to create a friendly payment environment for the traders coming to your platform.

  • Speedy processing - Instant payment processing and customers can pay in their local currencies. We all know that speedy money transfer is so important in forex trading. If you fail to provide a speedy money transfer, the traders will surely reject you and will switch to some other broker.
  • Conveniently receive payments - After all, why do people invest? Yes, to get profit in return and that is why they are always desperate to get their money back whenever they earn anything. The good news is, payment channels can be selected by the customers to receive payments. Traders always keep their comfort first and 5Pay provides it.
  • Virtual account payment - Get multiple offers for deposit including cash deposit and local bank transfer. In both cases, the safety of the payments is always uncompromised. When the whole world has its virtual version online, how can a progressive industry like forex avoid it?
  • Internet banking redirection links - Easily redirect the traders to your business online banking portal and complete the transaction in two verification steps. With time, internet banking has made things easier for every industry. Besides, when it comes to safety, it is the first choice and currency traders do not want to take any chance on it.
  • Multiple options for settlement – Settlement is always an extremely important concern for every business owner and if a payment gateway can offer good service on this part, it will definitely get hired. Traders have the liberty to choose settlement options in ten different currencies including USDT currencies.It proves 5Pay offers easy trading.
  • Assured safety – 5Pay transaction processing occurs through the local central bank network and it provides legal or encrypted currency transactions. No tricky mind or fraudster can break the security of tokenized or encrypted customer data. With advanced fraud detection and blacklisting tools, it is simpler now to manage safety issues.
  • Customer support available all the time – As a forex broker, you can always troubleshoot your problems with the help of a dedicated team that helps to keep your traders happy. Forex trading may happen for a certain number of hours in a day, but technical issues can happen on a website anytime. An attentive team for support should always be available and 5Pay provides that quite conveniently.


Here comes another payment gateway providing reliable forex payment solutions all across the world. Despite the risky nature of the business, the payment gateway bravely handles the monthly bulky transactions of the brokers.

  • Strict and strong chargeback management – Yes, the solution company is an expert in providing a stringent and effective chargeback management policy that shows results from the first week of its application. We all know that chargebacks are a nightmare for every merchant or forex broker and irrespective of the industry type, all high-risk businesses want to handle it effectively. Don’t worry,Ecommpay can handle it for you.
  • Experience and expertise – While taking the services of ecommpay you will have the backing of experience of years and expertise of the industry. The payment gateway company has served numerous brokers from the same industry. It has networked with all renowned banks. You should always ask about the total experience of a payment gateway in your industry before signing an agreement with it.
  • Multiple features – Best commission rates and pricing, anti-fraud security, no restricted number of transactions, multi-currency processing in 160 currencies, fraud prevention tools, etc. features are sufficient to smoothen your business operations.
  • Create a blocklist – The company also provides the possibility to create your blocking list in which you can decide your transaction limit in specific countries or regions of the world. Normally, it is done for countries that are considered risky due to history or records of financial fraud occurrence.


Simplify your forex payment processing with paycly.com, an international payment gateway that aims to add ease to the daily payment experience of your traders. It handles all risks that can harm your forex business because paycly has years of experience and it is always updated with the latest trends and challenges in the industry.

  • Handles effectively the risk of money laundering and fraud - Money laundering has always been a big issue for forex brokers and that is why they are always under the direct notice of legal institutions. The fraud prevention tools of payclyeasily spot any suspicious activity which brings the payment gateway among the best forex payment processors in the payment industry.
  • Get high-risk forex merchant account solutions – Exactly, the payment gateway also provides merchant account solutions for the brokers. It has a vast network with well-known acquiring banks across the world, thus it supports you well while applying for a high-risk merchant account. You will get a one-stop platform for a merchant account and payment gateway solutions if you hire paycly.
  • Improves your regulatory mistakes – As this payment solution company is working in the industry fora long, it is aware of all the essential rules and regulations. Merchants are usually ignorant about many laws and they may miss paying attention to the regulatory details. The professional team of paycly, always keeps you updated with the laws and rules and also improves if unknowingly you are making any mistake.


Another noteworthy name in the list of the forex payment gateway providers. This payment gateway is an expert in international payment processing for forex and other high-risk businesses. You can explore its services and solutions once you visit its website and can see how it helps merchants improve the payment experience for their customers.

  • Low rates – Affordable payment processing services are easily available nowadays if you succeed to find a payment gateway like paynetsecure. It offers no-obligation comparison but for that, you need to contact it, the number is available on its website.
  • Recurring billing plans – Easily process recurring billing which makes it easy for the customers to regularly transfer money and do trading without any hindrance. Speedy transactions make the payment experience a happy journey for the traders.
  • Multi-channel processing – Easily accept online payments through various methods. You can handle transactions through virtual terminals and mobile payments can also be accepted. Batch uploads can also happen with bulk process orders.
  • Specialist of high- risk processing –The payment gateway is working in the forex industry for years and it knows about everything. From robust fraud management to efficient multi-currency processing, this solution provider can offer an all-inclusive solution for your business. It is the reason that merchants from all high-risk industries trust this payment gateway so much.


As you can see, the above suggestion forex payment gateways are among the best ones and you can choose any one of them depending upon your business circumstances. Do not forget to give importance to necessary aspects of a forex business such as fast money transfers. Whatever payment solution company you choose, it is going to serve you well. Today, with the help of the latest innovation in FinTech, the payment industry has enhanced a lot. From voice commerce to crypto transactions, customers experience a versatile payment experience.

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