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Top 10 Payment Gateways in Malaysia

Malaysia is a growing economy, and besides tourism, it is also growing faster in many other sectors, such as online casinos, crude oil, adult entertainment, IPTV, etc. Today, businesses depend on online procedures, and payment gateways have become much more important for merchants. All payment solution-providing companies serve the businesses of every sector. However, they also have specializations in specific sectors, and not all payment gateways are suitable for every business type. As a merchant, you need to focus on the best ones that suit your business requirements.

Below is the list of the best providers of the top 10 payment gateways in Malaysia that provide dependable solutions to merchants.

10. Worldpay

Worldpay is a popular payment gateway in Malaysia as well as in the United Kingdom. It is known for providing flexible payment solutions. Known for providing reliable services, Worldpay can process in above 100 currencies. The company has a robust and transparent fraud detection and screening system that keeps merchants and customers from fraud. With this gateway, you can also send payment links to the buyers, which means there is no need to have a website to get paid. Its accepted payment methods are – debit /credit card VISA, Malaysia Bank Transfer, Master Card, etc. With this option, it is good to start shortlisting reliable solution providers of payment gateway in Malaysia.

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9. iPay88

iPay88 is another popular name in Malaysia that serves merchants of varied industries. It specializes in eCommerce and retail payments but also has a good hold on online casino payment solutions. It is a multi-currency gateway that gives priority to the safety of the merchants and their customers. Compliance with PCI-DSS ensures uncompromised safety for business owners. The payment gateway is registered with the reputed Bank Negara Malaysia. It processes payment through credit cards, mobile wallets, ‘buy now pay later, and 37 other payment channels that can be integrated according to your need. If you look forward to such facilities in your payment gateway, iPay88 can be your next international payment gateway, solution provider.

8. Billplz

You are reading about another famous name in the payment gateways in Malaysia. It is primarily known for its low transaction fee. Another benefit is the wide selection of payment methods. Easy and quick integration are two pillars this payment solution company stands strong against its counterparts. Every merchant wants to ensure safe and speedy payment processing for their business and customers. Billplz always succeeds in this expectation of business owners. If you talk about the charges, it has a set-up fee, an Annual fee, and Refund charges. It takes two weeks for approvals and onboarding. The gateway provider believes in simplifying things for the merchants and successfully does it every time.

7. Paycly

If you are looking for a perfect choice in online payments, e-invoicing, and transaction descriptor facility with PCI compliance, Paycly is the best payment gateway. The most notable thing about this payment gateway is that it specializes in high-risk payment solutions. Online casinos, IPTV, adult entertainment, Forex businesses, etc., are its regular customers. Your customers will get more flexible payment options, and the speedy transactions give an excellent payment experience to the ultimate buyers. The efficient team quickly understands your business requirements and provides a highly customized solution for payment processing. It will not be an exaggeration to mention that you can end your search for the best payment gateway provider here.

6. Rapyd

If you want to accept payments in 900+ local payment methods, then Rapyd is your choice. The payment gateway supports 103+ currencies, and most merchants consider it the best platform for their business expansion. Get paid from your customers through credit cards, e-wallets, bank payments, instant transfers, etc. The merchants that need to release rewards and refunds on a regular basis can always find this gateway provider a practical option. Its approval and onboarding time is two days.

5. Stripe

The payment solution company is among the world’s most known payment gateways but with some of its pros and cons. For pros, you can talk about its capacity to accept payments through credit or debit cards and FPX, which is Financial Process Exchange. With its pros, you should know that installment options are not available; however, it may have come into practice in some business sectors but not all. Despite these cons, the payment gateway company is considered a suitable option for international businesses because it also offers business management tools.

4. Senangpay

Receive payments from credit or debit cards as well as through FPX. Besides these basic facilities, you will be amazed by the multiple features it provides you. Recurring payments, auto-settlement, mass payment, split settlement, tokenization, buy now pay later, e-wallet payment, e-invoicing, and whatnot. Reliable customer support is the most robust tool for troubleshooting at the time of any operational or technical issue in the payment process. Experience a merchant-friendly dashboard to keep an eye on every single transaction. Spot suspicious transactions through fraud detection tools and PCI-DSS compliance.

3. Paypal

Since its debut in the 1990s, Paypal has been the star of the payment industry. It has taken payment solution innovations to new heights. The most significant achievement of the gateway company is the democratization of payments. Anyone can find several reasons to connect with PayPal for daily needs, whether a business or an individual. However, in Malaysia, Paypal is not commonly used, but if your business is more about accepting online credit and debit card payments, it can be a good option.

2. Dlocal

It is known for providing the best local payment options to local merchants, but the payment gateway also processes international payments. This integrated platform accepts payments through digital wallets, credit cards, bank transfers, etc. The gateway has a presence in many countries, meaning you, as a merchant, can easily and quickly accept international payments. The uncomplicated dashboard improves the user experience for the merchant and the customers. It also generates timely transaction reports for the merchants to monitor and make better decisions for the business.

1. Directa24

You cannot miss discussing this payment gateway that provides impressive services in Asia, India, Africa, and Latin America. The gateway lets you accept international payments in almost every country, and that too with safety and security. Support a variety of payment options and grow your business to new global locations conveniently. It has no setup fee, no charges for refund, and no annual fee. Isn’t it a great deal for your business? Go to its websites and read the reviews of current and past customers, and you will notice it on your own.


The suggested payment gateways satisfy the payment solution requirements of different businesses and industries. You always need to research your part before making a final decision. Explore the merchant reviews and records available about a payment gateway, and you will be able to make a correct decision.